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Feline frenzy in San Diego

Giselle Garcia
  • Giselle Garcia

I’m not a cat person — mostly due to a silvery scar on my arm that I got as a child from the claws of my neighbor’s grumpy tabby cat. Also, cats make me sneeze and I think litter boxes are gross. As a teenager I had a boyfriend that had a Himalayan cat that he spoke to using a baby voice. It irked me so much that I broke up with him after two short weeks. Our relationship's demise was the cat’s fault.

Christina Garofalo

Christina Garofalo

Despite my cat issues, I’m not completely against the current feline frenzy popping up on t-shirts, sweaters, charm necklaces, and even iPhone cases. While I wouldn’t ever purchase anything cat themed, I do appreciate the kitschiness of the trend.

I ran into the following cat lovers out and about in SD.

First up is 22-year-old Christina Garofalo who wore a cardigan with the oversized face of a tiger on the back of it. She paired her feline inspired jacket with dark denim jeans and a pair of knee high Hunter rain boots. Garofalo is a manager at Windsor, where she purchased her feline themed cardigan. Her lust-worthy graphite gray Hunter rain boots retail for $140 at Nordstrom.

Stacey Dent

Stacey Dent

In Normal Heights Stacey Dent took a more subtle approach with her black and gold cat purse. She paired it with a faux leather jacket, gap jeans and beanie.

“I scored this bag in the lost in found at my work,” Dent works at Hubbard Street Dance in Chicago.

Dent is a cat lover, but doesn’t take her adoration to the extreme. Apart from the bag, she doesn’t have anything else cat themed.

“I did buy my sister a pair of hilarious space-cat leggings for her birthday,” says Dent.

Space cat leggings

Space cat leggings

Hot Topic sells a pair of space cat leggings for $9.99.

Lastly, Giselle Garcia ditched the cat apparel and instead went with a statement-making cat eye.

“I always wear cat eye make-up,” the 19-year-old Cuyamaca college student told me.

Garcia is a graphic design major. She wore a black sweatshirt with eye popping gold stud detailing on the shoulders. She also wore a pair of black Drop Dead jeans.

“Drop Dead Clothing is my favorite brand. I love their jeans. They are a European brand,” said Garcia.

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