Spotty coverage in P.B.

Maxi dress to crop top with young ladies on the coast

Virginia Blanco
  • Virginia Blanco

The laid-back beach community of Pacific Beach has its own unique sense of style. Wardrobe basics consist of everything from bikinis and board shorts to maxi dresses and crop tops.

Melissa Hill

Melissa Hill

On a perfect, 75-degree afternoon I ran into three locals sporting some of P.B.’s most popular wardrobe staples.

If you drive down Garnet or Grand Avenue in P.B. you’ll find dozens of young ladies sporting the ever-so-essential maxi dress. This summer time staple is a great P.B. wardrobe item thanks to its simplicity. It makes for an easy beach cover-up or a pulled-together look that's still comfortable and casual.

24-year-old Melissa Hill wore a paisley spaghetti-strap maxi dress from Tilly’s. Hill works at the popular P.B.-based boutique Avril. When it comes to shopping, Hill tends to stick with P.B.-based stores. “My favorite local shops are Gloss, Madison, and Avril," says Hill.

Shawna Williams

Shawna Williams

Hill's favorite thing about living in PB is being so close to the beaches and the bay. “I live for the water,” Hill told me.

Since P.B. is such a popular nightlife locale, every P.B. woman needs a great little black dress.

21-year-old Shawna Williams wore a typical Pacific Beach L.B.D. Her open-back black-and-white dress with a plunging neck line is from Gloss on Garnet Avenue. Williams is a model. She lives in nearby Mission Beach. Her favorite summertime activity is surfing.

Little black dress worn by Shawna Williams

Little black dress worn by Shawna Williams

Lastly, 29-year-old Virginia Blanco wore the ever so popular P.B. staple, the crop top. Blanco’s off-white lace-up top was purchased at Mileage Clubwear on Garnet Avenue.

“My favorite thing about P.B. is all the little shops. I love the shopping here. I also love that there are so many different people living here from different parts of the world.”

Blanco moved to P.B. from Spain. She has been living in San Diego for two years now.

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