A nation of bosses

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It was refreshing to read the story about High Tech High preparing its students for life, but not for college.

It seems most of our traditional high schools are extremely focused on sending students to college, where many of them will wind up dropping out, and then try to find gainful employment that they are little prepared to do. Most high schools instill a belief that college is the answer; and that afterwards students will be successful and earn the living they are entitled to.

Sadly, many students who graduate from high school do not know how to change a light switch, fix a plumbing problem, change a tire on a car, etc. The quadratic formula they learned (if they remember it) won’t help them.

It is unfortunate that many high schools have all but done away with vocational education, replacing it with college-prep classes. We will have a nation of many bosses but not enough workers. Oh, excuse me, we don’t have workers anymore, anyway, we now have associates.

  • Allen Stanko, former high school algebra teacher
  • Alpine

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