Sweetwater district corruption trial postponed

Defense attorney Pfingst requests delay

Marc Carlos and Paul Pfingst in the South Bay Courthouse on January 24
  • Marc Carlos and Paul Pfingst in the South Bay Courthouse on January 24

In a Chula Vista courthouse on January 24, Paul Pfingst, defense attorney for Jesus Gandara — the former Sweetwater Union High School District superintendent indicted on corruption charges — asked for a postponement of the trial that’s scheduled to begin February 18.

The other Sweetwater school district defendants are former trustee Greg Sandoval and current trustees Jim Cartmill, Bertha Lopez, and Pearl Quiñones.

Pfingst brought the motion before judge Ana España because, he said, he is scheduled to be in court for several cases in the coming months.

España said she thought she had made it clear that the trial was set for February 18 and that schedules should be kept open for at least six months.

Pfingst said that he made these commitments because at one time he “had assumed this case was not going to trial...now it looks like the case must be tried.”

Several attorneys joined Pfingst in the request and bandied about the possibility of a summer trial.

Deputy district attorney Leon Schorr argued that the date has been set since August. He said, “Our position is, we’re ready to go.”

Schorr says the district attorney’s office believes the trial will last for at least four months and that they plan on calling over 200 witnesses.

Schorr added that his office continues to interview and gather material for the trial. He said he has an additional interview next week.

Judge España was unwilling to accept the summer offer and asked the attorneys to confer among themselves and come to an agreement on a date “reasonably soon.”

The new date for a trial is set for April 28. España emphasized she wants to begin empaneling a jury on April 20.

Outside the courtoom, Pfingst was asked if he thought any of the recent allegations regarding district attorney Bonnie Dumanis and money laundering would play into the politics of the case.

Pfingst said, “I don’t know enough about it. I’m reading the newspapers like everyone else.”

Marc Carlos, defense attorney for Quiñones, said, “I am looking into it.”

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Good Grief - what are they All trying to do - make a grab for the money with get out of jail free cards?

These attorneys have had MORE than enough time to prepare and to calendar the trial. We the taxpaying community would like to have our day in court before we are too old to remember what the charges are.

Deals, deals and more deals. Isn't that what got the defendants into this mess to begin with - deals?

As we watch our neighbors to the south deal with the potential of a takeover due to insolvency we wonder if fate holds the same for our future, We have a $10 million deficit yet Ed Brand and Tom Calhoun are wanting to purchase a new District office.

Unfriending on Facebook - the plot thickens. Secrets told that are being divulged. Steps allegedly being taken to secure that third vote. Pretenders enter carefully, your cover has been blown.

Well who's looking into Juan Vargas and his wifes' connection to the SD foundation and news reporting and political menuevoring in San Diego politics!???! Congressman Vargas suggesting he'll not use the funds collected is b.s., HE CAN'T because they are illegally collected funds!!! But why did he put the "bag man" up for a presidential appointed position?? South bay politicians are the dirtiest of all SD politicians! And Juan Vargas has long been friends with most of them!! At least Filner didn't take foreign cartel funds for political exchange!!! Also this is so funny because Vargas used to be a pawn for SDG&E as an employee, then push man on SD City Council!!

Yes,get out of jail cards seem to be abundant in Judge Espana's courtroom. I wonder what the judge will think of Pearl holding the community hostage for 1.5 million dollars for an election we do not need? I guess it is probably better because word on the street and supported by Facebook is that Pearl and McCann were deliberately unfriended by John Mendez so it didn't give the appearance that the fix was in for his appointment to the board. Mendez work on McCann's campaign. Brand is frantic to keep his 3 votes and asked McCann for his help. I thought Pearl had finally realized Brand was definitely not her friend but I guess that depends on what he promises her and what day of the week it is. So as for the Stomach Turns we are in for another ride we do not want to take either way. These attorneys handle Judge Espana very well. They do not listen and still get their way. I only hope the Sweetwater saga will come to a conclusion in my lifetime.

Oh, I forgot to mention that if Gandara gets off we the community pay for his legal expenses as part of the contract that McCann negotiated when Gandara left. How much do you all suppose Pfingst is per hour? Pearl's attorney doesnot come cheap either and we will be paying him as well the way this looks. Does a misdemeanor change any of this I wonder.

McCann 'negotiated' a deal wherein Gandara's legal expenses get paid by the taxpayers if he (Gandara) gets off?


Can there be any other information needed to declare McCann steer clear of public office permanently?

