Psycho-sexual religious psychedelia

The Devils
  • The Devils

It’s tough to pick just a couple movies. Firstly, I am going with The Devils (England, 1971, Warner Brothers). I like most all of Ken Russell’s films but this one from 1971 is my favorite. Oliver Reed and Vanessa Redgrave! Epic sets, beautiful costuming, and the usual psycho-sexual-religious-psychedelia that Russell does so very well. Kubrick? Jodorowsky? Both legends, to be sure. If you love their films of this period, and have not seen The Devils, try it. Available on Amazon, Solar Movie, and BFI DVD.

I was going to pick Kurosawa’s Yojimbo as my next film. However, I’m thinking some anime would be better, and a series at that.

Darker Than Black (Japan, 2007, Funimation) has been hitting the spot lately. It was streaming on Netflix for a bit, but not anymore. Humor and violence, with an engaging story arc, set in a futuristic Tokyo! Available on Amazon, Hulu Plus, and ShareTV.

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