Domestic violence done to city treasury

Why is city official Scott Chadwick arguing for a broader definition of domestic violence?
  • Why is city official Scott Chadwick arguing for a broader definition of domestic violence?

An audit by the office of California controller John Chiang has demanded a refund from the City of San Diego for allegedly overbilling the state for domestic-violence reports required under California law. A state mandate provides funding of local police response to domestic violence reports, but Chiang’s report said the city went too far. “[One hundred eighty six] incident reports were not reimbursable because they were unrelated to domestic violence. The incidents involved issues such as vandalism and court order violations that were not domestic violence,” the auditor’s office wrote in a report addressed to acting mayor Todd Gloria. “The city claimed $1,026,797 for the mandated program,” the document says. “Our audit found that $471,490 is allowable ($480,853 less a $9,363 penalty for filing a late claim) and $555,307 is unallowable.” In a letter of response, the city’s assistant chief operating officer, Scott Chadwick, argued that vandalism should be included in the definition of domestic violence. “The SDPD investigates any and all domestic violence allegations, including violation of court orders between domestic parties and vandalism, as any of these situations could escalate into violence…. Under no circumstances will these audit findings dictate any changes in the SDPD’s response to allegations or reports of any domestic violence.” That’s fine, the auditors replied, but the city still has to come up with the cash to pay for the disallowed vandalism reports. “The State will offset $545,307 from other mandated program payments due the city. Alternatively, the city may remit this amount to the State.”

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