For sale: Tony McCune's yacht at reduced price

Former Karen Wilkening client retired as auto dealer last year

Longtime San Diego auto dealer Richard "Tony" McCune retired in April of last year after selling his National City auto dealership. It had been in his family for 65 years.

Now, a yacht, November Tango, formerly owned by McCune, is on sale for a reduced price. Crow's Nest Yachts advertises "REDUCED AGAIN. Now $1,950,000. Seller wants offers!"

An interview with McCune in the Union-Tribune at the time of his retirement didn't mention his headline-making adventures in the late 1980s. Call-girl-ring madam Karen Wilkening, known as the "Rolodex Madam," had McCune as a customer, according to court testimony. A call-girl told in court of an assignation with McCune that had been arranged through Wilkening, her employer. Wilkening eventually spent time in prison.

At one point, Wilkening fled to the Philippines. She has stated that she took my book, Captain Money and the Golden Girl, with her. Every year, I used to give a speech to the Downtown Lions. One year, she gave a speech to the Lions several weeks before mine. There was a long line of members waiting outside to get in. There never was a line when I spoke, except perhaps to get out the door in a hurry afterward. I tried discussing reverse splits and still couldn't draw a Wilkening-sized audience.

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Hmmm. "November Tango" is, in the military phonetic alphabet, NT. What significance did that have for old Tony? Or was it renamed after he sold it?

Visduh: Tony's old yacht is for sale. He was photographed on it in April of last year. I don't know if it is still his. But it is for sale at a reduced price. Best, Don Bauder

November Tango is named for "Nancy Tony"

Nancy is Mrs. McCune

Ponzi: Believe it or not, while the McCune/Wilkening story was hot, I was giving a speech, and McCune's wife was on the podium next to me. Best, Don Bauder

I don't think Tony sold the yacht yet. In the U-T article from last year Tony is standing on his yacht, November Tango. See link below.

Burwell: Yes, that is the U-T article that I mentioned in the blog item above. The article avoided the subject of Karen Wilkening. Best, Don Bauder

Omitting the scandal from the article was disgraceful. The scandal no doubt boosted Tony's effectiveness as a TV pitchman and boosted his sales. You can't buy publicity like that.

Burwell: You may be right about sales. Only Tony's bean counters would know if business picked up as a result of all that publicity. Best, Don Bauder

Don't know who owned it at the, but 3 or 4 yrs ago it was being offered by a broker in San Diego for around $3 million.

danfogel: So three or four years ago, someone was asking a lacht for the yacht. Best, Don Bauder

But alas, no one bacht. Güte nacht.

Duhbya: I suspected I would be one-uppsed by you, Duhbya. Best, Don Bauder

Moreover, you cast your line, and see what you cacht. Now please excuse me while I remove this hook from my cheek.

Duhbya: This rachten contest has gachten hacht, but witty punsters we are nacht. Best, Don Bauder

Never use your real name when committing crime. Funny how big shots don't know this. The girls know.

Psycholizard: True, but some criminals WANT to go down in history. John Wilkes Booth was one. Best, Don Bauder

Don - I've tried a lot of things but what's a reverse split? And you said you don't know about kinky. Guess I gotta find your book.

shirleyberan: In a reverse split, you turn in, say, five shares of your stock and get one share back. It's usually a method to raise the price of the stock by reducing the number of shares outstanding. But a reverse split does sound like some technique mastered by Marquis de Sade in his bedroom. In the conventional stock split, you get, say, two shares for every one you own. Best, Don Bauder

Darn it. Now that I think about it, I haven't tried that many things. How do you get invited on to the yacht?

shirleyberan: Go to Crow's Nest Yachts and say you are interested in buying November Tango. Best, Don Bauder

does it come with the same phony guarantee as the used cars they sold ?

Murphyjunk: Tony stressed the word "honest" in his ads. He was featured with the dealership's dog, named "Honest." Best, Don Bauder

we made the unfortunate decision to buy a new car from his lot, never again.

Murphyjunk: Sorry to hear that. Were you swayed by the dog named "Honest?" Best, Don Bauder

TV spot I must have missed: "Hi, friends, Tony McCune here. (Strokes pet, ummm, dog, errrrr, canine) You know, over the years, you great folks have given me millions of your hard-earned cash for our cheap autos. And, in turn, I used thousands upon thousands of those dollars to purchase high-class ladies of the evening." (Dog turns head upward and gives McCune a quizzical look) "Honest."

Duhbya: That ad wouldn't have flown on TV. But it might have been "Honest." Best, Don Bauder


by Ponzi

Over 30% off the $2.999 million asking price in 2011.

Ponzi: The ad made it sound like the seller was anxious. This suggests that's true. Best, Don Bauder

They say the two best days in the life of a boat owner are the day you buy the boat and the day you sell the boat. As a sea lover, the best days for me were spent sailing. Perhaps Tony discovered his inner landlubber.

Ponzi: Perhaps. Or he might be moving on to a fancier yacht. Best, Don Bauder

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