Sweetwater district meeting marked by chaos

Four-member board leads to bottlenecking on votes

Debbie Gerlack said expenditure on a consultant would be duplicating the efforts of counselors
  • Debbie Gerlack said expenditure on a consultant would be duplicating the efforts of counselors

Sweetwater Union High School District slid deeper into the tar pit February 18.

After former trustee Arlie Ricasa was obliged to retire in December, the four-member board was unable to come to a consensus on a process or even a meeting time to replace her. (Trustee John McCann went on record supporting a $1.5 million election.)

The allotted 60 days for replacement has come and gone and now the seat, according to board president Jim Cartmill, will remain unfilled until November 2014. Without a swing vote, several important items were bottlenecked.

Also on hand was NBC/Channel 7’s Rory Devine, who did a February 18 story about Castle Park Middle School principal Robert Bleisch. Several speakers during public comment made allegations about Bleisch’s behavior and one teacher, Jennifer Cochrane-Schultz, distributed copies of homophobic illustrations that were allegedly part of a staff news bulletin when Bleisch was principal of Granger Middle School.

Channel 7’s February 18 story said that Bleisch was removed from his principal position while an investigation is being conducted into various allegations; one allegation, according to the story, is misuse of ASB funds.

Several sources have confirmed that Bleisch has resigned — effective June 2014.

Voting gridlock came into play when boardmembers were unable to agree on a location for this year’s high-school graduations. The district wanted to book Sleep Train Amphitheatre and San Diego Convention Center for a total of $94,000.

Trustee Bertha Lopez stated that the County Board of Education has faulted the district for deficit-spending and suggested the district look for alternative dates and locations.

Trustee Pearl Quiñones wanted to know why Southwestern College, which has already reserved their own amphitheater for their own graduation, could not share with Sweetwater.

Trustee McCann asked if the district had looked at Petco or Qualcomm. He also suggested the district look at military facilities; he specifically mentioned the Marine Corps Recruit Depot.

Superintendent Ed Brand said, “How do you continue to build support for a product that you’re producing? Last year we had over 200,000 people attend our graduation ceremonies…. On the one hand, we spent a lot of money to expose the district’s product to a lot of people who left feeling really good about their child or loved one’s success…. So, if you think of it in terms of marketing, if you think of it in terms of showing off your product, if you think in terms of celebrating, then I think that money is very well spent.”

Finally, it was clear there would not be three votes on any one proposal, so the item was pushed to next month.

Three-vote magic (McCann, Cartmill, and Quiñones) did come together for Brand’s proposal to hire a $20,000 consultant to push enrollment for Compact for Success, Alliant University, and Point Loma Nazarene and to ensure more student interest in college and university opportunities.

Debbie Gerlack, a counselor at Hilltop High, opposed the additional expenditure to no avail. Gerlack said counselors already do the work on a daily basis and expenditure on a consultant would be duplicating the efforts of counselors.

At one of the many chaotic points during the evening, when the board appeared not to know the rules for re-taking a vote, Cartmill confided to the audience that the board was not bound by Robert's Rules of Order.

At the end of the meeting, when Brand and the trustees abruptly left the dais, a member of the audience called out to them and said, “You have to make a motion to adjourn the meeting.” Brand called back from the hallway, “No, we don’t.”

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Yes, Ed Brand makes his own rules, because his ego surpasses all legal, moral and ethical boundaries.

What a mess.

Cartmill and McCann lack the wherewithal to stand for anything--despite McCann's frequent self-appointment as Mr. Ethics. Merely because he has been the single unindicted elected member of the school board. I guess that is an accomplishment of sorts, but why not actually do something, McCann?

Cartmill must be hogtied by something. What is it? That $50,000 loan from Ed Brand a few years back? Is that enough to buy loyalty for all time?

What is in it for Ed Brand to rent out Sleep Train Amphitheater?

My guess is that Brand is still angry regarding funding that went to Southwestern College when the state decided to reorganize some of the training funds--so he is not willing to send any money in Southwestern's direction.

There are no higher ideals with Ed Brand. It is money, payback, scheming and dishonesty, all the way.

Can we please get rid of this walking excrescence, before he enriches himself further at our expense, while he continues to damage the school system we are trying to protect?

Last evenings meeting was the icing on the cake. The cake might very well be named 'dysfunction' the icing named 'Ed Brand'.

