Extreme and bizarre ideas realized

  • Possession

The food community expects me to site an erudite cuisine film like Babette’s Feast or Python’s Meaning of Life with its delicate and romantic wafer-thin mint scene. Ha! I’m more nuanced than that. Just chowed down on Andrzej Zulawski’s Possession (France/West Germany, 1981, Limelight International). Perhaps the craziest movie I’ve seen. Anyone who’s been in a relationship might understand it, or anyone who’s made love to an octopus. Available on Amazon, PutLocker and on Mondo Vision Blu-ray.

Next course: Nordic noir with Dead Snow 2: Red vs Dead (Norway/USA, 2014, Well Go). With all the extreme and bizarre ideas realized here, I congratulate the filmmakers for not going too far. Every shot makes sense, is necessary, and crafted with beauty and style. Available on Amazon, Amazon Instant Video, and VUDU.

— Charles Kaufman, Owner, Bread & Cie bakery/café

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