Pulling for Wes

Perhaps it is no surprise that hipsters are on Team Quirk.

The Grand Budapest Hotel
  • The Grand Budapest Hotel


Grand Budapest Hotel 2.0

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Hey Hipster:

Give us some hipster-approved Oscar picks!

— Devon

Hipsters the world over will be pulling for Wes Anderson to win Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Original Screenplay for The Grand Budapest Hotel. It’s just a pity that our cinematic hero can’t be nominated for every category. If it were up to us, there wouldn’t be a nomination process for years with a Wes Anderson movie. Just hand the man all the awards and be done with it.

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It certainly was inventive and very funny!

Need I remind you these are the same mental patients who found genius in "Forrest Gump" "Crash," and "Chariots of Fire?" When they finally got around to honoring Scorsese, the pat on the back he received was for his worst movie. The mere fact that a bunch of old white rich folk gave Anderson's video wallpaper their stamp of approval proves how tragically unhip he is. He'll be directing "X-Men" sequels in no time. Stick to talking up craft beers and leave the movies to the pros, DJ.

You must have some pull with the Academy, Mr. Marks. I see they've denied Mr. Anderson's hipster genius. So much the better, as it only raises his esteem in the eyes of team hipster. Better that he not become too mainstream.

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