After the teacher take over of a recent Board meeting Jim Cartmill advised how all future Board meetings would be held. Roberts Rule of Order. Yet at last nights meeting CHAOS WAS THE RULE OF ODER fueled by none other than Ed Brand. When have you EVER heard of a superintendent arrogantly shouting out 'No, we don't have to adjourn a meeting'. The Board, led by Brand, simply stood up and walked off the Dias.

Said principal referred to in this article was Brands perceived 'golden boy'. Tell me Mr. Brand 'how is that working for you now?' Allegations of teachers being made 'to touch' said principal.

One can only imagine what it is going to take for this group to END THE MADNESS.

As one eloquent teacher stated, 'my father always told me when you borrow something you need to return it in better condition than when you took possession of it - it is the responsibility of you Board members to leave the Board seats you are borrowing in better condition than when first sat in them' (paraphrase). Unfortunately that is not happening.

Each and everyone of us has an obligation to do SOMETHING, do ANYTHING to end this madness.

I am looking for a succinct message to be placed on business cards that will direct the community to articles detailing the dysfunction that plagues us and encourages attendance at Board meetings. Our dirty little secret and ALL of those who have proliferated it must be exposed. I will be paying for them and handing them out throughout our community. ANY IDEAS on what that message should be?

Anniej - I realize you are mad as hell, we all are. If you are aiming to raise an 'angry army' you need to be prepared to tell them what you want them to do once they get angry too. People are busy and have limited adrenalin for causes, as worthy as they may be. You might want to consider including some contact info that people can use to sign up to receive more info, or refer them to the Reader stories and blogs, until we know exactly how many seats will be open in November and which, if any, will be newly-created designated area seats.

It is important to include a 'call to action' in any effort to get the public rallied about the perfidy at SUHSD...otherwise, the effort is largely wasted.

You might want to start with the word CORRUPTION within a red circle and a slash mark though it. HAD ENOUGH CORPUTION AT SWEETWATER DISTRICT? JOIN THE EFFORT TO RESTORE OUR SCHOOLS TO HONEST LEADERSHIP. YOU CAN HELP STOP THE CROOKS WHO ARE NOW IN CHARGE OF OUR SCHOOLS. List an email or phone number where folks can 'join' the cause. You can use the other side of the card/flyer to have bullet points with some of the most egregious issues...begin with the missing $$$; the indictments; etc.etc.

Just to not be accused of never criticizing your normally factual articles, the amount for the consultant was only $20,000. Please do not take that wrong, the fact we already have the Counselors who do that job everyday, it's another fabulous waste but what's another $20 Grand of Taxpayers money to Ed and the Board.

On another note, as I reviewed the February Financials (Item K5 Back-up) I found a couple of very interesting things:

From May of 2013 The district has been borrowing up to $48 Million at a time from Fund 49 (MelloRoos, CFD). When reviewing this I found a couple of very disturbing things

  1. We are currently receiving 0.0779% interest – Ms. Michel says that is the rate the County Board of Education would lend the district money.
  2. Repayment and reborrowing: for example repayments totaling $18 M on 8/27/13 & A new Loan of $25M on 8/28/13, question is this to bilk the mello fund out of the meager interest it’s due?
  3. Total interest paid to the mello fund for various amounts over 7 months was $43,108.

By my simple math $48M at 1% interest for 7 months in a Bank would have earned $280,000 (vs. $43,108 paid by district)

Again Dr. Brand, & Ms. Russo have been telling us this is Free/Cheap money available for use by the district at its disgression.

I counter that that each bond issue the mello funds should be paying off are sitting at 3-5% interest.

This makes every dollar not reinvested back into paying off the Mello Debts or reinvested back into CFD Infrastructure really costing us the Taxpayer, 4-6% annually. (To float the district) This translates back to $1.92M - 2.88M per year of costs or lost income to the Mello Funds.

A second issue arises in The Planning and Facilities Budget (Item M1 Back/up).

Not to mention the mistakes in math etc. in the Plan, which I told the board about.

Review Page 2, Prop O active projects, note the number of prop O projects that have CFD listed under Other Funding,

Bonita Vista High ( a non-CFD Facility) 25% of the HVAC & Track upgrades, an unknown Percentage of other upgrades.

