World Party trio stirs Solana Beach

Wallinger and company re-imagine the hits

Karl Wallinger's cool with his role as aging music vet.
  • Karl Wallinger's cool with his role as aging music vet.

World Party concluded its U.S. tour with a dynamic performance at the Belly Up Tavern. The Karl Wallinger–led trio transcended the expectations of the crowd, which led to several standing ovations.

Wallinger, comfortable in his role as aging veteran, played acoustic guitar and keyboards while the band added violin, mandolin, and electric guitar. The musicianship was outstanding throughout the evening, and Wallinger’s vocals were a potent force, supported by beautiful background harmonies.

The show was a celebration of the legacy of the band, which was touring in support of their new live disc. The new acoustic arrangements led to touching moments, such as the song “Love Street,” which added a an emotional level to the ambitious set. Tracks such as “Way Down Now” and “Ship of Fools” retained their original buoyancy while leaving room for some creative jamming.

Wallinger’s music has always concerned mankind’s relationship with the earth, universe, and God. Although he often comes off as a cynic, there is innocence in much of his worldview and the inspired performance at the Belly Up was a moving blend of the confrontation of the idea of a personal revolution and the reality of a world struggling to survive.

  • Concert: World Party
  • Venue: Belly Up Tavern
  • Date: June 29
  • Seats: General admission

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