Hey hey hey! Cosby countersues Fallbrook lawyer

Accuser Tamara Green made her allegations over ten years ago

Bill Cosby on Monday (December 14) filed a countersuit in federal court in Massachusetts, claiming that seven women who have accused him of drugging and sexually exploiting them are guilty of "malicious, opportunistic, and false and defamatory accusations of sexual misconduct." Attorney Tamara Green is one who was sued.

Cosby claims in the suit that the publicity caused by the accusations has caused some of his planned shows to be canceled. On the day the suit was filed, Boston University revoked an honorary degree it had awarded him.

The lawyer for Green and the other six women pooh-poohed the suit, saying that Cosby has "taken a page out of the defense attorney's playbook" by trying to shift the focus from the women's charges.

Attorney Gloria Allred, who represented alleged victims of former mayor Bob Filner, also represents women who have made charges against Cosby. Allred said Cosby "appears to be going to war" against women who have sued him in Massachusetts.

One of the defendants is Tamara Green, who lists her address with the state bar as a Fallbrook UPS mail drop. Green was one of the first women to come out against Cosby. She told Newsweek last year that she was a 19-year-old model in the 1970s when Cosby gave her two pills and tried to undress her. She passed out and found two 100-dollar bills on a table after she awakened. In 2004, she heard that "another girl had been drugged and assaulted by him," and, against her lawyer's advice, gave her story to the other woman's attorney.

Eventually, she filed a defamation suit against Cosby, who has an advantage in accusatory suits: the alleged sexual incidents happened so long ago that the statute of limitations has expired.

After she told her story, the media assaulted her with information that still is publicly available on the California State Bar website. She told People.com last year, "I'm not perfect and I've made mistakes...[but] I'm not a murderer. I'm a person who overdrew my trust account."

That is only one thing mentioned on the state bar website. In a document filed in late 2005, the bar relates how it admitted Green to its Program for Respondents with Substance Abuse or Mental Health Issues, but then terminated her, suspending her from the practice of law for six months and putting her on probation for five years. The bar then cited two instances in which she mishandled clients' money and cited other transgressions, such as moving from her office in Ventura and never letting a client know where she was. In another case, she failed to appear at a trial and did not arrange for alternate counsel.

She admitted culpability in the three matters and in 2006 was suspended from practicing law for six months. She had been briefly suspended in 2004 for failing to pay bar fees. She is now eligible to practice but has not told the bar her phone or fax numbers or email address. The bar has no information on where she attended undergraduate school. She has told publications that she has retired from the practice of law.

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HiYa DonBauder! Happy F'n Hollidays, which I do so hate now because without them we would have Peace On Earth. Cosby is a deush. His wife is a silent mouse.

shirleyberan: I have a friend who is a movie producer in Hollywood. Several decades ago, he told me that Cosby was thoroughly disliked in the industry, greatly because he was thoroughly abusive in personal relationships. However, I don't remember my friend saying anything about the sexual episodes that have been charged in recent years. Best, Don Bauder

DontheManBauder - the only black man my dad liked was Cosby. We had an album of his comedy early on. When I ran into dad with a friend, not very dark, my own dad said to me "I didn't raise no n word lover". Which I replied I don't feel the same or something. Hail Herbert Hoover High bitches.

shirleyberan: We don't watch the TV shows (other than the news), and I can't remember ever having seen Cosby. But I certainly knew who he was when all this came up. Best, Don Bauder

But to be honest my friend's hair was huge picked out 70s Afro. He was just home from Vietnam Nam and we had nice Marijuana because OB helped.

And he was wearing clogs that made him look taller and gayer and perfect.

DonYour70sLongHairDonBauder - if I saw you for the first time it would be magic. My Darling Don. You heal me.

shirleyberan: It takes faith to be a faith healer. And I don't have faith. Best, Don Bauder

Mr. Cosby should just leave well enough alone. The defendants will call all fifty plus women who have accused him of drug rape to establish a pattern of behavior. After that Mr. Cosby will have to get on the stand and call all of them lying bitches.

Just whom will the jury believe? Mr. Cosby who has a good reason to lie or all fifty plus women many of whom have no financial reason to lie.

MichaelValentine: Of course, Cosby has star power, although it has diminished greatly since the scandal broke. Best, Don Bauder

I really would preferred that this ugly story wasn't true. I was 11 or so and used to watch I Spy with mom and had all his records.

But heroes have feet of clay I suppose.

MichaelValentine: Especially in Hollywood. Best, Don Bauder

We might all be asking how Cosby could have managed to conjure up an image of a fatherly, calm, and thoroughly decent man. His portrayal rivaled that of Robert Young on "Father Knows Best" or Ozzie Nelson. The answer is that Hollywood can make up anything and sell it. So, in the popular culture, the images on the TV screen take on a reality that for many viewers is more real than their own lives.

Lesson: Don't trust or buy into the portrayal of anything as it is presented on TV.

Visduh: Absolutely. Hollywood can make up any fiction and sell it. So can political parties. Best, Don Bauder

Tom Cashin: Somebody is innocent until proven guilty, but increasingly, Cosby is, indeed, looking like a pig. Best, Don Bauder

Francie Dunn: There is nothing to be afraid of on this website. Best, Don Bauder

Don Bauder: I don't know Francie Dunn. Best, Don Bauder

Bad flag, oops. Don is a mind-bender. Q - What gets wetter and wetter the more it's used? A - A towel.

shirleyberan: Not if the towel is being used to keep the cold air from coming in the windows. Best, Don Bauder

Shoot, the joke was what gets wetter and wetter the more it dries. My slip.

shirleyberan: You are forgiven. Best, Don Bauder

Is this "blog" transmogrifying into some kind of "Lifestyles of the Rich and Infamous?"

Flapper: Not transmogrifying. We've been that way from the beginning. Best, Don Bauder

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