State police departments using cell-phone trackers

San Diego among users, according to study

Sacramento's News10 has come out with a major study of police-department uses of so-called "stingray" devices to monitor cell-phone conversations. San Diego is among many California law-enforcement agencies using the devices.

When a stingray is close, phones will automatically connect to it as if it were a cell tower, according to PC World.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is concerned that the stingrays collect information about third parties, not only the targets of investigation. This could be a violation of the Fourth Amendment, the ACLU believes.

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I wonder what inflated price they paid for them compared to the ebay price?

Murphyjunk: I don't know what they cost. Best, Don Bauder

Maybe Goldy put a stingray in the hotel room across the street from Mad Bob Filner's office to listen in on his cell phone calls.

Burwell: Y'know, I hadn't thought of that. The device that was used was said to be picking up conversations in Filner's office, although Filner wasn't there at the time. The FBI refuses to answer my questions about this. I have often wondered if it discovered the device but is covering up for the user. Best, Don Bauder

What are the odds that a few folks in law enforcement are using a "stingray" to keep tabs on spouses, girlfriends, or ex's?

Matt101 hit the real issue. "The Government", that entity that everyone complains of; has no physical existence. It's a concept used by individuals for their own purposes, selfless and selfish. Behavior authorized for selfless action can easily be misused by the selfish, especially when shrouded in secrecy. As long as the devices described exist, they will be misused, I suspect that misuse really sells these devices, if it wasn't, they would leave them in the possession of the judges authorizing the warrants.

As for the Filner matter, the laughable charges pled to obviously were intended to avoid more serious prosecution, that's the nature of a plea deal. That the alleged crimes were impossible bothers only a few. What bothers now is the new attempt by the City to fight their liability for events that took place in the Mayor's office. This may be continued extortion. City Attorney Goldsmith confessed the City's liability months ago.

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