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Andrew Randhawa
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Post Title: Appreciation for Mental Health Systems

Post Date: July 22, 2015

This summer, I enrolled in a computer class, which lasted six weeks and was held every Thursday. I attended every session, and in the end I learned how to use Microsoft 8 efficiently. I learned a lot, and it was one of my favorites of the classes I have taken that are put on by NAMI [National Alliance on Mental Illness] San Diego. I won a Toshiba computer. Every day, I attend the Clubhouse in San Diego, and hang out with other mental patients who want to better themselves as a person and in life in general. I encourage anyone to attend who wants to improve health, body, and spirit. I like engaging in conversation and exchanging gifts.

Before this transformation, I was in and out of jail for three consecutive years, battling a mental disorder and anger, which caused my family grief. I was arrested over six times in a span of three years, not including trips to the hospital for which they wanted to give me help. I learned a lot in the hospital, and in jail, reading and brushing up on my writing and cleanliness. Jail and hospitals taught me the importance of life, and to be appreciative of what I have. I encourage anyone to get mental health, and to be prepared about life, because it does affect you and your family and the decisions you make.

Before this, I was in college. I graduated from Stanislaus State University in Turlock, California before moving back to San Diego. I received my bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, concentrating in juvenile justice. I received an overall undergraduate [GPA] of 2.6, not knowing I was diagnosed with a mental disorder, which is astounding. I have medicine to make this disease pass as soon as possible.

I made first team, all-district in baseball, and made the local county All Star game, finishing with a .316 average, and batting seventh in the whole division. We made the playoffs, but lost in the first round. I received my Associate’s Degree from Delta College, which I attended for two years.

I enjoy sports, art, collecting, shopping, video games, poker, and driving fancy cars. I enjoy traveling in the continental United States and Hawaii. I enjoy concerts, and love the Reader because of the concert series and articles from young people. My next mission is to travel to events with people from the mental health systems.

The best things in my life are my friends and family, who support me 24/7. I enjoy eating different foods, including fine foods and carnival foods. I have Social Security from the government, and suggest to anyone who has a mental disorder that they look into their disorder, because it can be cured. I have a mild dose of bipolar and schizophrenia. I don’t see this as a negative, but rather, a positive. I can conquer this and other things in my life. It is an obstacle but I am willing to challenge this and shed this disease.

My brother is my biggest fan, and supports me. I hope I can start working again when this disease has been tamed, and have a successful career. I want to pursue a career in law enforcement [within] the juvenile system, which has always been a dream of mine. I want to fulfill my dreams [and deal] with this disease with the coping skills I have learned over the last three years.

My hero is myself, because I look at myself as the only person who can make decisions for me. But I do enjoy listening to what other people say, and watching what they do. I have learned my own experiences, and from other people’s experiences as well.

[Post has been edited for clarity]

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Author: Andrew Randhawa | From: San Diego | Blogging since: April 2015

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