What kind of a complete nincompoop would do such a thing?

McCann must have absolutely no concept of how to use public resources with responsibility. Saints Preserve Us. We all know that local politicians won't!

Too many friendships, too little integrity.

Too little respect for the taxpayers, the students, the teachers.

Absolute contempt for honest citizens who try to find out what is going on with their educational system and their money.

A complete blockade on information regarding the real estate misadventures that proliferate...the public should know exactly who is involved in these, from start to finish.

Who is brokering these deals, who is making the money. More conflict of interest...?

Why is this school district carrying on as if they were completely free of all legal and ethical constraints?

Because there are higher ups who allow this?

Has it come to this?

Reader writers always remind us just how much corruption there is here in San Diego, and how high it goes. Watching the Dumanis case next. They appear to be covering each other's you know what. Politics as usual, scamitics.

OMG Here we go again. Those of us who are in the supposed inner circle or very close to those who are (you guess ED!!!!) can not believe the rumors we are hearing about deals between Ed and the Board members. This culture of corruption both moral and illegal continues in this District. Somebody is going to be smart enough to nail ED. Maybe the FBI. “L” Street. Audit. Bank Records. Transactions with straw organizations and people. Follow the money.

Then I heard of something I would have no part ot..a tour of the District Headquarters by Tom Calhoun. Are you kidding me? Well we may not have the Three Stooges (or maybe we do?) but we sure got one in Tom Calhoun. Teachers that are distraught, moral is low, and we are looking at a District Headquarters in Eastlake? Are you kidding me to take District staff on this tour? Gee that sure gives us leverage in our negotiations!!! How do these people live with themselves!! Has anybody heard of personal integrity? Not at Sweetwater.

So, it seems Pfingst is clairvoyant, able to anticipate plea deals? It also seems that we the people have been done in by the assumptions of Pfingst et al that everything would be pleaded out. I do hope that he is mistaken.

I do hope that her honor is better than than...and that she understands that we the people deserve OUR day in court, along with the perps who have stolen so much from us. I also hope that the indictments mean something...all the work of the da to get them, have not been compromised by the system that wants to avoid, at all costs, the effort to actually litigate the charges in court. PLEASE JUDGE ESPANA>>>> help us with the opportunity to get these cases to trial. The public deserve their day in court.

Why is it that that disco song from 1974 keeps going through my head: "Don't rock the boat, don't tip the boat over..."?

Maybe because it seems like all these people are in the same boat, trying to keep the truth from those of us who only are useful when we pay taxes?

Just keep those deals going...is that the governing philosophy today?

Nothing about providing the public with the truth? Nothing about stopping all these swindlers?

Almost makes me wonder what will happen when the blowback starts. Because continue carrying on like this, and it will. You can count on it.

erupting - surely Ms. Quinones has learned her lesson about Ed Brand and has heard the rumors of intentions to use with promises of -------. While there is no doubt she and I would never be BFF's the thought of her being used des not settle well with me. Hopefully she is playing 'them' vs. the other way around - we shall see - the truth will be found in the vote regarding who will take Ricasa's seat.

It is a shame that Judge Espana did not hold firm and deny the requests for a delay. She was elected to serve the community, not alleged felons and their attorneys.

How long are we as the South Bay community expected to wait for justice? Is there no hope that the judicial system works for the common folk? Has the political arena spiraled so out of control that it has left many wondering 'what has happened to America'?

Regardless of what Brand says - the South Bay is akin to the typical family and we all know THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A SECRET(S) IN THIS FAMILY.

So, as Martin Luther King said, "The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice."

To which I would have to add with great sadness, but not, apparently, in the Sweetwater Union High School District.

Not here are we seeing justice.

We see justice denied, justice curtailed, justice made a mockery of.

We see laughably inept public personages get away with all sorts of corrupt acts. Allegedly, one must add for formality's sake.

Which I can only think makes the judicial system here in south San Diego County as much of a laughingstock as the Sweetwater School District Board of Trustees, and their greed-ridden leader Ed Brand are a kind of benchmark for everything they should not be.

Is that too convoluted to understand?

Here, I will make it abundantly clear:

Sweetwater's Board of Trustees and Superintendent Ed Brand are to honesty and truth as the Kardashians are to good taste and talent.

Hmm, not quite there.

The South Bay Judicial System is to clear thinking and intelligent discernment as the Charge of the Light Brigade was to military strategy.


