Letters to the editor

A Little Diversity

Re: “Beach Blanket Banter,” October 5 cover story.

The story was somewhat interesting, but as I continued reading I was hoping to come across a segment that involved kids from more urban areas. Perhaps students from Crawford or Hoover, etc. They have stories and aspirations to share as well as those kids from the middle class families. A little diversity in the piece would have been nice.

  • A.K.
  • Rolando

Banal and Oversexualized

Perhaps if “Beach Blanket Banter” had been even remotely well-written, or contributed anything meaningful to a discussion of the contemporary teenage experience, I would be less irritated by the banal and oversexualized images of teenage girls on the cover and throughout.

Given these titillating images, one would think that the content would at least be juicy; instead, I found myself deeply bored with such details as the color of everyone’s hair and the brand of their bikinis, not to mention what sounded almost like fabricated teen-speak. Surely (surely!) the Reader can do better.

  • Stacy Antonel
  • Ocean Beach

The Jiminy Cricket of San Diego Politics

Your cover story on what teens think (“Beach Blanket Banter,” October 2) is apropos considering that at least 90% of the San Diego population never developed beyond adolescence.

Your story on Mr. Malin Burnham’s intention to take over the Union-Tribune is welcome, considering that the newspaper cannot possible become any worse than it is.

The Reader has become the Jiminy Cricket of San Diego politics. The only problem is that crickets make a pleasant sound, but have no claws.

  • Name Withheld
  • via voicemail

Not as Left-Leaning

Great article on Granada (Gather No Moss: “Granada, Nicaragua on the Cheap”).

Yes, there are many English-speaking hotels and businesses here in Granada, but they are not as left-leaning as the article stated. I have lived here for 15 years; grew up in Lakeside and El Cajon.

  • David Joyce
  • Granada, Nicaragua

Wasted Breath?

Week after week I see letters complaining about Walter Mencken (SD on the QT: Almost Factual News). Yet, his almost factual trash keeps showing up in the Reader, week after week, despite how many people write in to say they’re offended.

So, you just don’t care what your readers think? Don’t you give a crap if you offend people? Everybody should just stop writing in because we’re obviously all wasting our breath.

  • Name Withheld
  • via email

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RE: "Wasted Breath?" "Everybody should just stop writing in because we’re obviously all wasting our breath." Please explain how writing a letter wastes your breath? That makes no sense at all. You'd be wasting your breath if you CALLED the Reader, and left your rant on voicemail.

I am Pro-Mencken. If he is removed from the Reader, I will jump off the Coronado Bridge. almost factual

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