High-pressure sales job

How to get students to attend UCSD? Get the professors to work the phones. That’s according to a memo last month by executive vice chancellor Suresh Subramani. “Research indicates that faculty interaction is a key factor in a student’s college decision-making process. Therefore, we need all faculty and staff to participate in the Early Calling Campaign, a critical yield program to attract outstanding admits to UC San Diego-specifically those from historically underrepresented groups who have applied to your department, program or college.”...

Vanquished in the mayor’s race by Republican Kevin Faulconer, the city’s top Democrats are back to try again with Sarah Boot, running for council in the second district against the GOP’s Laurie Zapf. “We need to elect Sarah to keep a Veto-Proof majority on the City Council,” says an emailed fundraising invite listing a host of elected officials and power brokers, including House freshmen Juan Vargas and Scott Peters, ex-Bob Filner chief of staff Vince Hall, and school board member Kevin Beiser…

Faulconer himself is busy raising cash for ex-city councilman, defeated mayoral hopeful, and current Peters congressional foe Carl DeMaio. In an email addressed to backers announcing a March 26 breakfast function, the mayor writes, “Can you join me and Carl for breakfast next Wednesday? Carl has been a leader in reforming our city government and he needs our help to bring those same reform principles to Washington. This is one of the top congressional races in the country — Carl needs our help now more than ever. Details below...-Kevin.” The event is being hosted at Civita, the huge Mission Valley real estate development of wealthy Lincoln Club backer Tom Sudberry.

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It didn't take long for Kevin Faulconer to shed that moniker about being "Mayor for all of San Diego." He's already shilling for GOP uber-conservative Carl DeMaio in his race to take away Congressman Scott Peters' seat? That's really tacky. Whatever happened to the old decent interval?

In fact, Peters' district likes him -- presentable, intelligent, calm. well-spoken, not too lib, not gay, not right-wing --as in Goldilocks, Rep. Scott Peters is juuust right.

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