Which knowledge is the highest of all?

From A Bhakti Shorter Catechism

  • Question: Which knowledge is the highest of all?
  • Answer: There is no knowledge but devotion to Krishna.
  • Q: What is the highest glory in all types of glory?
  • A: Being reputed to be Krishna’s devotee.
  • Q: What is counted wealth among human possessions?
  • A: He is immensely wealthy who has love for Radha-Krishna.
  • Q: What is the heaviest of all sorrows?
  • A: There is no sorrow except separation from Krishna.
  • Q: Who is considered liberated among those who are liberated?
  • A: He is the foremost of the liberated who practices devotion to Krishna.
  • Q: Among songs what song is natural to creatures?
  • A: It is the song whose heart is the love-sports of Radha-Krishna.
  • Q: What is the highest good of all creatures?
  • A: There is none except the society of those who are devoted to Krishna….
  • Q: Among objects of meditation which should creatures meditate on?
  • A: The supreme meditation is on the lotus-feet of Radha-Krishna….
  • Q: What is the best of things to be heard by creatures?
  • A: The Radha-Krishna love sports are a delight to the ear.
  • Q: What is the chief among objects of worship?
  • A: The name of the most adorable couple, Radha-Krishna.

— Caitanya (trans. Melville T. Kennedy).

Caitanya (1485–1533) was a Bengalese religious writer and, because he was considered a reincarnation of Lord Krishna, he was also the founder of a sect which praises Krishna and his wife Radha. He is best known for writing a series of famous samkirtanas, a type of hymn sung in choral settings. In his specific worship of Kirshna, Caitanya established ten maxims (dasa mula) about the god — including the fact that Krishna is Supreme Absolute Truth endowed with all energies and the ultimate goal of existence.

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