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"I love your magazine, but the print is just too tiny now."
  • "I love your magazine, but the print is just too tiny now."


Subsequent to the publication of July 30’s City Lights article, “Two Views of a Housing Project,” a demographer for the San Diego Unified School District has stated that although Casa Mira View residents had previously been given a choice of high schools, the District policy has since been changed to specify Mira Mesa High School for students living at the complex.

  • Editor

Let Them Play

Thank you for the article “Get ’em While They’re Young,” regarding the Abortion board game (SD on the QT). This was truly a shocking realty check. How sad that the law and our society accepts Planned Parenthood and women who abort their children (sorry, but yes they are human) to “dispose” of “it.”

Does the woman “disposing” know that the fetus will be sold, and a profit made on parts of the bodies that will help other living humans — even though the pro-choice folks claim it is not a human until it is born? It seems like we care more about the killing of a lion in Africa than about the millions of unborn children aborted in this country and the world.

So now, let’s teach our children at the age of innocence that this is okay and let them play the Abortion board game. Maybe someone should explain to the children that their mommies didn’t do this to them and that’s why they are here and not on some operating table being “disposed.”

  • Teré Renteria
  • Carlsbad

Getting Thinner

I don’t know if I’m losing my mind, but what’s up with reprinting Tin Fork in Feast!? What’s the deal — no one was hungry this week (July 30)? You guys are on drugs? I don’t know, but it’s very frustrating.

I can handle the print getting smaller. But what disappoints me is that the size of the Reader keeps getting smaller. I know because I have many old issues and they keep getting thinner and thinner and thinner.

  • Becker
  • Spring Valley


Re: “How Airbnb Is Ruining Pacific Beach,” Waterfront, July 16

This story sounds so much like my current experience, but in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles. My heart is broken. I am searching for a way to stop the illegal Airbnb across the street from me. It is a 14-month fight so far. But the City of L.A. is not doing anything.

  • J.T.
  • Los Angeles

Too Tiny

I love your magazine, but the print is just too tiny now. Can you please enlarge the print? I wear glasses, but I still have trouble with the small print.

  • Name Withheld
  • via voicemail

Not Worth the Risk

Re: “You Love Me Now, but Will You When I’m Four?” (April 23 cover)

This article was long overdue! The the number of pit bulls in San Diego has skyrocketed. I’m so happy that Bill Manson had the guts to write about an issue that needs to be addressed. His research was factual and spot on. I wasn’t going to take the time to write this letter, but after seeing all of the hate letters coming in from the pro-pit bullies, I felt the need to thank the author.

It seems every time there’s an incident reported about a mauling or killing, the pro-pit bull people go on the attack! They refuse to believe the statistics and blame the dog’s vicious behavior on the owners and/or lack of training. Another excuse is that the dog was provoked by the other animal or human. They don’t believe the facts! Even the mention of genetics sends them into a rage! Pointers point, retrievers retrieve, shepherds herd. They don’t have to be trained to do it, they just do it. It’s in their genes.

I am a dog lover of all breeds. I in no way hate pit bulls. I know people who have very loving pit bulls that have been nothing but sweet, good pets. Would I leave my cherished pet or child alone with them? No way! It’s just not worth the risk! I get that people want to help this breed and give them good, loving homes. That’s the risk they are willing to take. But guess what? I don’t want to take that risk. I love my pets as much as they do! I don’t feel safe walking past some 100-pound lady being pulled by a 120-pound pit bull. I see it every day! Many of us San Diegans would love to be able to walk our leashed dogs on public streets again without having to worry if they will be killed or mauled by an uncontrolled pit bull/pit bull mix.

Have you been to a shelter lately? The majority of dogs are pit bulls and pit bull mixes. Why? They are being overbred. People get these cute little puppies and, after a few years, they can no longer handle the temperament of the dog so they dump them in a shelter. What’s even scarier is that people who adopt these dogs have no idea what type of behaviors caused the previous owners to give it up. They adopt with love in their hearts, but I must tell you — it puts fear in mine!

I don’t know what the answers are to the overpopulation of this breed, but San Diego needs to figure it out. Perhaps we could follow the lead of other cities, like Denver, who have strict regulations for owning pit bulls. I just wish the pit bull lovers would help by acknowledging the problems and not bashing the person reporting them. Let’s come up with solutions. A good start would be to spay and neuter your dog.

  • Name withheld
  • Santee

Uneducated Audience

I was saddened to see this biased, ill-informed crap in the San Diego Reader (April 23 cover, “You Love Me Now, but Will You When I’m Four?”). I have never owned a “pit bull” or any of the other breeds lumped into that name. I have had the fortune of getting to know my friends’ pit bulls, and seeing how warm and loving they are to people — much like my friends are.

Dogs are a representation of their owners. Just like kids are a representation of their parents. However, in humans we know that it is wrong to judge someone by their race and say that they are dangerous because they are black, or that all white people are inbreeds. Yet, we feel that we can put these labels on dogs and instill fear in people because animals have no voice for themselves.

Again, like humans, there will always be bad people or bad dogs, and usually with humans, we aim to treat them singularly because lumping people into a category is racist or discriminatory.

I hope you review the facts in this article and see that you have singled out a breed unfairly. Rina Kelley had four unleashed dogs running on the beach, and one in the direction of another dog. Take breed out of the equation and you have a more clear view that both parties have fault in this. It’s unfortunate what happened to both Rina and her dog, Sparky, and I would never wish that on anyone ortheir family. It’s also unfortunate to ostracize pit bulls because of the media shoving biased opinions down the throats of an uneducated audience.

  • Emily Gauthier
  • San Diego

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