How about this: "Bumbling idiocy appears to be the order of the day, as the judicial branch of government cannot get anything done here in Chula Vista. Apparently all the gears have been greased so much that they only operate in reverse. Legal experts remain stymied as to this curiously unusual development. Said one (who preferred to remain nameless), "Well, it's been so long since anyone really cared what went on here. All the political appointees care about is keeping their job and moving up. The motto is 'Keep the money flowing to the right people.' Words to live by, right?"

Every expectation is that by the time Sweetwater declares bankruptcy, Ed Brand will have shaved his mustache, dyed his remaining hair, changed his name and left town. McCann might still be attempting to play musical chairs for some governmental position, but the music will seem to stop just before he finds a seat. Cartmill will keep getting nocturnal visits from the ghost of Ruth Chapman, who in turn will continue to tell him what he could have accomplished, if he had only had the courage to do the right thing.

The students can't figure out what happened to their schools, because they are falling apart. Teachers, knowing they are being treated with disrespect by the board, still do their best, but are under no illusions that their work is valued. The public contract has been broken, i.e. the public does not believe in the judicial system. The public does not believe in the educational system. The public sees they are all frauds. No "allegedly" needed. The public sees what it sees.

I have read all of the comments above, I have four comments at this time,

Judge Espana, Mr. Pfingst, and the other attorneys, get off your butts and get this rolling, we are 14 months since the original indictments, the depositions have been public record for 6 - 8 months.

Judge Espana you have a duty to the public to see these cases through in a timely manner and the schedule was already long and drawn out when you look at the freedom and control of a public entity (SUHSD) these indictees have.

Mr. Pfingst, et.al. you have had sufficient time to prepare your defenses, you knew the schedule cancel your other cases, this is important to this community. I am sure you have all put massive billable hours into this and may see it as a cash cow for your firms.

Current Board Members, Ed Brand and the staff of SUHSD should have no additional contact or influence with the Board over who they want to replace Ms. Recasa. This replacement is not a District function it is a voting community function or Board function. If there is any contact between Ed/Staff and the current trustees about "preferable" Trustees, there is a Conflict of interest and the offending Staffer be Publically reprimanded. There would also possible racketeering offenses against you for allowing this influence to sway your duty to the public (Think about it, John and Jim)

Ms. Lopez and Ms. Quinones the best thing that could happen right now would be for you to immediately resign from the board, if you are acquitted of your indictments, you can run for your seats back on the Board in November. If you are both out there is no longer a board that can act and spend any addtional monies.

As for Ed, the little things are where he will stumble, I suggest that with minimal investigation we will see his Conflicts of interest and manipulation of the Board as being termination type offenses. He could walk back from vacation, see the light and prepare to leave the district, I have little hope of this as I am sure he will see this comment as a challenge to his ego and as Nero did play his fiddle as the district burns down around him (Fire Alarm Reference intentional).

Best to all, BBQ CAVE Citizens Active for Value in Education

Is brand back from his Hawaii vacation? Is Q still in Texas?

Things are not what they use to be that is for sure. Bbq you call for Ms. Lopez and Ms. Quinones to step down what about Jim Cartmill? Jim has let us down he had the opportunity as president of the board to steer this ship right but instead he turned the captains seat over to Ed. He and John have taken the position of second mates. In order to clean this thing up they all should resign. Currently we are adrift with no true course.

The handwriting is on the wall for Cartmill, the only reason he is hanging on is the Lifetime Medical Insurance. His near vesting is the only thing that keeps him hanging on.

I do not believe that he has an ethical bone in his body, and will hang on to every continuance available to get to that Vesting for his insurance. Thus along with John McCann, there is no use in appealing to ethics or common sense, they do not have anything else but the vesting and appearing to care about the public, even if we, the public, can see through their motives.

No matter what, all of their days are numbered, but how much more havoc can they create?

BBQ CAVE, Citizens active for Value in Education

New motto for the voting block Sweetwater Board: Stumblebums "R" Us!!

I can just picture McCann, Cartmill and sometimes Quinones in t-shirts bearing that slogan.

Fast Eddy is very pleased to have such ineffective and lacking "lackeys"!

Because they never question, they can be counted on to always obey the mastermind, even though they walk the path to their own destruction.

Laughingstocks, public embarrassments, that is the Sweetwater Board under Ed Brand.

Will someone please tell me what the payoff is for acting the fool, time and time again?

