Surf rage at Swami’s: board used as weapon?

Kern Glaubitz admits to “making criminal threats"

Surfer Kern Vincent Glaubitz was charged with assault with a deadly weapon — a surfboard — by the San Diego County District Attorney’s office on January 15. After being held in custody two weeks, Glaubitz made a plea deal.

“All of the victims and witnesses are regulars to Swami’s in Encinitas,” said prosecutor Matthew Greco, noting there are “two separate victims.”

“[Glaubitz] attacked one with a surfboard and threatened to kill the other — all in the water,” the prosecutor alleged.

The famous surf spot has its own Wikipedia page, where it notes “the highly competitive nature of the crowd” that surfs Swami’s.

In his plea deal, 48-year-old Glaubitz admitted “making criminal threats,” according to a statement from the prosecutor. “Part of the plea agreement includes a stay-away [order] from the beach,” the deputy district attorney said.

Glaubitz is described as six feet tall and 200 pounds on the sheriff’s website, and he has been held without bail since January 13. Glaubitz is on calendar to be sentenced in San Diego’s North County Superior Courthouse on February 27.

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So he's been in the slammer for a month now, unable or unwilling to make bail, and it sounds as if the judge didn't like the idea of an OR release. Figured he'd just go back there and start playing rough again. He'll probably get probation and be released with time already served. But maybe, just maybe, he'll do some more jail time. What will it take to get his attention? 48 years old is a little long in the tooth for a guy who flies into rages, unless he's a meth user. But if he started getting territorial thirty years ago, he's had plenty of time to hone his bullying techniques and probably thought he could keep doing it forever.

Too bad there was no pic of this aged surf rat to go with the story.

He's probably got a 19-year-old girlfriend/cash cow he needs to impress...

Thanks for the photo. He has that "surfer dude" look down pat. Actually, I'll bet plenty of women think he's really good looking. Too often the surfers who are his age look plenty weathered, beat up, and grizzled. That's what I'd expected. No obvious sign of meth use, either. Oh, well.

Kern Glaubitz was in court yesterday, February 27, for sentencing. "One of the two victims addressed the court," said prosecutor Matthew Greco. The aggressive surfer was sentenced to 120 days local custody (jail) and 3 years formal probation. And the judge ordered him to stay away from Swami's beach.

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