Two SD County lawyers disbarred

One stole client money, other charged with felonies

Two San Diego County lawyers have been disbarred, according to the Calbar Journal. John Edward Engel of Carlsbad was disbarred for misappropriating $57,808.70 of a client's money.

James Wade Stephens of San Diego was disbarred after not responding to several Bar requests for information on criminal convictions. In 2009 he was stopped by border patrol agents on Interstate 8. There was marijuana and a glass pipe in the car, along with a female passenger who said Stephens had struck her and she feared for her life. Stephens told the border patrol agent, "You're a piece of shit cop who doesn't know the fucking law." In December of that year he called an individual such terms as "nigger" and "faggot" and threw hot coffee at him, violating a restraining order. When a court awarded his ex-wife his house and its contents, he yelled "Fuck this shit" in court and claimed she was possessed by Satan.

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Don, it might be interesting to know their respective law schools.

Visduh: I'll see if I can get that. They probably won't be listed on the Bar register now and may have taken down online info. Best, Don Bauder

CLARIFICATION: The Engel who was disbarred was John Edward Engel. Best, Don Bauder

WHICH LAW SCHOOLS THEY GRADUATED FROM: In response to question from Visduh, James wade Stephens graduated from Thomas Jefferson in San Diego and John Edward Engel graduated from Western State in Fullerton, according to Bar records. Best, Don Bauder

Thomas Jefferson and Western State. Figures. You see the Yale and Harvard lawyers would never be disbarred for stealing $50 or $100 grand from clients. They join big Wall Street firms to do their stealing.

Ponzi: Right you are. I believe the Enron lawyers, and the law firm, never even got a wrist slap for facilitating one of the world's biggest frauds.

There is a symbiotic relationship between Wall Street lawyers and the Securities and Exchange Commission. The law firms control the SEC through the revolving door phenomenon: after letting crooks off the hook, SEC lawyers take $2 million a year jobs with big law firms. Best, Don Bauder

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