Castle Park Middle School principal punches back!!

“Who is this Susan luzzaro bitch?!”

U.S. secretary of education Arne Duncan and principal Robert Bleisch at Castle Park Middle School
  • U.S. secretary of education Arne Duncan and principal Robert Bleisch at Castle Park Middle School

Throughout 2013, the Reader reported on Castle Park Middle School’s extracurricular priorities: recruiting Sweetwater students to Alliant, a costly private university; extending the Steven Hawking charter school into the Castle Park Middle site; questionable spending for secretary of education Arne Duncan’s visit; squabbling with SBCS/Promise Neighborhoods about money and data-sharing.

A series of emails, recently acquired by the Reader through a public-record request, demonstrate how far Castle Park principal Robert Bleisch will go in order to keep himself aligned with Sweetwater superintendent Ed Brand’s agenda.

In an August 14 email to Sweetwater human resources director Sandra Huezo, Bleisch complains that a staff member “is contacting a certain board member with false and misleading accusations and this is causing a lot of distraction that is taking us away from moving the school forward….

“I have grown increasingly concerned that given the climate in the community re Alliant and other things these accusations by ——— have the potential to take on a life of their own and put at risk the following very positive district initiatives: Alliant, Promise Neighborhoods (Arne Duncan’s visit in September), Partnership with SBCS, Hawkin [sic] Charter and the potential move to charter by CPM.”

Bleisch goes on to ask Huezo “consider an alternative plan for dealing with” the staff member “that includes having her placed at another location even if on an interim basis (until after the Arne Duncan visit and the Alliant situation gets resolved).”

Duncan’s visit and the beginnings of Sweetwater’s “Arne-gate” began on September 4, when the Reader published a story about Castle Park Middle’s expenditures in preparation for the secretary of education’s visit.

After the article, it appears Bleisch spearheaded a counterattack.

At 6:00 on September 4, Bleisch wrote to Kevin Bieser about “Sec. Duncan Story in SD Reader.” Beiser is a teacher at Castle Park Middle and also a trustee on the San Diego Unified School District board.

Bleisch asks Beiser: “Please help set the record straight.”

At 6:04 he wrote to Richard Grove, a teacher at Castle Park Middle — again with “Subject: Fwd: Sec. Duncan Story in SD Reader.”

Bleisch tells Grove, “Enough is enough!! Time to punch back!! Please get as many people as possible set [sic] the Record straight.”

Whether or not these two responded to Bleisch’s appeal for help is unknown; however, there are a number of supportive comments under the story.

On September 5, Bleisch wrote from his district email to Granger teacher Maria Galleher. (Bleisch transferred to Castle Park from Granger.)

“FYI-could use a little support right now :)”

Galleher responds from her private email at 7:05. “Who is this Susan luzzaro bitch?!”

Bleisch texts back: “SD Reader, friend of the white elite negative extremists in CV.”

On the evening of September 5, a person with the initials “MEG” writes a comment. She opens with:

“I’m afraid the enduring values of journalism are shifting in the digital age. What happened to the norms of objectivity? The bias in this ‘article’ is blatant. Most reputable news directors would provide clear standards for their reporters, like NAME YOUR SOURCES.”

From September 4 on, the article attracted many new commenters favorable to Bleisch. One commenter wrote, “Only teachers and counselors who refuse to work hard complain about him.”

A recurring defense for the district regarding Castle Park Middle and Arne Duncan was that there was no additional spending or sprucing. Commenters on the September 4 article are insistent on the point as well. However, emails and invoices in a Reader story titled “Sweetwater spends big on Arne Duncan” illustrate facts to the contrary, with Bleisch’s own words.

Huezo did not fulfill Bleisch’s request to have the “distracting” staff member temporarily transferred. During the past several months I have been contacted by at least five teachers and/or staff members from Castle Park Middle alleging mistreatment under the current administration.

