$6 million glass home for sale

Project has mob-associated ties

Irwin Molasky
  • Irwin Molasky

A luxurious glass house in Pacific Beach has gone on the market for $5.995 million. "Press a button and part of the roof — 30 feet above the floor at the house's entryway — retracts to expose the sky," gushes the U-T in a June 3 story.

But the U-T doesn't mention that the 3709 Ocean Front Walk property is a project of Ocean Pacific Companies, run by Ken Cornell and his wife Beth Molasky-Cornell. The couple has homes in San Diego and Las Vegas. She is the daughter of Irwin Molasky, one of the developers of La Costa with the notorious late hoodlum Moe Dalitz and Merv Adelson and Allard Roen.

As Matt Potter revealed in detail, Molasky's company won a $223 million construction contract for the FBI. Irwin Molasky's Las Vegas operation is a prominent partner in Ocean Pacific Companies.

Molasky has been a generous donor to Carl DeMaio, the former mayoral candidate now running for Congress. As Potter revealed in his 2011 cover story, Ken Cornell pleaded guilty to fraud charges resulting from a telemarketing boiler-room swindle in 1994.

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The Las Vegas Mafia is Coming! The Las Vegas Mafia is Coming! Lock up your daughters!

shirleyberan: Where have you been? Money from mobsters built La Costa. Irvin J. Kahn built Penasquitos with mob money from the Teamsters as well as from the Cosmos Bank, a mobbed-up Swiss bank closed in the 1970s. The Cosmos Bank loaned money to U.S. Financial, a San Diego scam whose top executives wound up in prison. Teamsters mob money was all over San Diego at one time. Best, Don Bauder

Duhbya: Glick should have been mentioned. And how about the pro sports team owners with mob ties? Best, Don Bauder

Duhbya: I expected that. Best, Don Bauder

Guys who build glass houses in P.B. shouldn't throw stones, now they're about a stone's throw away from my neighborhood.

shirleyberan: Long ago, there was a humble king of a Far Eastern tribe. He lived in a thatched hut and wouldn't let the tribe members bestow any riches on him. But they insisted and gave him a throne. Because he was so humble, he put it in his attic. It fell through and killed him. Moral: those in grass houses shouldn't stow thrones. Best, Don Bauder

Duhbya: I refuse to believe you never heard it. I assumed you made it up. Best, Don Bauder

"Honey, we've lost Bauder. I'm not sure, but he said something to the effect of 'people who live with crass spouses shouldn't show groans'". That's all I've got, Don, as weak as it is. I seriously never heard or saw the one you referenced.

Duhbya: I'll take your word for that, but I don't know why. Best, Don Bauder

Ha! Have I ever lied to you before? That you know of, right? Fair enough, then.

Duhbya: Punsters have to tell lies. It goes with the territory. Best, Don Bauder

Are you suggesting that a prospective buyer should perhaps avoid purchasing this house simply because of alleged "mob-associated ties"?

danfogel: What I am saying is that the developer of that house, and his/her associations, should be revealed. Matt Potter has done a great job exposing the senior Molasky and his activities -- and how the FBI gave him a fat contract, despite his associations and his past. Best, Don Bauder

Not a big deal if you don't mind wondering if there's a body or two buried in the cement foundation. Don't know what it's really worth, apparently waterfront.

shirleyberan: Nobody to my knowledge has suggested that anyone is encased in that cement. Best, Don Bauder

It's on the Boardwalk in North Mission Beach. Asking and getting are different.

Psycholizard: Yes, asking and getting are different. It's the story of my life. Best, Don Bauder

It's unfortunate that a guy in your situation has to pay for it.

Burwell: Pay for what? Glass houses? Grass houses? Best, Don Bauder

I meant "paying for it" in the sense that Tony McCune paid for it.

Burwell: I feared that's what you meant. Not as a married man. But then there was college. Ever heard of Kankakee, Illinois? Best, Don Bauder

People who work naked shouldn't live in glass houses.

shirleyberan: Hookers often work naked, I am told. And some operate out of hotels made of glass. Best, Don Bauder

This is on a 25'x100'+ lot. If this sells at that price, I would suspect money laundering. At that price, most ladies plan to tear down and rebuild, and South Mission is the pricier side of the Roller Coaster.

Psycholizard: Six million bucks is a lot to pay for a tear-down. And how would you haul away all that shattered glass? Best, Don Bauder

Those who live in mafia houses shouldn't store bones.

shirleyberan: It's much more efficient to put the enemy in cement boots, and let Davy Jones store the bones. Best, Don Bauder

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