The warmonger Obama

Local veterans protest expansion of Middle East campaign

Protesters on an I-5 overpass downtown, September 11, 2014
  • Protesters on an I-5 overpass downtown, September 11, 2014

A handful of military veterans congregated along the Sixth Avenue overpass of Interstate 5 during the afternoon rush hour on Thursday, September 11, to express their dismay over president Barack Obama's September 10 statement of intention to use military force against the Islamic State movement in both Iraq and Syria.

"We're trying to generate some additional dialogue about the rush to war this country always seems to have," Veterans for Peace representative Gary Butterfield told the Reader. "It seems that every time there's some type of incident or episode anywhere on the globe, we're the first to arrive to show our militarism and our flag — we've got these signs warning against war on Syria from last year that we've pulled out from the garage to remind people that we've been here before."

Butterfield and other Veterans for Peace supporters present expressed dismay with a perception of politicians' general dismissal of voter polling indicating a diminished appetite for military intervention abroad.

While he spoke, the group's signage garnered a persistent chorus of supportive honks and waves from drivers passing below the bridge.

"We're here to remind that there are other ways to deal with crises in the world aside from resorting to militarism. There are many other steps that could and should be taken before that. It seems to me that we haven't taken them as a society, and that jeopardizes lives — not just American lives, but those of other cultures as well."

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The real warmongers are making a lot more money than Poor Obama. Perhaps he can build a coalition of free democratic countries to put terrorists out of commision. For decades, what has happened to our veterans is inexcusable. Atrocious Injury in war and lack of care at home. Those battle loving buckaroos Cheney and Bush should cough up the big bucks they got. Split that with the vets for doing their grunt work.

Get a grip guys .. they (ISIS) do not understand reason. Multi-national cooperation, troop training and air strikes are just and necessary.

We are terminally stupid. We learned nothing from Viet Nam. Democracy is not a religion and should not be exported to those who do not know what to do with it. The middle east has been at war, mostly tribal war, for centuries. No country that I am aware of has ever been successful. You can not change a theocracy from the outside. We should never have gone to Afghanistan or Iraq. We only made things worse. First there was the Taliban and now ISIS. No matter what we do we can not change the middle east. If we were able to eradicate ISIS nothing would change as another group would raise its head. The middle east population hate us and hate Jews and hate all religions but for their brand of Islam. Georgie boy told us that the Iraq oil would pay for our presence in Iraq. We are less safe than just after 9-11. The terrorists are here and we will be attacked either by a group or a lone wolf and it will come from within the very communities that we have given sanction to. The military industrial complex will suck all the money that we need for our education and infrastructure and jobs. The American worker will be left behind in the two class system that conservatives so desire. 10, 20, 30 years from now we will still be trying to extricate ourselves from the middle east. It is and always has been a no win situation. Cut our loses bring our money home and pay attention to America first. Stop all foreign aid to the middle east.

Hit my own flag. OK so now the British Empire is in. Everybody buckle up.

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