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He is a puppet for the superintendent that is incompetent on his best day. Sweetwater is spoiled from the top. A money trail links some top level admin. He has transferred union reps for the last five years in order to push his agendas. His current staff could not even meet on campus for their union meetings for fear of retaliation. He has verbally and mentally abused staff. When a teacher went public of FAcebook she was called in and reprimanded when her statement was protected under a union activity. Beiser self promotes himself with the union while in bed with the enemy. No surprise here. Self interest is their moto. We need to clean house and remove this corrupt infestation.the fact that a charter school is being created instead of working on the current campus that he works at is absurd and only proved that he is pushing a Ed Brand agenda to profit off a education. They want to empower parents with a right to choose a new school when they should be empowering parents to choose a better superintendent and a school board that can save the school that their child is currently attending!!!! This principal needs to be transferred out of our system along with the superintendent and the admin connected to his corrupt pocket line.

Teachers who speak out against the culture of corruption are targeted in SUHSD. There are at least two pending cases right now. Responsible journalists, such as Ms. Luzzaro, do not place her sources in a position where they could face retribution. Employees in this district are grateful to her for publicizing the out of control wrongdoing and share information because they trust her integrity and concern for the welfare of employees and students. These emails are pretty condemning evidence to use against this principal if this brave teacher is involuntarily transferred or harassed.

Wow, this is the first time I've ever been called an extremist, as a moderate republican, midwesterner I might have to give up my middle-class card....

Mr. Bliesch your record of teacher and site adminstration transfers, ASB Monies, self-promotion does not give one the confidence that your not just being self-serving in this Charter School Transformation process.

My sources say you and Ed are cut from the same cloth ... You both are bullies, surround yourselves with yes men, bad mouth or try to silence the opposition and have never come out to explain to the public why all of these "Great" things... "...very positive district initiatives: Alliant, Promise Neighborhoods (Arne Duncan’s visit in September), Partnership with SBCS, Hawkin [sic] Charter and the potential move to charter by CPM.”..." are "Great" and continue to be completed in the Vacuum of SUHSD Adminstration with little or no public input or discussion, many without Board approval?

The Board, if you can call it that, is at least as culpable in the lack of information coming to the public, completely at fault for allowing the Superintendant and staff to run without guidance or limits and finally rubber stamping agenda items without proper vetting.

This series of cover up, I'm smarter than the world, bad mouthing e-mail tracks again do not give a great representation of youself or your program. If you cannot stand up and explain the purpose, plans and need for CPM to become Charter, why should anyone support it?.

A great leader leads people into "new" uncharted territory with vision, agreement and guidence, not bullying, coersion and name-calling.

Open discussion is a great thing and you may find there is more agreement and assistance by being open and accepting. Even from some of the " white elite negative extremists from Chula Vista!

As Socrites (I Think) said " A wise man knows what he doesn't know" and thus seeks out others to assist him.

Peace to you, BBQ. CAVE, Citizens Active for Value in Education

Thank you for the correct spelling, I R an engineer, not historian, Oh you missed my YOUR that should have been you're. BBQ


'Who is this Susan Luzzaro b----' 'Friend of the white elite extremists'

And these educators/administrators are in our District, paid by our tax dollars? Don't it just make you proud?

It is a sad day when an Administrator brings racial connotations to the issue. Perhaps Mr. Bleisch might want to do his research regarding those he calls white extremists - there are some Latinas/Latinos and African American in that group he refers to,

One would like to think that our Board President Jim Cartmill would step in and take steps to removing such individuals, not for what they have said, as they are protected by free speech, but for their aggregious acts relative to efforts and spending that take away from Public Education.

What more needs to happen for Ed Brand to be removed. He encourages acts like those Mr. Bleisch perpetrates because they suit his objectives. Bleisch is following so close behind Brand that if Brand took a misstep they would both fall.

IF I had a student in Ms. Galleher's class yesterday, they sure would not be in her class today. You see I tend to respect teachers, I see them as an important tool for this Nation staying great. Rather than calling Ms. Luzzaro such a degrading name she should be spending her free time ridding our District of the 'Chicago like' personnel and tactics. Shame on you Ms. Galleher!

This is yet another embarrassment, just look at who we have given charge over our children to?

Ms. Luzzaro, the community respects you and your efforts, I hope you know that!!!!

I respect Susan and think of her as a friend. But after reading this article and the subsequent comments, I had to call her. She was kind enough to listen to my earnest defense and praise of the "Mother Theresa" of parenting and teaching, Maria (Murphy) Galleher. It was a very long speech.

