Mr. Perch weighs in

My name is Red C. Perch, and I am writing in response to Old Mackerel Breath ("Straight from the Sea Lion’s Mouth," Letters, February 6). I take offense to your comments. My family and the few friends I have left live on the reefs outside of the Children’s Pool, Seal Rock, and the cove and its shoreline to the east.

You have eaten half of my family and lots of my fish friends. I have to breathe your crap every day to survive, which makes my fins rot and ache. We face constant pressure from you sea lions and your buddies, the harbor seals. And let’s not forget those evil fishermen, who usually let us go these days. We try to be smart as we swim in schools to avoid you, but it is getting harder to survive every day.

It’s a fact that you lions live and migrate to the Channel Islands, the Coronados, etcetera, and can even survive without the need of land. You have miles and miles of protected shoreline to live without the humans bothering you.

Who don’t you go vegan and eat only kelp and moss like we do? Maybe you also might think about safe sex, in an attempt to control your out-of-control population. At least my buddies, the great whites, are enjoying that.

As far as the wall making the Children’s Pool, I agree with Gary Gieselman of O.B./Point Loma (Letters, February 6), and the words of former President Ronald Reagan, who said to the former Soviet Union, “Tear down this wall!”

I hope to swim another day.

Red C. Perch
Children’s Pool Reef

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