63% of the Technology upgrades are going against CFD Funds, $2.6M of $4.1M, I thought the CFD Schools had the highest level of Tech available?

If the District wants to play percentages by enrollment shouldn’t general funds or Prop O dollars pay the 30% plus of the general upkeep, expansion and wear/tear on CFD Schools by non-CFD Students.

Just a couple of observations for the districts own documentation.

By the way, I brought this to the attention of the two ladies on the Board and Ms. Quniones said "What am I supposed to do about it?" I answered her, "It's your job to protect the financials of the District as a Trustee, do your job!"

Best to all, BBQ, CAVE

Until the residents of the various Mello-Roos districts go down to the district offices with their pitchforks and torches and rout out the demons and devils who are raiding our Funds, the powers that be will continue to rip us off.

I have yet to hear the discussion on the consultant / recruiter, but $ 200,000? Don't we pay the Superintendant $ 240,000? What is the basis for that salary range? What salary range do we pay our counselors, who do the same thing?

BBQ, thanks for the notification on the correction.

However, even $ 20,000 for an additional someone to focus on what the counselors already encompass is still ridiculous.

Thanks to those of you that attended and continue to hold the district and administration accountable. An example of how your actions are working - Ed Brand pulls item K.1 asking for an ok to hire ex CFO Dianne Russo for $60k for 6 months of consulting. She of course is alleged to be the mastermind behind many of the financial schemes that have occurred at the district over the years. By the way, it appears she has been on the job since Dec 2013 working as a consultant. Since the item was pulled, I wonder how Ed is going to justify paying her for 2.5 months of work?

A few of you have commented on the Audit - item K.9. Boy, the results are appalling! They find a systemic failure of district leadership, with findings that include misuse of funds, improper reporting and inapproriate claims, internal control deficiencies, questionable or inappropriate expenditures, lacking appropriate documentation, etc! It's not just a few instances where this has been found, it is throughout the entire audit of several departments!! Any other organization, public or private, would have grounds to fire their CEO just based on these findings. Only at the Sweetwater Union High School District, where the Sweetwater Wayis practiced is this allowed.

Let me also point out item M6 - The Growth Management Oversight Report to the City of CV. The eastside schools, especially Eastlake High and Middle, are severly overcrowded and will be so for the next 5 + years. The following eastside schools are overcrowded: Eastlake Middle and High, Otay Ranch and Olympian High, and Rancho Del Rey Middle. Notice that some of these schools have only 70% of the kids attending the school to live in the neighborhood these schools were intended to service. Why is this? Because Ed Brand opened district boundaries, and there has been a flight from the westside schools. The enrollment at every single west side school has declined, and enrollment at the eastside schools has increased. Enrollment in the district as a whole has increased by 13%, and all of those kids are going to eastside schools. The solution is that Charter Schools will relieve overcrowding until Middle School 12 and/or HS 14 are built and open in 2017. Are you kidding - charter schools are the answer?! How about reinstituting school boundaries, focusing on the needs of the neighborhood schools to get them out of Program Improvement and giving kids a a reason to want to attend those school.

To much bad stuff going on in this district, with poor leadership by Ed Brand, Jim Cartmill and John McCann!!!

Oh BBQ, you're so particular about those numbers. You were even complaining last night about some silly million dollar mistake in the Prop O chart.

You're right, there's a mix up in the numbers and will be fixed shortly. Thanks for reading closely.

By the way, did you say last night there was a meeting coming up with the district regarding Mello-Roos?

Susan, The meeting is Tuesday, Feb 25 at 6:00 at District office, I think in the Board Room, wouldn't it be great if we over filled the place?

I was tempted to hold my analysis posted above for the meeting but it would be great to have Ms. Michel (Ms. Russo?) use this as a chance to research it and answer to the issue.

I have asked her to bring the demographics of students at the Eastside CFD schools to find out how many non-neighborhood students there are in each school to see what the district's financial responsibility lies. Oh, I am not against students and families looking for the best for themselves, but wonder why in this district cannot solve the Program Improvement issues so their home school is a viable choice!

I have to thank/curse Ms. Russo for getting me involved with the district about 4 years ago, when I asked her about the value/cost of money, and she told me every dollar was equal, sorry I think my last post shows they're not.