I have had the privilege of being a friend and neighbor of Maria's for 14 years.Maria is a beloved teacher, a great mother, and a model citizen. She gives of her time and talents while modestly refusing attention or praise. Sadly, if you Google her name after this article was published, only mean-spirited comments tell her story.

Maria has been like an older sister to Bobby Bleisch since they were young. Bobby would go to the Murphy home after school for snacks, homework help, and to play sports with her three athletic brothers. Two of Maria's brothers and two of Maria's sisters-in-law are also South Bay educators and very fine people.

At Granger Middle, Maria and Bobby's mutual trust and professional admiration for one another gave them confidence to try a new idea. They had high hopes and expectations for the students at Granger, They transformed a glorified after school babysitting service into an academic safety net. Their program had its critics, but the results included better test scores and a clear understanding by students about how essential it is to complete one's homework.

Bobby was promoted to Castle Park and proceeded to implement a similar program. Castle Park was also benefitting from a special program grant (which has been cause for unnecessary criticism, in my opinion). I don't think Bobby was part of the original grant, but as it should have a great impact on students at his school, I'm sure he probably supports it. Kevin Beiser transferred from Granger to Castle Park. Kevin is a "Teacher of the Year" in mathematics. A bonus for Castle Park Middle and a loss for Granger, in my opinion.

Susan and I both agree that if Mr. Bleisch had met with her and answered her questions directly, Susan would not have had to interpret the story from 400+ emails. Who knows why Bobby didn't meet with Susan. Is there a gag order on administrators? Personally, I think they should be media trained and granted some leeway in responding to questions about their school sites to the press. I think that Susan would have walked away from an informational meeting with Bobby and would have been inspired by his enthusiasm for education.

I have personally never heard Maria use foul language. I am sorry to admit that I have used the "B" word myself a time or two. Maria doesn't know Susan. But if the two ever meet, I would wager that they would truly like and respect one another. Maria's email to Bobby was as a close personal friend - a friend trying to jest, lighten the mood, show her support for her buddy who was being ill-portrayed in the press. I think Susan knows that now.

Thank you for reading this.

Can't we all just get along?

Jill has a few good points, I will admit. Trying to get along, getting the story straight from the source instead of trying to "interpret" the story from 400+ emails. (Reminds me of the joke, if a man says something that has two meanings and a woman is offended by one of them, he meant the other meaning.)

Sadly, getting the straight story from many in this district leaves something to be desired. Recent examples: Southwest High School dirt pile. District claimed it didn't know where it came from. Brand said so in news interview. Yet they had the documents showing where it came from and who approved it.

More recently, fire alarms not working. Public is told that systems are working. 10 News finds out hundreds of devices not working. Public is told we didn't need Fire Watch personnel walking around monitoring sites. Then, lo and behold, yes we did.

At Castle Park Middle, the students have made great gains. Teachers and staff made great efforts, and those improvements attracted the attention of Duncan. Bravo CPM!

However, District claimed it didn't spend anything extra to improve schools appearance for Duncan's visit. (This is where I first noticed story.) Yet, those emails state otherwise. Thousands for a stage purchase (which could have been rented or borrowed from another location), paint over windows (Why..just why!), etc. Also included was Bleish requesting authorization of data exchange for grant money. How do you feel about these items? Releasing private contact info without parental consent for money.

And why was the air circulation in the cafeteria all of a sudden important? Why wasn't this already addressed? As part of the Prop O builds? The students had to suffer until a VIP visit occurred?

I appreciate the fact Jill wants to stand up and defend her friends. I notice she claims she has never heard Maria swear. (Not a crime, though teachers are held, sometimes unfairly, to a higher standard.) Though she has never heard Maria swear, why would she assume it was "in jest, to lighten the mood"? It's not as if she did that often.

As I have said in other posts, I would love to see that email trail myself so I can see the 'Context' of the conversations.

Continuing, I do appreciate improvements to the school.

I heard a recent example, if you have a restaurant where the food is exquisite, but the place smells of sewage, do you try to make the food better, or clear out the bad smell? Improvements to the environment would make the experience greatly improved.

But in this instance, don't try to hide the fact that you aren't trying to impress the VIP instead of making this truly about helping the students. I mean, come on....why didn't the principal make an effort to get the fans in cafeteria working BEFORE Duncan's visit, not because of it?

