Bumble Bee's claims on omega-3 challenged in court

But judge throws out complaint about vitamin A and iron

San Diego–based Bumble Bee Foods, LLC, located near Petco Park, has been sued in federal court in the Northern District of California over claims it makes about its tuna products.

The plaintiff argues that Bumble Bee boasts too much about the presence of omega-3 in tuna products. Omega-3 fatty acids may lower the risk of heart disease, cancer, and arthritis and appear to be important to stimulate the workings of the brain.

The plaintiff, in a class-action suit filed in 2012, argues that Bumble Bee cannot state that tuna products are an "excellent source" of omega-3 or are "rich in" omega-3.

This month, the judge ruled that the case can go forward on omega-3 claims but threw out allegations that the company's claims for vitamin A and iron are unacceptable.

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Looking at USNews/health - Omega3 per 1 oz - Salmon/Atlantic,Chinook,Coho (1,200 - 2,400) Anchovies (2,300 - 2,400) Bluefin tuna, Sardines, Trout (over 1,000) Crab (200 -550) Yellowfin or canned tuna (150 - 350) didn't catch the albacore omegas but Cod, scallops, lobster (200) Talapia (150) Shrimp (100) Then add some mercury to largest fish I think is how it goes. So in conclusion is this because southern Cal sells fish in competition with the north? Dr. Oz recommended 600 mg per day. Get it however you can. Excellent and rich

shirleyberan: Yes, it's good for you, but the question before the court is whether Bumble Bee overstates the amount in its products. Best, Don Bauder

shirleyberan: Do you think the krill pills help you? Have whales attacked you for filching their chow? Best, Don Bauder

Yer krillin' me. Now I need a chill pill.

Duhbya: Thou shalt not krill. Thou shalt not make puns. Best, Don Bauder

1 outta 2 ain't bad. I'm having a whale of a time here.

Duhbya: A wail of a time? Orca-strated? Best, Don Bauder

There's a ray of hope for you. Was that some type of secret cod? This is turning out to be salmon chanted evening.


Whales, sharks, seals, penguins, seabirds and me. I like seaweed snacks too. CNN/original series says believed advantages of krill are they are bottom of food chain unlikely to have mercury and metals. The 2 most important omega3 fatty acids for healthy heart are EPA and DHA, found in fish oil. Krill has been shown to lower blood fats (triglycerides). It has about the same amount of DHA as fish oil but "significantly" more EPA, is a "good" source of astaxanthin, a "unique" and "potent" antioxidant that is apparently able to handle many kinds of free radicals at once, and is a good source of vitamins A, D, & E. They admit more studies are needed but we are from the ocean and this is what I want.

shirleyberan: I visit a cardiologist Tuesday. I will ask him about this. Best, Don Bauder

What that lawsuit is really about is to force Starkist out so they can put in the low-life Miami dude's strip clubs, and they're still trying to pay off city council to let em go all touchy-feely. I remember stripper gate. It's not over, bet ya. Isn't that the real fish story?! Who else cares about tuna contents?

shirleyberan: I hardly think any possible result of this lawsuit will force Bumble Bee out of the market. Best, Don Bauder

I probably went too far with that last comment.

shirleyberan: Yes, any suggestion that Bumble Bee will be squeezed out of the market because of this lawsuit does not have credibility. Best, Don Bauder

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