Anti-asthma councilmembers reaffirm Barrio plan

Voting yes “will not interfere with existing industrial uses," says Gloria

The majority of San Diego's city council gathered in front of city hall Monday morning (May 5) to affirm their support of the Barrio Logan community plan update, previously approved by the council but under attack via a heavily financed referendum effort to undermine the agreement.

"I urge San Diegans to support healthier neighborhoods and sensible planning principles by voting yes on Props B and C," said council president Todd Gloria, whose district includes the Barrio Logan neighborhood.

A yes vote on Prop B affirms the community plan, while voting yes on Prop C allows for the zoning changes needed to put it into effect.

"The Barrio Logan community plan makes sense for residents and businesses and will not interfere with existing industrial uses," Gloria continued.

At issue is a "buffer zone" that would eventually create a commercial-zoned barrier between highly polluting heavy industry and residential neighborhoods.

"As a resident who grew up with asthma from polluted neighborhoods and who has family and friends working in the shipyards, I also urge voters to support B and C to achieve our goals of protecting our children’s health while allowing our economy to grow," added councilman David Alvarez, who was joined by councilmembers Sherri Lightner, Ed Harris, Myrtle Cole, and Marti Emerald.

The effects of environmental pollution on Barrio Logan residents have been a point of concern for some time, particularly when considering the impacts of air pollution on young children and low-income households.

Both measures will be placed before voters on June 3.

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Pleased to see support from 5 of the San Diego City Council.

Correction:Todd Gloria's district does NOT contain Barrio Logan. Todd Gloria has district 3, which has East Village but it is not district 8, that belongs to David Alvarez.

Navy RADM (RETIRED) Len Hering is on record (KPBS article May 6) stating I-5 is to blame for the pollution. As a retired officer and professor of ethics, Mr. Hering should be ashamed at trying to dilute fact with politically motivated opinion. Mr. Hering is a member of the San Diego Chamber of Commerce, with former Mayor Sanders. Mr. Hering lives in Chula Vista away from the pollution that Barrio Logan residents have to raise their children with. Mr. Hering has now taken his naval legacy and attached it to these misleading scare tactics. Don't take my word for it on a blog, this map is officially sponsored by the California EPA.


The Navy cannot and will not move for several reasons. The biggest reason being the shipyard industrial base cannot be recapitalized elsewhere. Where would 3rd Fleet ships get their work done? The shipyard infrastructure currently exists nowhere else, and the Navy barely has enough CAPACITY as it is. In this time of sequestration, furloughs, cuts our Navy will go from building 7-10 vessels a year to 1-3 depending on how deep the cuts extend. US national debt, goals of the Dept of Defense and needs of the Navy dictate how money will be spent. The SD shipping industry using six RETIRED admirals to sign a petition does NOT make up the official opinion of our Navy. There is not a single person in all of California, much less San Diego, who has the ability to make a statement in that regard.

RADM Hering (ret.) and the 5 other admirals who signed their official opposition (March 14, 2014 with the City Clerk) to this are no longer in the Pentagon loop. That would be RADM (ret.) John T. Lyons III, VADM Peter M. Hekman (ret.), VADM Timothy W. Lafleur (ret.), RADM Francis K. Holian (ret.), and RADM Garland P. Wright (ret.) In their letter of opposition, they make a statement about "EXPANDING middle class jobs"...that is misleading and out of their realm to speak on.

Their Protect Our Jobs Coalition spent $730k on this effort to overturn the original Barrio Logan Plan. Protect Our Jobs Coalition is funded by NASSCO (General Dynamics), BAE, & Continental Marine. BAE is one of the 3 largest contractors in the entire Navy, they are not moving their massive San Diego footprint anywhere. Anyone who tells you different is either misleading you or does not understand business.

How much will this cost the City of San Diego (YOU)?

It will cost between $600k - $1M to redo this ballot. That is $ that could have been spent to clean up the streets, clean up homelessness, you pick the cause and that money is now spent on this election.

Vote YES on props B & C on June 3rd.

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