Meet O’Sullivan Bros. Brewing Co.

Siblings building nanobrewery in Scripps Ranch

Last week, I told the story of two brothers working to open a Bitter Brothers Brewing Company in Bay Ho. Turns out, there’s another pair of fraternal siblings doing the same thing over in Scripps Ranch. Ed and Rob O’Sullivan are close to opening the doors of O’Sullivan Bros. Brewing Company (9879 Hibert Street, Scripps Ranch). Theirs is actually the second brewery to set sights on the business park they will soon call home. Urban Jungle Brewing Company, an interest that disbanded before brewing a single batch of beer, had planned on capitalizing on the easy freeway access, abundant parking, and proximity to other breweries such as Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits, Intergalactic Brewing Company, White Labs, and Mike Hess Brewing, the O’Sullivans will likely benefit from.

The brothers are doing all the grunt work — plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and construction of a tasting room and lab facility. That last feature is one that typically comes along later in a small operation’s lifespan, so it’s impressive that this nanobrewery is focusing on it from the start. The lab will be used for product development, yeast propagation, and general quality control. Of particular interest to the O’Sullivans is maintaining quality when they eventually ramp up from their current three-barrel brewhouse to a larger system. Even though they’re small now, they don’t plan to be forever. First, there’s the matter of actually brewing to take care of. By the brothers’ calculations, that figures to occur sometime in August, with the brewery opening to the public shortly thereafter.

Though obviously of Irish decent and equipped with a logo displaying the fishing village in Dingle, Ireland their family tree traces back to, O’Sullivan Bros.’s beers will not be limited to Eire-rooted reds and stouts. The business plan lists a blond ale, wheat ale, red ale, brown ale, pales and stouts both oatmeal and imperial, and porters both standard and smoked. It’s the beers’ names — Sailhead Murphy, Finn McCool’s Big Thirsty, Irish Stew, and Catholic Guilt — that give a nod to heritage. Initially, O’Sullivan Bros. beers will be available in pours, growlers, and kegs from the tasting room. Cask and barrel-aged versions of those brews are something that also in the works. Eventually, guest brewers will be invited in to create their own specialty beers. But for now, Ed, a long-time homebrewer with a biology degree who’s currently enrolled in UCSD’s professional brewing certification program, will rule the brewhouse with the help of his brother.

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