Free High School Film Festival Sunday morning at the Ken

The San Diego High School of International Studies Film Festival offers its students the chance to see their work projected on a big screen, and you’re invited to take part in the excitement. The fifth annual festival will be held this Sunday morning from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm at Landmark’s glorious Ken Cinema. Admission is free.

Let’s hope Ken manager Sophia Verbiscar has enough marquee letters to accommodate the title.

The event was the brainchild of David Evers, who started the festival six years ago. Jaime Enochs teaches International Baccalaureate Film Studies at the School of International Studies. This is her first year for selecting films for inclusion and handling the logistics.

“IB Film Studies is a course that explores film history, theory, and production,” Enochs wrote, “but we don’t have access to a computer lab nor fancy equipment. Most films produced for the festival were completed using students’ own cameras and free editing software. This year’s festival offers an eclectic mix of student work, ranging from experimental to over-the-top comedy.”

Between 16-20 short films (5-7 minutes each) will be screened. The rental of the hall is covered by The Paula B. and Oliver W. Jones Family Foundation.

When asked why the Ken — as opposed to one of our town’s numerous multiplexes — Enochs replied, “As the last remaining single-screen theater in San Diego, the Ken offers a unique experience to movie-goers. The neighborhood feel and nostalgia associated with the theater, as well as its focus on independent film and cult classics, make it a fun fit for the students.”

Sounds like her class is in classy hands.

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