Children witness shooting in Tijuana

Man gunned down outside elementary school

As hundreds of children looked on, a gunman opened fire on a father waiting for his sons to get out of classes at a Tijuana elementary school on June 19.

According to press accounts, Margarita Maza de Júarez primary school in Colonia Sánchez Díaz was about to end its morning classes when the gunfire began. Around 200 children were mulling around outside waiting for afternoon classes to begin.

Baja California’s daily El Mexicano reported that a 34-year-old man was sitting in his burgundy Toyota Camry in front of the school waiting for his two sons to get out of classes when the gunman approached from the passenger side and began shooting.

The victim stumbled out of his car and into the school, where he collapsed, according to newspaper reports. He was later taken via Red Cross ambulance to a hospital.

El Sol de Tijuana reported that the victim had been shot at least five times by a 9mm handgun.

El Mexicano described the scene as one of general panic, with some children and adults falling to the ground for cover and others running from the scene in search of safety.

The gunman, described by witnesses as a thin, handsome bald man wearing a red shirt, fled on foot into the surrounding neighborhood, El Mexicano reported. Police searched the neighborhood but failed to locate the suspect.

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So how soon until the pleas for asylum begin, and we hear that we must bring them to the US and start writing checks?

And how soon do we start hearing about how we desperately need more gun control here in the US? Obviously, Mexico doesn't have ENOUGH gun control, right? Andrew Tahmooressi faces years in prison just for having guns, which is pretty much the ultimate wish for gun-grabbers in the US. Yet somehow, Mexico is awash in "gun violence".

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