Stick it to the man

Define cool by skipping your boss's approval.

Dear Hipster:

I want to quit my job, but my asshole boss intimidates me. He’s mentally manipulative — his trick is making me feel like I’ve failed him — and I don’t want to end up crying and ashamed over quitting. How should I keep my cool?

— Not Really Tiffany, for Obvious Reasons

Bad bosses cut others down because they maintain control by putting themselves above everything and everyone. Like how hipsters identify the million ways your favorite indie band fails their standards, which is the same thing, except that it annoys more people on the internet. Both stem from deep-seated insecurities.

But you, you should be like the hipster girl who defines cool, rather than seeking approval. Your boss can’t break your feels if you don’t judge your self-worth by his opinion. I know, easier said than done, since manipulative people excel at making others feel inferior. Just don’t play his game. Be sure of yourself, and don’t engage a discussionment you can’t win.

You want to quit? Quit. Don’t let him make it a big deal. Stick it to the man. You’ll be proud of yourself.

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