The whole “gay or hipster” conundrum

Pilfering gay style

Dear Hipster:

Do you have to be a hipster to attract the bearded, pomp-haired, skinny jeans, tattooed, pierced, smug-lipped gent?

— Gay in Golden Hill

Hipsters may have a reputation for scornfulness, but that legendary ire directs itself toward pop culture, not toward people, and the hipster community remains fairly tolerant, even of non-hipsters. Hipsters, as a rule, hate things, not people, so there’s no reason a random gent fitting your description won’t go in for whatever style of gay boy you are.

The whole “gay or hipster” conundrum (which you should probably Google) is one I’d rather not try to solve in the next hundred words or so. Outspoken members of the gay community resent the so-called “pilfering” of gay style by those they deem “hipsters.” Ironically, the argument of, “we were into hair product and scarves before they were cool” is in itself quintessentially hipster!

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That judgement day crap is so ridiculous and stupid. Can't you just grow up and read big boy books?

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