O.B. entryway sign tagged

Gangsters invited to join artist community

The sign was defaced Sunday night or early Monday
  • The sign was defaced Sunday night or early Monday
  • Photos courtesy of Gretchen Newsom

"Our beloved OB Entryway Sign was tagged either last night or this morning," Gretchen Newsom informed Ocean Beach residents on Facebook Monday, August 10.

Newsom, president of the Ocean Beach Town Council, said the council is working with the city to have the sign cleaned up as soon as possible. An alternative to harsh cleaners is being researched so as not to ruin the sign.

Locals speculated on who might be responsible. Chuck B. posted on Facebook that it could be the same parties who tag all over Sunset Cliffs. Joy L. discovered her vehicle vandalized Monday morning and suggested it may be the same group. Amanda F. had her car broken into for the eighth time in four years on Sunday night and suggested that it may be related. Darlene B. saw the flower pot in front of Ranchos Cocina on Sunset Cliffs also tagged. Eric L. pointed a finger at Mission Beach taggers.

Another tag near the O.B. sign

Another tag near the O.B. sign

Tyler A. and Adam E. have seen the same tags all over Ocean Beach. Adam suggested they might be connected to the gang that congregates in the building behind Mother's Saloon on Bacon Street. He went on to describe them as a group of young Hispanics in their late teens and early twenties who dress alike and walk around Ocean Beach "trying to act tough and intimidate people."

Adam said he used to work for the trolley and had to report suspicious behavior of youths daily. He said the gang that was tagging Ocean Beach in the past was a Southeast San Diego Hispanic gang called “TNS,” which stands for "Trust No Souls." Elisa B. said the group “ASBK” is friends with “BWS” on MySpace. Another resident says they have seen "AESOK" tags all over town.

The strongest lead is from Vincent T. He reported that his friends saw some guys Saturday night playing pool at Cheswick's West on Newport Avenue. That same night, the men’s room was tagged with the same blue and green paint that was used to deface the O.B. sign.

The conversation took a detour from vandalism to designating a public art space in Ocean Beach. An O.B. artist, Hannah, suggested inviting the taggers to join the artist community.

To solve the case, police will rely in part on the GPS-based Graffiti Tracker program that began in 2011. Photographs of each incident are entered into the database allowing easier prosecutions and restitution.

Anyone who has information about the crime to contact Officer Zamora at [email protected]

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Sorry Julie and Hannah...invite these thugs to do more of their "art?" no thanks. What kind of fun events do you invite folks who are pickpockets?

The intentional defacing of signage, especially the OB sign, is rude, at least. It would be nice if the authorities would keep after the graffiti that is growing along the bridges across the flood control channel, and now showing up along the freeway at the 8 East intersection to 5....but they aren't. the old Lehr's Greenhouse/Todai building continues to be tagged...you'd think just one weekend of camera installation would net these guys...but not yet. So they continue.

Didn't flag. I agree with you Wabbitsd. That's not even near art. It's thug vandalism.

There's graffiti art, and there's tagging - "KRYX" and "ASBK" appear to have no interest in art, as they defiled art just to write their fake names because they're too ashamed of themselves to write their real ones. Log this in the multi-agency LEO tag-tracking service, eventually these kids will be caught up and hit with probably tens of thousands in cleanup costs - it wouldn't surprise me to hear a cost of a thousand or more just to renew the OB sign, which itself is a pretty new installation...

But they won't have any money, and the courts won't/can't toss them or their parents in a cell until they pay, we won't seize their welfare checks or any other property. They'll get a little slap on the wrist, a little probation, maybe a few days in jail, and then they'll be right back at it, laughing the whole time.

How many people in OB believe that "tagging" is a "non-violent" crime that shouldn't result in punishment and prison, but instead with hugs and understanding? How many voted for AB109?

Inviting vandals to become part of the artist community is like asking a drive by shooter to become a member of the local sharpshooters club.

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