Brownie Girl's bicycle recovered after being stolen

An act of kindness in Tijuana

Marifer Treviño with her bike.
  • Marifer Treviño with her bike.

Marifer Treviño, also known as La Brownie Girl, goes to music and food events in Tijuana selling her homemade brownies (including vegan, oreo, peanut butter, original, etc). When there's no festival or events, she goes around Playas de Tijuana on her bicycle delivering brownies ordered through Facebook or her cellphone. To expand her business, she also started delivering brownies in Tijuana's downtown, uptown (La Cacho) and Zona Rio.

Marifer's brownie offerings.

Marifer's brownie offerings.

Because public transit in Tijuana is not suitable for bicycles, she was often in downtown bikeless. But then she met Richie, a bicycle repair/salesman that hangs out in front of his brother's optometrist office in Pasaje Rodríguez. With extra bikes to spare, Marifer started to borrow a blue bicycle from Richie to make her brownie delivers (paying Richie with brownies).

On Marifer's 21st birthday (December 8), her boyfriend bought the bicycle from Richie as a present. Marifer only used the bike when she was working downtown, thus she left her bike at the optometrist's office. In early February, the optometrist office was closed, so she had no choice but to leave it with the store right across. The store owner, not used to storing Marifer's bicycle, got distracted and before he knew it, the bike was gone. La Brownie Girl was heartbroken and started to cry when she found out her beloved bike got stolen.

Just recently, Marifer broke down in tears again, but these were tears of joy. Richie, while working his other job as a route taxi coordinator, spotted some cholos on bicycles, but more importantly one guy with the blue bike that belonged to Marifer. He confronted them and told them he knew the bike was stolen, since he sold it himself. The robber refused the accusation and told Richie he would sell him the bike. He wanted 500 pesos, but Richie talked him down to 300, and he obliged.

Richie and her brother surprised Marifer on March 18, reuniting her with her bicycle. Richie wanted to give it to her for free, but she refused and paid him the 300. La Brownie Girl can once again deliver her homemade pastries in downtown Tijuana on her blue bike.

“Primero, me regalan la mejor bicicleta del mundo, después me la roban y rompen mi corazón. De la nada, alguien la rescata y me la regresan como si nada.... por que unos cholos la andaban vendiendo por ahí. Ahora si es la mejor bicicleta del mundo.”

“First, I got the best bike in the world as a present, then they stole it and break my heart. A month later, out of nowhere they rescued the bike and give it back like it's nothing.... because some cholos were selling it somewhere. Now it truly is the best bike in the world.”

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