Alleged masterminds behind North Park–based sex-trafficking ring release hit single to raise money for defense

Art describes life.

"North Park Trappin'" has raised over 500,000 for the BMS Legal Defense Fund.
  • "North Park Trappin'" has raised over 500,000 for the BMS Legal Defense Fund.

KEEPIN’ IT REAL IN NORTH PARK — On January 8, U.S. attorney Laura Duffy unsealed federal indictments against 24 defendants, alleged members of a sex-trafficking ring based out of San Diego. The alleged crimes took place nationwide, in 46 cities across 23 states, and involved a wide array of abuses against the (frequently underage) women being trafficked. If you want to know exactly what those alleged crimes were, all you have to do is pony up the $5 to purchase “North Park Trappin’,” a rap single released on January 9 by the defendants themselves. All proceeds from the single go to support the defendants’ legal costs. However, SD on the QT has managed to obtain an excerpt from the song’s lyrics, for those who might not wish to contribute to the Black MOB/ Skanless Legal Defense Fund.

Grant Minzy, a local blogger who covers San Diego bands, says he understands why some people might find the song objectionable. But he stresses that, ultimately, it’s a work of art and should be judged according to its own merits, regardless of the alleged character flaws of its creators. “I’m not saying I think it’s okay to kidnap underage girls and force them into a life of sex work,” says Minzy. “I’m just saying it’s a really cool song — I love the way they reference the old TV show Rawhide — and it gives an honest depiction of the group’s struggles to make it in today’s world. Mad cred, yo. I mean, I’m a white guy with a college degree — who am I to judge? And besides, this thing is nationwide. Good or bad, San Diego is on the map. Maybe now, we’ll get some respect.”

As of press time, it was unclear whether or not the prosecution would attempt to treat the song as a confession. “They didn’t even change the names,” marveled Duffy. “It’s like they just read the indictment, laid down a beat, and made it rhyme. I just…I don’t even know anymore.”

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