Hi Ed, et.al. BBQ, CAVE

oskidoll - I Thank You for your excellent suggestions.

I do not feel like I have the right 'to tell people what 'I' want them to do'. I simply want to raise awareness of the issues and then it is up to the individual to follow their own compass.

My call to action is really quite simple, SHOW UP and be educated, these are, after all their children!!!

In truth I believe we are more DISAPPOINTED than anything else, terribly disappointed. How could soooo many be sooo disappointed by sooooo few?, because they are elected officials who swore to act in the best interests of 'our children' and have obviously failed to do so.

Susan, the meeting On Mello Roos that BBQ mentioned is a continuation of a series of meetings a group of us parents started with ex CFO Al Alt. These meetings have produced a bit more transparency from the district on the Mello Roos, but work remains. We will be meeting with interim CFO Karen Michel next week.

Thanks anniej...but you DO have the opportunity, by passing out information about the mess, to enlist others in the effort to right the ship! My point is that if you are going to go to the effort to raise awareness, give the folks some tools to use to help make it better. You'll not be telling them what to do, you will be helping them find the pathways to do so.

They ultimately will make their own decisions, but better informed individuals are better citizens.

I think you can suggest that they attend the board meetings (put the dates and times on the card, or include the board docs e-address); you can suggest that they become more informed about upcoming board vacancies (how would they do that?)....just making someone 'aware' of some failure will likely not take root unless they have some ideas about how to proceed when the opportunities come.

"So, if you think of it in terms of marketing, if you think of it in terms of showing off your product, if you think in terms of celebrating, then I think that money is very well spent.”  -  Superintendent Ed Brand

Marketing? Products?  While there certainly are business aspects to running a school district, to discuss students and their achievements as commodities to be marketed exposes the root of Sweetwater's problems. Brand sees himself as the CEO of a corporation rather than an educational leader. An uprooting is way overdue.

Absolutely. Brand has completely lost touch with what his responsibilities really are, because he is so focused on "churning" the educational dollars into revenue streams for himself and all his friends.

We really need to dig into his finances, as I am sure he has been--at the very least--skimming from the district for quite some time.

johndewey, While I agree with your premise, I cannot agree that Ed runs the district as CEO. Modern corporations adapt, yes even General Motors and Chrysler, to the demands of the customer and the economy(Bailout and all)! Ed has always seen the world as only he can, in his best interest.

This district has yet to adapt to the fact that the US economy and especially that of Chula Vista is just coming out of a severe depression (approx. 6 years). Ed of all people should recognize this ie. the L st. debacle.

4 years ago I accused Ms. Russo and the adminstration of being Fat, Dumb and Happy.. with regards to the budget. They never saw the slowdown of the Real Estate bubble, leaving a District with blotted/overblown programs such as the current ASB issues, Vice principal level advisors and nearly $500,000 budgets, managed by educators and students, to be exploited by unscruplious (sp) adminstrators (CPM?).

I do believe that the district is a business, it's tools are the teachers and it's product is the students. The public are both the investors and the customers. Ed has never realized this situation and embraced the public and openness as a good policy for success, as he fights the interested public, he fights his customers and investors (Good policy?) .

As I stated above, Ed really is not much of a Businessman, Mechanic or an Educator, as he does not really know his customer/investor, tools or products.

Ready to debate with Ed, FoEd & Ms. Russo.


Honest to goodness. Is everything a sham and hype with these people? Does ed sell overpriced blenders at the County Fair? People are not impressed with the quality of education because a graduation ceremony is held in any particular fancy place. Where does that idea come from?

It comes from Ed's version of reality which is somewhere in outer space!

The Southwestern College stadium is a public facility, and available for use for modest charges. It is used regularly by Bonita Vista High School for graduations. I think it seats more than 10,000, and parking is ample.

Yes, but Fast Eddy is mad at them because of the reallocation of dollars about two years back. He really got into a snit over that, yelling at some SWC people and stomping around. So he is not willing to pay them any fees for use of the stadium, as he is that petty and vindictive...when this was a state of California decision!

But Fast Eddy takes money very personally, and when I say that, I mean it in every possible way.

