Pepsi conceals carcinogens, charges San Diegan

Class-action suit filed in federal court here

The soft drinks Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, and Pepsi One contain excessive amounts of a carcinogen, methylimidazole (4-MeI), and parent company Pepsico is keeping that secret, according to a lawsuit filed January 23 in federal court. The suit is intended to be a class action, representing everyone in the state who has consumed those Pepsi products in the past four years.

Plaintiff is Thamar Santisteban Cortina of Bonita, who is represented by attorney Jack Fitzgerald. According to the suit, 4-MeI is an impurity generated in the manufacture of caramel colors and has been found by the National Toxicology Program to cause lung tumors in laboratory animals.

The executive director of the Consumer Reports Food Safety & Sustainability Center says there is no safe level of 4-MeI and it is an unnecessary risk. According to Consumer Reports testing, Pepsi sold in California contains 29.1 micrograms of 4-MeI per can.

"In advertising and selling Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, and Pepsi One, [Pepsico] has and continues to deceptively omit that these soft drinks contain [dangerous] 4-MeI that expose consumers to cancer," charges the suit.

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no mention of what happens when carbonic acid mixes with other foods we ingest to form harmful substances ?

Murphyjunk: That isn't what this particular lawsuit is all about. Best, Don Bauder

Looks like Pepsi and some lesser known brands have quite a bit more than Coke, some people drink a lottalotta soda. Wiki says the chemical is in many foods including at some level some dark beer, so how do you know I wonder? Warning labeI after a lot of studies agree. Don't like soda anymore but I do want an occasional real beer. I really wish they would make cigarettes illegal (they kill a lot of people) and stop prosecuting maryjane (that's an old word for marijuana Don), it's not a criminal or shameful act in itself. Gotta teach kids how to behave and be healthy no matter what stuff is easily accessed. Not like manufactures give a poop.

shirleyberan: Suppose Pepsi did list this alleged carcinogen on its label. Would that deter anybody from drinking Pepsi? Even if there was a health warning about 4-MeI, how many people would not drink Pepsi? Best, Don Bauder

They drink it because they're sugar addicts.

shirleyberan: Probably, but they can get sugar in many other ways. Best, Don Bauder

And unwilling to go through the withdrawal for a few uncomfortable days. Then change a stupid unhealthy habit/compulsion. America is a sad place in many ways.

shirleyberan: Don't just blame America. Pepsi and Coca-Cola, loaded with sugar and caffeine, are sold all over the world. Best, Don Bauder

Pepsi tried to market a caffeine-free version of Pepsi without caramel coloring called "Crystal Pepsi." It was a flop. The age-old use of food coloring has conditioned people to believe that real colas should be brown, cheddar cheese is orange,pickle relish is bright green, and so forth. Food coloring is a big part of the marketing of foods and has nothing to do with taste, nutrition or safety.

Ponzi: Agreed. The marketers have inculcated color preferences in us. I don't remember Crystal Pepsi. But then, I don't drink colas -- and very rarely any soft carbonated drinks. Best, Don Bauder

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