San Diego "so-so" for singles

High cost of dating harms ranking

San Diego's singles scene is 41st out of 150 American cities, according to WalletHub, a company that compiles statistics on cities, metro areas, and states. (This study only relates to cities, not metro areas.)

Half the study is on romance and fun. Researchers looked at percentage of single persons and ease of online dating; relative number of eating and drinking places, attractions, parks, nightlife options, shopping centers, and wellness spas, as well as the singles gender balance (female/male distribution). Uniformed military are included in this figure. San Diego is 4th among 150 cities in this singles gender balance.

The study also looks at the economics of dating: costs of restaurants, beer and wine, movies, taxis, fitness clubs, beauty salons, haircuts, and housing, as well as median household income and job growth.

Not surprisingly, San Diego does poorly (108th of 150) in dating economics but well (24 of 150) in the romance and fun categories.

The bad news: overall, Chula Vista is 144th of 150. Oceanside is 91st.

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