Wizards, Horses, and Weisses: Local bands worth watching in 2014

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Old Man Wizard
  • Old Man Wizard

While adding new and old ensembles to the Local Music Database (now containing over 3,700 band pages), we’ve come across some interesting new groups worth watching in 2014, Here are the top picks, followed by brief summaries of more new band pages.

Old Man Wizard plays metallic prog perfect for a smoked-out fog. Featuring singer/guitarist Kris Calabio and bassist/guitarist/violinist/singer Andre Beller (both of Platypus Egg), along with drummer/keyboardist/singer Francis Roberts, they released their debut full-length Unfavorable in November. A limited edition 12-inch version was released, pressed on clear vinyl with black haze and featuring a poster insert and clear poly sleeve. Checkemout on Saturday, January 4, at Tin Can Ale House in Bankers Hill.



Psychedelic jazz-prog rockers Psicomagia includes members of space-rock bands like Astra and Radio Moscow. The group features Tyler Daughn (Space Nature), Trevor Mast (Paper Forest, Joy), Brian Ellis (Astra), and drummer Paul Marrone, along with resident lyricists Bernard Nunez and Daniel Guttierez. Their self-titled 2013 debut features four lengthy tracks of mostly instrumental trip tunes that sound like nothing so much as LSD on crack.

Brothers Weiss

Brothers Weiss

Hard rock trio Brothers Weiss (founded by former Family Wagon guitarist Ryan Weiss) released their debut single "Light Bulb" a few weeks back. A five song EP Conversations drops January 10 with a release party at the Soda Bar in City Heights.

Sensory Station includes lead singer and guitarist Hunter Levy (Born Tonight, Suicide Chords) and bassist Athan Anas (Hectors Revenge), along with Nic Gentilella (drums, percussion) and Kyle Kuiper (keys, backing vocals). Catch their sonic blending of Deftones, Tool, Metallica, and Queens of the Stone Age on January 21 at the Tin Can. And if you want to see a new act called Marqay, featuring members of Tiger Milk Imports, the Tin Can will bring them onstage January 23.

SevenTrain was founded by players from funksters 24-7 Spyz, hard rockers Cage, and members of Tall and Tourniquet, including Eric Horton (former Cage guitarist) and drummer Joel Maitoza (24-7 Spyz, Shockhead), along with singer Jon Campos (Tourniquet), and guitarist Jef Poremba (Tall).

Orbis, pre-2.0

Orbis, pre-2.0

Orbis 2.0 is actually a reboot of a long-dormant bar band. Orbis Max originally formed in San Diego in the early 1970s, playing covers of songs by the Allman Brothers, Steely Dan, the Eagles, Jackson Browne, and Boz Scaggs. Original members included guitarist Reuben Vigil (later of Big Reub and the Reloaders), guitarist/singer Eric Miller (later of Arrowhead), sax player Jonny Viau (later of King Biscuit Blues Band), Craig Carlstrom, Don Baake, Dick Winter, Dale Breeden, and Eric Miller. Latterday players included Russ Brown and Rev Treptoe. Recently, several members regrouped as Orbis 2.0 to record new original music, with members based in Poway and all over the country and the U.K. Version 2.0 includes Don Baake, Rod Bennett, Bruce Walker (West of 5), and drummer D.W., who plays with San Diego based roots rockers the Sleepwalkers.

Specializing in British and southern rock sounds, Stone Horse was originally known as Carlos Blues Experience, later evolving into Carlos Rock Experience. When singer Danielle Spade joined, they became Stone Horse in December 2012. An new album called Grit drops February 1 at Beaumont's in La Jolla, recorded at Kitsch 'N' Sync studios with Sven-Erik Seaholm engineering, and featuring former Ike Turner drummer Bill Ray.

MiraCosta College Music Professor Christy Coobatis founded AudioLeague around his original music. Initially formed at the Carlsbad Wine Merchant and performing weekly for several years with guest artists, the group has branched out to include a rotating array of San Diego musicicians, including Max Zape, David Owen, Rob Whitlock, Frankie Dee, Rodger First, Chris DeJesus, Bas Hamsa, Amanda Steppe, Josh Peeks, Johnny Vatos Hernandez, Steve Torok, and several string musicians led by Bill Coe and Branden Muresan.

So, do you know or have a band that you’d like to see included in the Local Music Database? To add or edit a page, begin at Band Page Edits.

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Just found out that Seventrain will have a release party for their debut self-titled CD at Brick by Brick on February 14, when they open for the Michael Schenker Group. A playable MP3 sample track from the album was just added to their Reader page - well worth a listen!

The February 14 Seventrain CD release party with Michael Schenker Group has changed venues, from Brick by Brick (which is moving several other upcoming shows while it deals with licensing issues) to Ramona Mainstage. Reportedly, all tickets for the previous venue be honored at the new one.

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