Fat, dumb and happy. I'm not going there, but certainly could. Bobby Boy Bully is gone but not forgotten, as this is the story of Eddy Brand gone rotten. Last night's meeting was quite something. Maybe the first time the message has touched a bit? I adore my little products. Most of us could go in the private sector and make a lot more cash, but we are NOT greedy grubbers like our big boss. We believe in education and students. We are not into self aggrandizement or pretending bling, in this case iPads, automatically makes students do better. The absence of leadership is tragic. The presence of scary bad leadership is even worse. Getting rid of Bleisch is a good step, but long strides are needed.

"Trustee McCann asked if the district had looked at Petco or Qualcomm. He also suggested the district look at military facilities; he specifically mentioned the Marine Corps Recruit Depot."

Why not try Madison Square Garden John? Or perhaps the venue used for the Sochi Opening Ceremonies.

What about parents who don't have transportation to such locations? What the hello is wrong with their own schools stadiums?

So the largest of our stadiums can't handle the size of the crowds of the larger schools. Use the Sleeptrain Ampitheater for the larger schools, and try using the Olympian or Otay Ranch (whichever had the largest capacity) for the smaller schools. Move Southwest and Mar Vista over the the larger schools. How hard is that?

Mr. Brickley: laughter brings us all together. You Sir have started my day off with a bang!

Much humor but, point well taken!!!!!!!

"Superintendent Ed Brand said, “How do you continue to build support for a product that you’re producing? Last year we had over 200,000 people attend our graduation ceremonies…. On the one hand, we spent a lot of money to expose the district’s product to a lot of people who left feeling really good about their child or loved one’s success…. So, if you think of it in terms of marketing, if you think of it in terms of showing off your product, if you think in terms of celebrating, then I think that money is very well spent.”

You're right about one thing Ed, you did spend a lot of money. Well spent? On that I beg to differ.

The issue, is the large number of attendees. When a community member recommended issuing a certain amount of tickets per senior the District balked - perhaps Brand has promised McCann free access to the voters in exchange for continued employment.

We have no money for our students or teachers, yet seem to have a ton of it for consultants and venues. Where is the fiscal conservative in McCann? - he is still looking for it.

Wow, those that are running against McCann LOVING THIS - McCann has about as much chance in winning a Council seat as I do in winning Miss America.

As I reread my last comment about Managing the district as a Business, I question Mr. Brand's favorite accomplishment/program "Compact for Success". Let's look at ROI (Return On Investment). Out of 45,000 Students approx. 1000 apply or recieve recognition (Accceptance) into SDSU, a little over 2%, Oh we have 19 students at Alliant (0.04%) we have equalivant of at least one adminstration person working full time on this, ($140,000/ year with benefits), we have counselors, adminstrators, projects in schools that push this program.

The district spends an a lot of time and effort to promote college, yet we still have schools in Program Improvement, one in its 12th year, 3 generations of high school students, and 16 years of effected students.

The district does not interface well with the primary post high school education sources, the community college districts, where a majority of our students go weather its because of financials or grades or lack of preparation in the Sweetwater Schools

I have yet to hear of any information about the local trade schools from the district, unless you consider Alliant University a "Trade School".

Our district, the board and Mr. Ed Brand certainly do not know who their customer is and what the output product should be.

To use a portion of a Quote from former principal Bliesch, many people in charge of the district are: "...Elite Extreamists..." who only see the world as they want to, or feel their path is the only or best path... College bound...

Why have they lost the goal of Education, the joy of learning, and the openness/desire to explore the world outside the realitively small world of Accademia?

My answer is that's all they know, little or no real world experience, staying inside their North County Walled Houses, keeping the doors shut on 5th St., adding additional security at the new adminstration building.

"Let them eat cake" seems to be the attitude around there, remember what happened to Marie Antoinette....

So rather than being a first adopter (i-pads) we should be using proven techniques, use Continous improvement rather than Radical Change (CPM Charter), and a revised "Lean" management system to maximise level and output of our "Product", educated students with a desire and ability to accomplish their goals and achieve/create Great things.

Please to the public and the District, a little soul searching for what the Districts real goals are and should be, a little reflection on what works and what does not, remember a bad policy or program is only truely bad if you don't learn something from it. Use these things as criteria for selecting replacements to the Board of Trustees in November, use some of this as idea and discussion starters for yourself and with friends, take back the District from the "...elite extreamists.." who are in control now.


I am embarrassed to see my school district spread across the airways with accusations of sex scandals. Jim you are looking mighty weak.

