Defendant bites back, sues IRS

Government said Three Rivers Provider Network founder stashed away money

Blaine Pollock
  • Blaine Pollock

In March of last year, a curious lawsuit was filed in superior court against the Internal Revenue Service; the plaintiff was "John Doe Company." Now, two healthcare-related publications, Healthcare IT News and Modern Healthcare, have identified the suing enterprise: Chula Vista's Three Rivers Provider Network.

In June of last year, a federal grand jury indicted Blaine Pollock of Three Rivers on multiple counts of tax evasion, conspiracy, and filing fraudulent tax returns. I have a copy of that indictment. Between 2006 and 2011, Pollock is charged with stashing money in two extremely dubious tax havens: Liechtenstein and Gibraltar.

For example, between 2005 and 2009, Three Rivers transferred $3.8 million to a Gibraltar trust, according to the indictment. Between 2005 and 2010, he transferred big bucks to Liechtenstein, too — almost $4 million to Liechtenstein in 2009 alone. He also sent Three Rivers money to domestic accounts for his own purposes, such as to buy homes and two yachts, according to the indictment.

In March of last year, before the indictment, the John Doe Company suit was filed in superior court, charging that the IRS, without a search warrant or subpoena, took the medical records of 10 million Americans, none of whom were under known criminal or civil investigation.

The IRS refused to return the records, according to the suit, which charges the federal agency with violation of the Fourth Amendment, among other things. A judge has ruled that prosecutors can look for evidence in the seized data.

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Blaine looks like his cuteness means something - I had a cute and well dressed lady on my front porch Friday - she said my husband made 124,000, 20011. Taxes not filed after he passed at the end of that year. She also said I better file by her deadline early Feb. and I owe since we were joint more than 10. I apparently can make payment arrangements and the tax prep guy down the street will file for less but fear never lets up, honesty has the best of me.

shirleyberan: Better hire a tax lawyer to make sure you are not being taken for a ride. Best, Don Bauder

the tax lawyer is waiting for you with the car door open and the motor running to take you for a real ride.

Murphyjunk: Be certain that everyone who appears at your door claiming to be from the IRS or the FBI is for real. Read up on the pigeon drop, one of the oldest scams around. Best, Don Bauder

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Murphyjunk: You are full of good ideas. This is one of them. Best, Don Bauder

want to see the form we ask them to fill out for an appointment ?

Murphyjunk: That's one way to turn them away at the door. Best, Don Bauder

2011, not 20011, would that I could live so long.

shirleyberan: Make absolutely sure that cute and well-dressed lady is not a crook. Best, Don Bauder

justice... charges lichtenstein accounts

The charges were not dropped. Take a look, it is all online. Best, Serendipity777

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