Cymbals Eat Guitars, Blondie eats cake...

...and if you dig Talking Heads, you ought to like Ought

Blondie celebrates 40 years on the Blondie 4(0) Ever tour. The New York new wavers will be at Harrahs Friday night!
  • Blondie celebrates 40 years on the Blondie 4(0) Ever tour. The New York new wavers will be at Harrahs Friday night!

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Thursday 2
From Torrance, California, punk quartet Joyce Manor, touring in support of this year’s hella fun Epitaph set Never Hungover Again, plays the all-ages Irenic in NoPark. The A.D.D.-afflicted Manor eschews blink’s obnoxious spew and emo’s gag-me goo for honor-student storytelling (each cut complete with suburban subtext) over hot-flash hookery (nothing more than two minutes long here) and, Um, where’s the chorus? crookery. It’s an addictive bag of Lay’s. And lays. Good for three, four consecutive spins. Highly recommended for fans of the pop-punk brand. Winter Break and the Exquisites will open the show.... Portlandians Blitzen Trapper — featured in this week’s Blurt section, courtesy of Dryw Keltz — is an alt-country bowla granola that’s starting to show signs of freeing up the folk for some ’70s boogie rock, goodgawdalmighty. Tracking last year’s VII, the Trappers take the Casbah stage after “sonic renaissance man” Ben Cassorla (Blitzen Trapper, Magnetic Zeros, Dawes). Check out that cat’s Amigos EP. Lotsa good players, lotsa chill songs, and wack Parks & Rec actress Aubrey Plaza on sax!.... Best of the rest Thursday night: slide-guitar specialist Johnny Stachela slings his thing at Seven Grand...Til-Two stages Berlin-based psychobilly badboys Frantic Flintstones, come west on a Mexican/American tour, with our own Blackjackits and Tramplers...and “Change the name of my band,” Said the Whale. The indie-rock Canada band washes up at Soda Bar behind their latest, I Love You. It’s true.

Pop-punk quartet Joyce Manor take the all-ages stage at the Irenic Thursday night.

Pop-punk quartet Joyce Manor take the all-ages stage at the Irenic Thursday night.

Friday 3
She’s cosmo style and class, New York punk and brass, she’s alt-rock-radio staple Debbie Harry, and she’s back on the road with Blondie, the band that added some much-needed feminine wiles to the ’70s CBGB scene. Blondie hits Harrah’s on their 40th anniversary tour, which coincides with the release of Blondie 4(0) Ever, a two-record set that includes re-recordings of the hits and a new Blondie release called Ghosts of Download. I haven’t yet had the pleasure to hear either, but you can bet I’ll be rocking them this week to get primed for the drive to Valley Center. P.S. and by the way, Blondie will also be headlining the TBD Fest in Sactown on Sunday, which I’d never heard of but, damn, if that lineup isn’t worth a road trip, I don’t know what is.... NYC indie rockers Cymbals Eat Guitars play Soda Bar behind this year’s LOSE, a record head Cymbal Joseph D’Agostino says will make you “wake up wanting to listen to records.” Even if you already do that, LOSE is a strong set, if a bit verbose (you get used to it, like with the Wrens and Elliot Smith, it sings smart and invites you to rant along), and it’s getting great reviews, if that’s how you take your coffee. Slothrust and Inspired & the Sleep will set it up...and for crawlers in need of a change of scenery or sound, “sci-fi surf punks” Retox will be right down the street at the Hideout with Doomsday Student, Hot Nerds, and Prayers.... Else: you got “three dudes who like it louder than is probably wise,” as Deep Sea Thunder Beast plays a CD release for So Goes the Madness at Til-Two after Archons, Red Wizard, and Dead Ghost...while Brick by Brick stages Rob Zombie tribute More Zombie Than Zombie with local Tool tribute Spiral Out.

Roots-rock supergroup Trigger Hippy will belly up to Belly Up on Saturday.

Roots-rock supergroup Trigger Hippy will belly up to Belly Up on Saturday.

Saturday 4
There’s a Vinyl Junkies swap at Casbah Saturday from 11 till 5, a fine, fun afternoon of record-flipping and cocktail sipping, deejayed by the likes of head Junkie Eric Howarth as well as San Diego band-booster and radio jock Tim Pyles. That night at the Middletown mainstay, Nashville-via-Athens garage-rock act the Whigs take the stage after our own Nervous Wreckords and Greylag. I’ve usually found one or two mix-tape-worthy tracks on Whigs records, like the eight-minute pop-rock grinder “Staying Alive” off of last year’s Enjoy the Company (spinning a clip on this week’s Crawler podcast), but this year’s Modern Creation left me wanting. Still worth the price of admission, as the Whigs do know how to rock a room.... Roots-rock band Trigger Hippy (composed of Black Crowes drummer Steve Gorman and guitarist Jackie Greene, session guitarist Tom Bukovac, and singer Joan Osborne) is touring in support of their “Memphis soul-to-rock” s/t debut. Garnering comps to the Band, Little Feat, Zeppelin, and “a tent revival,” the supergroup sets up at Belly Up Saturday night. Big fan of Fox radio’s “Steve Gorman SPORTS!” so I may roll up to say hey, see if cousin Jeffrey’s in the house (apparently they’re doing the radio show on the road throughout the tour).... And, also, local indie hits Pinback will be at the House of Blues downtown. Rob and Zach are celebrating the tenth anniversary of their critical hit, Summer of Abaddon.

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