No medical miracle in Valley Center

Robert Young, not a physician, accused of fake cancer cures

Robert Young
  • Robert Young

On November 5, Robert Oldham Young of Valley Center was ordered to face six felony charges, including practicing medicine without a license and grand theft by fraud at the end of a three-week preliminary hearing.

Robert Young

Robert Young

Young is accused of pretending to be a doctor and promising cures to people dying of cancer and charging thousands of dollars for fake treatments. He had been charged with more than 20 felonies, but judge Timothy Casserly dismissed the majority of charges for lack of evidence.

“Young is not licensed to practice medicine in the state of California,” according to prosecutor Gina Darvas, who made detailed accusations in papers filed with the court. “Young held himself out as a doctor by calling himself Doctor Young in a clinical setting….

Young's book

Young's book

“Young lured patients to his PH Miracle Center in Valley Center with a pseudo-scientific theory,” the prosecutor alleged. She claimed that Young promoted his theories through his website and in his books, and she quoted page 16 of his book, The pH Miracle, in which he allegedly stated: “My theory is that red blood cells do this too: they can de-evolve and then re-evolve into any kind of cell the body needs — bone cells, muscle cells, skin cells, brain cells, liver cells, heart cells, and so on.”

The prosecutor alleged that Young “makes preposterous and unproven pseudo-scientific claims” to support his theory of disease, and that he represents that he has a “scientifically based cure for all diseases, including cancer.”

Young claims to have a doctorate of science degree in chemistry and biology and a PhD in nutrition, and that he is a microbiologist and a biochemist, the prosecutor alleged.

In one case among many in the court files, the prosecutor alleges that for seven months in 2010, Young treated a woman named Tracie, who had been diagnosed with stage-four cancer. The prosecutor claims that Young “viewed” her blood “and told her he could cure her cancer.” The prosecutor claims Young inserted a needle into Tracie and started an IV; the woman did not improve under Young’s care, and she died. The prosecutor claims that Tracie’s loved ones were defrauded of $38,000 for unsuccessful treatments.

“In addition to himself inserting needles into patients’ arms and starting IVs, Young employs licensed medical doctors as a cover for his illegal activities,” the prosecutor asserted.

“Young is the boss at PHMC and is in charge of all procedures and personnel at the facility.” The facility in Valley Center, called PH Miracle Center or PHMC, is not a licensed facility, it is alleged.

Young made more than $5 million in 2012, according to a statement filed the by district attorney’s investigator. The investigator claimed that 80 percent of the money came from patient care and the other 20 percent came from sales of supplements and equipment.

Young was arrested in January of this year; at that time he paid a $10,000 fee to Aladdin Bail Bonds to post a $100,000 bond. He remains at liberty while the case is pending. Private defense attorney Paul Pfingst is representing Young, who is next due in court on November 20 to set a date for trial.

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Oooh, Pfingsto. Attorney to the guilty who can occasionally, but not always, get them off. While Paulie made a major hit with Julie Harper, she's not out of the woods yet, and could still be convicted of murder. He's been involved with some cases where the outcome for the def could not have been much worse. But hey, if you can afford him, who knows? He might just pull off a miracle and set you free (and broke.)

Actually the real quacks are the Medical Oncologists who are able to legally inject toxic chemotherapy chemicals into peoples body with the lie that it's actually stopping or reversing Cancer. There is nothing healing about chemo, the fact is it kills more than helps. The same goes for a lot of the drugs used for cancer in our supposedly advanced medical system. Also the amount of unnecessary surgeries are devastating to so many lives. The science involved here with Robert Young actually goes to the foundation of much of naturopathic medicine. There is nothing new about what he is teaching and there is a lot of truth behind it. Many people have been helped by him, including those with Cancer and they have medical documentations from major hospitals to prove it. Their stories are not lies and there are thousands of them. There are also many decent and well respected people in society that support him and his theories as well. This is going to be a great trial because it's going to shine the light on what is really going on in healthcare right now. It's a disgusting shame, thousands of peope die directly from prescription drugs every year and that is just the numbers being reported by Harvard. There are so many that die because they are sold a lie that drugs cure disease. That is the real problem, not people like Robert Young. People like him are what is going to help save this sick system. Eating healthy living nutritions foods, detoxification of the body through the major channels of elimination, support with healthy IV fluids instead of toxic ones. This is all accepted as foundational in this large growing movement towards a more natural and holistic healthcare system. The medical system will always be behind because they arein the pocket of the Pharmaceutical Companies. And the same goes for those public agencies that are supposed to protect us. The only real solution to this mess is Freedom and choice. It's our choice, because it's our body and it's our life!

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