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Sharing Is Good

I noticed in the September 11 issue that there is a letter titled “You Really Suck.” Looks like a guy named Mark from La Mesa wrote it. I disagree. I think the San Diego Reader is an excellent publication. Case in point, the “Crazy Train” article you have in this issue (September 11 cover story) is amazing. A lot of work went into that.

Mark does have a good point about the roommate ads, however. I think the roommate ads should be no charge. That would definitely increase the number of ads, providing a better service to us as readers.

The roommate thing is a good thing. Rent is very expensive here in San Diego, and I would think that people who collect rent use it to pay their mortgage and maintenance, and taxes. It’s certainly not a profit-maker, and I just think the whole sharing idea is good. Maybe you’ll consider doing roommate ads for no charge for private parties.

On the same subject, I noticed that in the pet section there are twelve ads from puppy-mill places. $200 each plus a donation — I guess they want more than $200. The ads have color photographs and everything like that. Giving something like that for free, versus a roommate ad?

Keep up the great work and consider making roommate ads free. I just think it would be a great service to the readers. Get more ads in there and serve the community better. A win-win situation.

  • Charles
  • Bay Park

That Stuff Causes Cancer

I’m calling about the City Farmers article you wrote (City Lights: “Waste Not Since ’72”). Bill’s been on top of it forever. But what you didn’t mention is that that place is surrounded by auto body paint shops. There’s one right next to it, there’s one right across the street, and there’s one kitty-corner. It’s an awful thing because they paint, and it just makes it miserable for everybody there at City Farmers.

Bill doesn’t complain because he’s a really nice guy. But the reality is that all that stuff causes cancer. I have this all documented in my YouTube video, “You Can Taste and See the Air in SD Finest City” by J.T. Productions.

  • Tony
  • via voicemail

Mencken as Limbaugh

Walter Mencken’s versions of “almost factual news” convince me the San Diego Reader has to accommodate the most conservative views, fears, beliefs, and provincial attitudes common to FOX and the Union-Tribune to keep its local advertisers — mainly booze businesses and, increasingly, pot suppliers.

Attaching Planned Parenthood to the news of Erin Corwin’s death is too opportunistic to even fake satire, and any kind of spin exists primarily as Walter Mencken’s purpose.

There is no mention of convicting the killer for two murders if the young woman was, in fact, pregnant. But a more palatable spin, to me at least, would be a picture of the Hall of Justice and a special charge of killing a woman to prevent birth of unwanted baby.

That, as a motive in the death of Laci Peterson, who was eight months pregnant, should not only present a special circumstance that lengthens one’s prison sentence, it should also require sterilization for any man who kills a woman to get rid of their baby so he can remain, blameless or “pro-life.”

Showing a picture of Planned Parenthood with the tiny caption underneath “It’s not people” is, to me, a statement by the San Diego Reader that it supports such killers’ choices (killing the woman because she becomes pregnant) over birth control, women’s healthcare, choice, or even divorce.

After finally becoming so sickened with this immature column and its too-obvious efforts to put forth the most conservative choices and views, I looked over a few of the past columns to see if I could even pretend it can pass as immature satire. The story about Tony Gwynn’s accomplishments (“Tony Gwynn, a Hero for Our Time, er, Town,” July 1) appears to only be written for the purpose of adding a negative childish caption about Bob Filner.

Finally, what does Cary Grant have to do with this column and its women-hating, Jew-bating, rape-date- supporting stories? Cary Grant’s image can only be attached to such an article for the local consumers. I doubt the San Diego Reader has much, if any, circulation beyond the county.

I can’t see anything in Cary Grant as unappealing as Walter Mencken’s smallness, bitterness, and envy. A more appropriate image mascot for Walter Mencken’s writing would be Jack Palance, if entertainment- or news-related. I imagine Walter Mencken to be closer in appearance to Rush Limbaugh.

Anyway, the San Diego Reader for me is just dog-pee-paper until SD on the QT is gone. But I won’t know either way, and have pretty much dismissed San Diego politics anyway.

  • Shelly Schwartlander
  • Ocean Beach

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For the record, I do not support rape dates.

What's your position on date palm dates?

Ms. Schwartlander, Cary Grant portrayed newspaper editor Walter Burns in the 1940 hit comedy, "His Girl Friday." Co-starring Rosalind Russell and Ralph Bellamy.


by dwbat

It breaks my heart that Mencken's brilliant satire is lost on some folks in San Diego. Love it. But if all you can use the Reader for is dog-pee-paper, then I say get at least a copy every week. Still counts as a distributed copy. And maybe the dog will get Mencken's satire.

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