Sucker puncher

City and one of their parking-enforcement officers hit with lawsuit

Two emergency medical technicians are suing the City of San Diego for negligently hiring parking-enforcement officer Anibal Solis, who on April 13, 2014, entered a Golden Hill convenience store and punched the paramedics with no provocation.

The complaint, filed by Derek Shubin and Steven Cogle, says the paramedics parked outside of the 7-Eleven convenience store on 25th and Broadway while on duty, in full uniform, for some cold refreshments. The paramedics encountered officer Solis at the entrance. Solis opened the door for the paramedics from Rural Metro. While standing at the coolers, Solis, according to the complaint, approached Shubin.

"I will fuck you up," said the officer to Shubin.

Solis then punched Shubin on the right side of his face with his left hand.

Cogle came to his partner's defense and restrained Solis. The officer began to walk away and then suddenly stopped and turned around and then hit Cogle. Cogle fell to the ground.

San Diego police officers arrived at the scene. Solis was later charged with two counts of misdemeanor battery. On January 15, a jury found Solis guilty of one count. The jury was hung on the charges of battery on Shubin.

Now, the paramedics are seeking punitive damages from the city and from officer Solis. Dan Gilleon, the paramedics' attorney, says the city failed to supervise Solis as well as the entire parking-enforcement division.

In addition, the complaint says the city ignored a pattern of "misconduct and excessive force" by the officer.

The complaint says the paramedics have since suffered "severe mental anguish, and emotional distress, pain and suffering, physical injuries, sleeplessness, anxiety, migraine headaches, flashbacks, nightmares, post-traumatic stress syndrome, fear of uniformed officers..." among other issues.

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I hope this clown Solis was fired and I hope the Medics prevail in their lawsuit. What was the beef anyway? I too have fear of uniformed officers especially when they "come out of nowhere" and pull me over for going 90mph. My heart rate goes up and they always ask me how much I had to drink and I always say 2 beers. Hey, Dan do I have a case?

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