Alcohol, foodies, and negativity

Card-Carrying Alcoholics

How disgusting, your big article on moonshine (“There Are No Laws on How to Make Moonshine,” August 14 cover story). One of the worst drugs of all is alcohol. It causes violence, major illness, murder; it’s a substance that will draw all the low class and uneducated like a magnet.

I visualize the in-crowd at San Diego State, in particular, having their alcoholic binge parties, young girls looking not so pretty vomiting on themselves. And then the ignorant young men having their [competitions over] who can drink the most of the cool, new moonshine.

Why have an article about any liquor? Between murders from D.U.I.s and men whose D.N.A shows they will become violent drunks, more alcohol means more wives die. Alcohol is much worse than any other drug.

Alcohol brings in a lot of money, and to whom? I’d rather smoke a cigarette (from Europe, preferably) than indulge in any type of alcohol. Card all alcoholics, at least.

Think of this moonshine as a deadly drug. We have to remember that most Americans voted for Bush twice — meaning most Americans are brain-damaged enough. May as well have a big article on how to make crystal meth.

  • K.B.
  • Rolando

What’s a Foodie to Do?

I miss Naomi Wise. Namely, I miss her reviews of true foodie places. Ed Bedford is sort of an interesting writer, but he doesn’t frequent the high-end establishments like Naomi used to. He’s always looking for a deal. I understand that that’s his schtick. So, no offense, but, if I’m looking for a deal, I’ll go on Groupon.

And those other Feast! writers you have aren’t doing it for me either. Just look at your last issue [August 28] — you have “reviews” of a beer-n-burger place, a meatball shop, bad sushi, and bad Mexican food in Old Town. Half the reviews are bad ones!

When I want to go someplace nice (which is more often than not), I can’t look to the Reader for ideas. I have to turn to San Diego Magazine. And that only a comes out once a month. What’s a foodie who goes out on the regular supposed to do? Please get a seasoned food writer back on staff!

  • Jackie Lyons
  • via email

Absolute Negativity

As an avid visitor of the Old Town area, I have to say that I am completely appalled by the information published by the Reader in Ian Anderson’s article (“Meager Scavenger Seeks Easy Prey in Old Town," August 28, Feast!).

No part of San Diego should ever be talked about so negatively. All we’re trying to do is bring money into this city and make it as nice as possible. For Ian to speak so ugly about an area is appalling. I can’t believe you would publish something so negative and that Ian Anderson would write something so negative.

Plenty of us read that as absolute negativity.

  • Name Withheld
  • via voicemail

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