North Park gang members indicted for sex trafficking

Murder, kidnapping, involved, says U.S. attorney

An indictment was unsealed today, January 8, charging 24 North Park gang members and their associates wth running a racketeering conspiracy involving cross-country sex trafficking of underage girls and women as well as murder, kidnapping, robbery, and drug crimes. There were 17 arests this morning and more are expected. Local defendants appear in court tomorrow at 1:30 p.m. before U.S. magistrate judge Barbara Major.

According to the federal grand jury indictment, the primary business of the gang was sex trafficking in 46 cities across 23 states. A group of gangs is involved. Some females were forcefully coerced into prostitution. All of the 60 female sex-trafficking victims, including 11 minors, were offered resources to help them start a new life. The defendants range in age from 22 to 36.

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This is quite an amazing story. The release from the US Attorney's office has startling details. The number of people involved in North Park and the organized approach to cultivating a sense of identity within the group are shocking. Read the release here: http://www.justice.gov/usao/cas/press/2014/cas14-0108-PR_PittmanIndict.pdf

HonestGovernment: Yes, notice that some could get life in prison. And notice they are from a variety of street gangs. Answering the question of Bob Sutten, very few of the names are Hispanic. Best, Don Bauder

too bad the majority of these gangturds were not shot resisting arrest.

Murphyjunk: I see your point, but I would rather have them in custody and force them to talk. Best, Don Bauder

Sad. Modern day slavery. If proven in court, throw the perps in the hole for a long, long time.

ImJustABill: Yes, this is slavery -- no doubt about it. Some could get life sentences, and it sounds like they deserve it. Best, Don Bauder

What about the East Asian sex trafficking that seems to be openly allowed on every street corner in San Diego? How many "massage parlors" are here now 50, 100, 200?

chendri887: Why don't you file an official complaint with the police department? Best, Don Bauder

I think they pay to stay open. lots of unreported cash changing hands in the asian community, not just the massage places.

Murphyjunk: If they pay to stay open, it won't be the first time. Going back to the 19th century, brothels have had to pay money to keep the cops away. The protection racket is similar. Best, Don Bauder

chendri887: Yes, sad, but it has been going on for a long time. And it's not going to stop any time soon. Best, Don Bauder

Don: it was just an offhand comment. I wasn't trying to irk you or anyone else by it. Just something I noticed over the past decade and a half. Something that has definitely increased with the influx of East Asian (mostly Chinese and Korean) immigrants since the 90s. Best.

chendri887: Why did you think your remark would irk me? Usually I report on bigger bucks changing hands under the table, but I don't mind discussing the protection racket. Best, Don Bauder

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