It must be something worthwhile...off-shore bank accounts? What???

eastlaker - Looks to me that the payoff is, among unearned pay checks, properties that are transferred to unknown owner(s) account. Low/No expectation of public outcry, especially as the honor among theives lie prevails.

Stalling with continuations is a legal tactic used to tire and confuse the opponent.

Delaying the trial is just another way to hide what is going on in South Bay from the public since the longer the delays are, the less interested the public becomes in the final outcome!

If cases like this had interest earning fines that went back to the original date of the complaint, we would see lawyers pushing for trial dates ASAP instead of stringing both their cases and the public out as long as possible.

Alioto from Southwestern is scheduled to be sentenced Jan 30 at 8:30 am we will see if his plea bargain results in a misdeamenor with little or no fine and a community service sentenance instead of Public Service which is cleaning the streets of our community. But with this case and judge who can guess.


Good to see/read you around again. You have followed the Southwestern story from the beginning, seems like ages ago.

I think you're right about interest earning fines...

Oddly, I find there is still a great deal of community interest in justice--and a competing desire to move forward.

LightSaber, I just look at the court calendar for the 30th and it says Alioto at 1:30. Am i missing something?

Gee, I leave town for a few days, and the train jumps the track again. Pfingsto had a lot of nerve to go to court and ask for a delay based on what he told the judge. Many judges in town, not noted for being really strong jurists, would have denied the request and then taken the opportunity to royally ream him out, and maybe even threaten him with contempt. The report indicates she had told all the counselors to be ready for trial next month, and that was after great delay already. Sure, Paulie anticipated a plea bargain, and it now sounds as if he cannot get one that will keep his client from being a felon. Does this mean that the DA has decided to dig in her heels and refuse to roll over? While the DA was wobbling, that does not mean that her deputies, who have prepared these cases, are taking this less than very seriously. If she doesn't validate their work and effort, she'll have a group of very unhappy people in her office. One of the things that lost Pfingst the DA's chair was that many of his employees worked to defeat him at the polls and that grew out of his lack of morals and shady dealings. She could have the same thing coming.

We have a wild card here, in that it is now obvious that the FBI is actually on the job in San Diego county, and going after corruption. That fact is a game changer, although it may take quite a while to become fully apparent. This delay further negatively reflects on the judge, and shows that her lack of fitness for continuing to serve in that capacity is worse than was obvious before. Get ready for more outrages in these cases. "You ain't seen nothin' yet!"

I have come to the conclusion that Judge Espana is truly out of her league.

She appears to be intimidated by Pfingst.

Pfingst does have that North County murder case defending the wife of the young teacher who was killed, so apparently his skills are in great demand.

I wouldn't be surprised at much that Pfingst does, as you mention, his shadiness has played a role here and there.

My fellow community voters - PAY ATTENTION TO THIS CAST OF CHARACTERS -

If, when, ANY of them run for office or seek to be reelected to their positions remember the roles they played in the 'largest corruption case in San Diego history'.

Time for us to draw a line in the sand and say 'we are not going to take this any longer'! I, for one, am sick of the perceived infiltration of political agendas into our justice system. I encourage all to vet the candidate and NOT simply go along with the party. The SUHSD issue has brought to light the following: party label does not make the person.

Visduh - right on the money again. If you blink, you will miss yet another example of malfeasance and teflon performances by those who are supposed to be working for us:

1) County Board of Education, which is supposed to provide oversight of school districts in the jurisdiction, especially with regard to fiscal matters; They are AWOL in Sweetwater matters;

2) Presiding judge of the San Diego Superior Court, David J. Danielsen (who sports a Teddy Roosevelt-type mustache) who is supposed to oversee the courts to make sure justice had an opportunity....instead, he lobbed the entire corruption matter into the South County Courthouse, probably hoping it would all just go away; Seems he is not a rough rider.

3) Judge Ana Espana, who it appears is doing her best to do what Judge Danielsen wants. It seems she is not able, or is unwilling, to hold anyone's feet to the fire and is not even very adept at wrist-slapping;

4) The State Superintendent of Education......an elected official I believe. Wouldn't you think that person would care enough to inquire about the mess.

5) DA Bonnie Dumanis, who does have other worries, but is still being paid by us. It seems her assistants have worked their butts off to get the indictments, but who authorized the plea deals?

6) All of the so-called public servants who would do anything rather than go to trial....that must be a lot of work!

7) Of course, all the thieves who have conspired to take OUR money, our kids' money we pay in taxes for their educations, and appropriate it for themselves;

8) the granddaddy of all hucksters, Fast Eddy Brand. Do a little 'sidestep' for us Ed, you are so good at it!