The issues with Bobby B. are well known. This is not the first time he has been the subject of accusations. Previous issues were reported to Susie Mitchell and ignored.

I wonder when the cavalry of friends and family will come to support Mr. Bleisch and chastize folks for being unkind to him and his minions.

Misuse of ASB funds???

You mean like Diego "clerical error" O'choa and Abe Jimenez???

I was surprised to see Mayor Cox at the board meeting. How refreshing to hear a bit of common sense from someone who knew what she was talking about.$ 130,000 is a small investment for our students and parents for the services they get. Why Brand is attempting to start his own family resource center makes no sense at all. It will be interesting to see how the votes shake out on this matter.

Yes, this might be an indication that Mayor Cox does want the position of Superintendent of Sweetwater...and if so, she is really going to have to dig in and show her commitment to bringing an end to "business as usual".

We can't rely on promises any more. Look where that has gotten us.

As far as Brand starting a district resource center, i would venture to guess it is to have control of even more district money. Just think, with the Local Control Funding Formula, as well as Charters, before and after school programs, partnerships with private colleges, and access to Prop O, Mello Roos and ASB funds, he is trying to solidify his empire!

One person I know that worked with Bobby Blight was that he used bullying tactics like former CPH principal Diego "clerical error" O'choa.

That said, another source tells me the "ladies" in the main office of CPM are quite rude.

Yes, sometimes the 'gatekeepers' take on the persona of the heads--in a way it a type of self-preservation. They protect those above them from all those unwanted inquiries, and in turn, feel secure in their position.

It all helps to create that stonewalling, of which Fast Eddy is so fond. It isn't just CPM, by the way.

correction--in a way it is a type of self-preservation...

Aligning with a dysfunctional organization ends up messing with people's minds in all sorts of negative ways.

It will take some strong and intelligent leadership to bring Sweetwater out of this. Getting rid of the real problems, and trying to work with what is still salvageable...I am wondering if Bill Kowpa is available, because it will take someone with that kind of background to eradicate all the disaster zones within Sweetwater.

There have to be better options than Kowba.

Real leadership thrives in an office like that. I don't approve of personal, sentimental items on the desks of my secretaries. People coming should not feel warm and welcome because it invites chatter and laziness among the faculty. Sign in, get your mail and leave promptly. Go do your job.

One bully down. Ed Brand and Cathy Lawless to go.

Mayor Cox recommends new leadership for the district. Teachers are organizing for a strike vote. Did these "leaders" really think they'd get away with destroying our district without a fight? What hubris!

OOTT, With Mayor Cox soon to be Former Mayor Cox, is she bucking to become the next Superintendent? The timing does not quite line up... Ed's contract in Oct, Elections in November and mayorhood ending in Dec?

While I firmly agree that new Leadership is needed, I am not in favor of South Bay Political Musical Chairs. We have seen too much cronyism, strange deals, nepotism and dare I say incest within our political arena.

New leadership is needed weather it's at Sweetwater or the local City Councils, Definition of an Idiot is doing the samething over and over and expecting a different result. Time for change.


Completely agree with BBQ about Cox. I do not believe Cheryl Cox has any background in secondary education. Further, she has had ample time to use her current bully pulpit as Mayor to help bring sunshine on the perfidy at Sweetwater, but has not uttered a peep until now....one must wonder why! All the reasons she just now cited for her sudden concern about the state of the District were valid when the DA's investigation began, when the indictments came down, etc.etc. if not before when there was plenty of discussion about the corruption. How long have so many district schools been on 'improvement' needed status? For several years as I recall, and NOW she wakes up and NOW she has concerns about the ramifications of the SUHSD disintegration on our city's quality of life? Too little, too late me thinks!

Regardless of the timing, FINALLY, a political leader has stepped forward and gone on record stating CHANGE is needed at SUHSD and Ed brand has got to go.

While I am not a Chula resident I do own property there. I have found Mayor Cox to be responsive to my concerns as a property owner in the city. We do not 'know' each other and quite frankly I am a nobody. Yet I have indeed been impressed when she personally has returned phone calls on issues to listen - not always agree, but she respected me enough to listen.

Just my opinion.

I hope SL Is OK. I am ready to make videos for candidates you describe. No going back. She must be compiling facts. BBQ tell me how to help.

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