Irked to No End

Recently, there has been commentary regarding the decreased wait time at the San Ysidro Land Port of Entry (Neighborhood News: “Shorter Waits at the Border”). I applaud the renovation, but the border crossing time has always been a hit or miss thing.

There are simply too many factors that affect the flow. Now it’s Ebola. In the past, terrorism, fugitives, devaluation of the dollar, etc. I will tell you one thing; it irks me to no end that I am stuck in the same line as people that cross with a birth certificate or I.D., when I took the time to get a U.S. passport.

  • James Simmons
  • Vista

The Eyes Have It

I just wanted to thank you for the article “Eye-eye-eye” (News Ticker) in regards to UCSD and the problems going on there with bullying and harassment, especially in the ophthalmology department.

There are a tremendous amount of people whom are watching this unfold because we work there. Everything in your article is true. If you could continue to keep us updated on what’s going on with Dr. Weinreb and his wife, and Dr. Levi, and the federal lawsuit, and all the bullying and harassment that goes on — especially in the ophthalmology department — we really would appreciate it. If you can put it in print, that’s even better.

Thanks so much for your awesome work.

  • Name Withheld
  • via voicemail

Hail the King!

I see that someone wrote in about Remote Control King this week (Letters). Remote Control King! I used to love that! Never understood why it stopped running. It was the best part of the Reader by far. My own personal TV Guide. Bring it back!

  • F. Brooks
  • Hillcrest

Jail Deprives Inmates

In regards to theNews Ticker column, “But Dear John Postcards Are Okay.”

As an inmate at San Diego Co. Jail, I filed a lawsuit in federal court in September 2013 about the jail’s policy prohibiting letters through regular mail, and also their policy refusing to give inmates access to contact information for friends and relatives.

My mother was confined to bed at a nursing home and was unable to communicate with me. She passed away while I was incarcerated.

The jail’s policy deprives inmates of receiving such things as family photographs, report cards of children, children’s letters and drawings, and newspaper clippings.

These are all important to an inmate’s rehabilitation and morals. I filed the suit (Jones vs. San Diego Co. Jail, et al) pro per, and the federal court has agreed to hear it at a jury trial next year. I’m presently seeking legal representation. If interested please email me at [email protected].

  • Bruce Jones
  • Imperial Beach

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