I do hope there are more shoes to drop in our favor. Crimes have been committed and there was enough proof to get the indictments.

oski, you have summarized the status of these cases very clearly and concisely. If anyone wants a thumbnail sketch of the whole matter and the AWOL nature of many officeholders who should be involved, look no farther.

Malala Yousafzai's father knows the truth: "Ignorance allowed politicians to fool people and bad administrators to be reelected." I don't want to insult anyone, but too many people in CV don't know what's going on. Scrape the teflon. Talk to people in line at stores, in your neighborhood, parties, picnics, walks, etc…Every single time I tell someone who doesn't know, they are astounded.

FYI, Attached is the announcement for a SDCOE Public Meeting to review election of Trustee seats by Trustee Areas, Either side of this issue, if you follow the Sweetwater district, you should attend. It is the first time the County Board of education will be involved at sweetwater in a very long time.
*NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING PROPOSED ESTABLISHMENT OF TRUSTEE AREAS IN THE SWEETWATER UNION HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICT AND THE ELECTION OF ONE MEMBER OF THE GOVERNING BOARD RESIDING IN EACH TRUSTEE AREA BY THE REGISTERED VOTERS IN THAT TRUSTEE AREA You are hereby notified that a petition has been filed with this office in accordance with Education Code section 5019 for the establishment of trustee areas in the Sweetwater Union High School District and for the election of one member of the governing board of the Sweetwater Union High School District residing in each trustee area by the registered voters in that trustee area. YOU WILL THEREFORE TAKE NOTICE that a public hearing to receive public testimony on this matter will be held by the Board of Education, San Diego County, acting as the County Committee on School District Organization, on Thursday, February 6, 2014, at 6:00 p.m. at: Administration Center – Board Room Sweetwater Union High School District 1130 Fifth Avenue Chula Vista, CA 91911 Guidelines for conduct of the public hearing are available at: www.sdcoe.net/Board/Pages/Agendas-and-Minutes.aspx or by contacting Kathy Bowers, Executive Assistant to the County Board of Education, at [email protected] or (858) 292-3515. January 24, 2014 RANDOLPH E. WARD, Ed.D. County Superintendent*

Want you to Know, BBQ, CAVE Citizens Active for Value in Education

Thanks for this info BBQ. Do we know who filed the petition? The notice is in the passive voice (so like the County Office of Ed)...."a petition has been filed".... At least the meeting will be held locally. I am astonished that the CBOE is actually going to travel all the way to Chula Vista, which they consider a foreign land, for the hearing.

Well the new word on the street is that we can all look forward to seeing John McCann's name all over the district on the schools marquis. His bid for CV City Council is the reason. He will be visiting the school under the pretense that he isa concerned SUHSD board member checking the schools out. We were told that he is insisting that the schools put his name up so that the voters see it. We will get the names of the schools he is visiting out as soon as we get them. I'm ill,this self serving------------------ is too much. Is it wrong to hope he wins the election so we don't have to deal with him any longer? He will do less harm on a council where he's already known to be a buffoon. Here. We go again.

Funny, I volunteered to Mr. Calhoun to be an independent citizen doing the site evaluations with the "Team" of experts and was turned down.

What's my experience, grew up with one of the top construction lawyers in the US, set up two automotive assy plants, have an MBA and Engineering degrees, 25 years experience, have kids in the district.....

Funny how McCann the High School President & School Board Flunky, is an instant expert on buildings and conditions...

Where are the reports of the deficiencies in the facilities which we have already allocated $400,000 for? Isn't this a function of Staff? Mr Brand and Mr. Calhoun? What have they been up to? Oh I know, figuring a way out of the last Real Estate fiasco (H St, 3rd St et.al) and buying a new Adminstration Building, "The SUHSD, Ed Brand Adminstration Building and Hall of Fame" (Gag me with a spoon, 1980's reference)

Sorry for the sarcasm but enough is enough....

John where is the criteria for replacing Ricasa? Where is Brand's evaluation? Would you like someone to independently walk the sites with you? I would love to do it. Let me know, the district has my number.

BBQ, CAVE Citizens Active for Value in Education

Don't forget the pretend office of manager of the Sweetwater Sports Hall of Fame!!!

With all that John McCann has NOT done for the students and taxpayers of the SUSD one would think he would be hanging his name in shame vs. attempting self promotion.

When and if Mr. McCann runs he can be assured that his poor record of leadership and his voting record as a school board member will be highlighted. Can't wait for the first public forum - I have my examples all written down.

Wonder if he is going to have his two page bio read over the intercom - those poor students!

* McCann was quoted as saying he wanted an election to fill the seat because he did not want the three remaining indicted board members choosing. This is most curious as Mr. McCann has consistently voted in the three board block - Jim Cartmill, Arlie Ricasa and himself. AND allow me to remind you John McCann was the board president who allegedly failed to share a legal response with the other board members which stated 'the gandara' could be fired for cause - instead he allowed 'the gandara' to walk away with a termination date that allowed him to receive retirement - and then there is the legal representation that 'the gandara's' sweet contract gave him.

John McCann for City Council - YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had to slink away from work so I only got a minute. If Tom Calhoun's Majical Mystery Tour aka Bus Ride to the new District Headquarters is bad enough. I heard John McCann wants to have his name on the Marquis/billboards at schools? Are you kidding me. This guy is not qualified to be Assistant Dog Catcher. A Special Election for over a million dollars? It is all about the kids John right!

John McCann, you want to visit a neglected campus? Try Bonita High, ask about the rats the students say they hear in the walls, or perhaps take a look in the gym concession room - that rat trap is not there for you, it is there for the 4 legged kind. The campus is literally crumbling yet all they received out of Prop O were some renovated bleachers and HVAC in a couple or buildings. Plans for a new track and field, and when are those two slated for completion?

What about new classroom buildings, there is a dire need.

You know that $18 million you voted (with INDICTED board members Arlie Ricasa and Jim Cartmill) to consider buying? Why not tell Brand to take the money and work on Bonita?

Mr. McCann, in my opinion, you are an embarrassment to anyone who voted for you -

Lets see at last years graduation he attempted to blanket the community with his outdated school board campaign signs. - against Chula campaign laws - now he wants free publicity using our schools marquis.

Each and EVERY SUHSD school should have a Prop O Committee, made up of community members, parents, staff and administration.


IF NOT WHY NOT??????????

As an alumni of Bonita I will agree the school is an embarrassment. Confused since when do schools announce board member visits isn't that what they were elected to do. John will not be elected to council he burnt that bridge.

It is becoming clear to me that both John McC and Jim C. have been at the public trough too long. Neither one it seems, has visible means of support, but one assumes that support is needed for families and large homes...what to do? Keep on using the taxpayer-provided stipends and health benefits to help bridge the income gap. Of course John would like to run for council, it is a pretty good paying job, plus benefits, of course. I believe that Jim has already tried that pursuit without success.

Why is everyone so surprised that the trial date has been postponed? Unfortunately, that's the way the judicial system works. Even high profile murder cases where the suspect is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, takes years to go to trial. Patience is a virtue. Life is too short. Negative grudges hinders everyone's health.

Before a troll gets to it, the correct spelling is Marquee. Although Marquis may be an apt moniker...

There is a much deeper reason why Cartmill, McCann, Brand and Quinones continue to dance to the same tune. Something is there and I believe that the investigation by the FBI will get to the bottom of it. Financial investments, IRS audits of personal assets and businesses. Perhaps if several people called the IRS we could add them to the list of resources that have been reached out to. Persons of interest should be Cartmill, McCann and Brand especially with the comments posted here regarding loans from Brand to Cartmill.

Qar - while it would be easy to claim 'typo, in truth, 'dumb'.

See Mr. McCann, Mr. Cartmill, Mr. Brand - that is how taking responsibility for being wrong works.

Truther - with all due respect we are not talking about a Capitol Murder case we are speaking of alleged CORRUPTION in a school district. Questions regarding SUHSD have been being raised since Brand was here last time; when he left under a Grand Jury investigation into Prop BB. Currently the FEDS are auditing the property give away on L street. Mr. Cartmill, Ms. Ricasa, Ed Brand and Dianne Russo were part of that ongoing fiasco.

I doubt if ANYONE on this comment board is guilty of holding a negative grudge. We simply want justice served. A review of the judges statements regarding 'Southwestern not being hurt' is simply hard to comprehend. Perhaps a reread of the Grand Jury transcripts might be in order. There one will find, by the defendants own statements, there were shenanigans going on with OUR tax dollars.

We, as tax paying voters, have the right to hold elected officials accountable when we believe they have failed us - and that we will do.

Thanks Qar simply an error. I'm sure you've never made one.

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