Wow, Susan thanks again for putting your self out there for this community,and reporting the truth. This community is grateful to you and hope you continue to be the voice of truth. Mr. Bleisch has always been known as a self serving bully with his own agenda. He has teachers that do his bidding transfer to the school where he is principal. He's not respected or taken seriously by anyone but Brand, and that's only because he's to ignorant to know Brand is using him. Expect more pro we love Bobby blogs because this article and PDF file will send him in search of more people to blog on his behest. Prepare for the storm he will try to stir up for you. Thanks again gal for your candor and honest reporting. A supposed white elitist fan. Tom Calhoun calls us "those people" Brand calls us the Cave People,what's next?

Mr. Bleisch, as an administrator and leader of young minds in this district, quite frankly I am appalled by your words and actions. While my children are not in your school (lucky you!!), i have family in the CPM area whose elementary aged children will likely attend CPM. Although I dont know you, your words and actions are well known in the district. The stories I have read about you certainly track with what people that know and work for you say.

As others have indicated, your leadership style of intimidation and bullying is from a bygone era. Your tactics of dishonesty and lack of transparency remind us of Ed Brands style. Although you perceive that the CPM community will be fooled by your style and tactics, dont count on it! Like the undue pressure that has been placed on Brand, you are starting to and will continue to feel it also.

When you treat people badly, and are not honest and open, we clearly see it! Like with Brand we see this in you! The South Bay community has awoken and we will not let your and Brands style and tactics continue to be used on us parents, teachers, community members and students!

You have probably heard Brand is leaving in September (we hope sooner!). Your time is up as well. We will not allow your type to continue to intimidate, bully and mislead South Bay residents. You are on our radar!!

By the way, I am not a white elite negative extremist. I am a hispanic business professional who went to CVESD and SUHSD schools, have two children in the district, and am moderate in my political views. What I am an elite negative extremist on are the style and tactics you and Brand use as you try to push your agendas on our students, teachers, parents and community.

If ever there a reason to support the K-8 move in Chula Vista...Bobby just gave those parents another.

Keep your sense of humor Susan, you're a rock star! That's what good 'ol boys call women when they know you're challenging and smarter than they are, and don't know any big words.

"Galleher responds from her private email at 7:05. “Who is this Susan luzzaro bitch?!”

Maria Galleher, yes you Maria, teacher at Grainger Middle. Is this how you act in class when things don't go your way? Is this one of the "values" you are teaching to your students? Is this how comfortable you are with Castle Park principal Robert Bleisch, that you can call others "bitches" to his face and he will not be either surprised or shocked at your choice of words? It is obvious you have used such language before while characterizing people with whom you are at odds. I wonder just how many parents of your students you have referred to as "bitch."

Be careful Mr. Brickley, your hypocrisy is showing. From one side of your mouth you deride those who you feel are bullies, or those who make personal attacks against people when they don't have all the facts. Yet, from the other side of your mouth, you bully and attack Ms. Galleher without having any facts to back your comments. You have no idea how Ms. Galleher acts in class, or interacts with parents. I have known Ms. Galleher for over 14 years, and know her to be a passionate and dedicated teacher who always looks out for the best interests of her students and her community. Not everyone is going to agree with what is being published in the Reader, but to attack Ms. Galleher simply because she is being represented here (out of context) as something you oppose is using an attack or bully tactic in which you have, in this very string of posts, criticized others for using.

I'm not exactly sure how I took her direct quote "Who is this Susan luzzaro bitch?!” out of context. If anybody needs to do some explaining, it's Maria herself. When you use such language in an email, language that has no other implied meaning other than to deride another individual,... well, I think I will stand by my comment.

"Let Him Who is Without Sin Cast the First Stone". How can a broad judgement of someone's character be accurately deduced from one single flippant comment? I have known Mrs. Galleher for 27 years and can attest that she is one of the most generous, loyal, and compassionate people I know. If I were to pass judgement on you based on this single posting, I might come to some very negative conclusions; however, will take the "high"way and assume that you are actually a kindhearted human being who has probably accomplished many good things in our community, just like like Maria Galleher.

Your conclusions about me are moot to this discussion. Your impressions and feelings are also moot. But, let's be very clear about a few things. First. calling someone a bitch is not being flippant. Second, while I, like Maria, HAVE (not probably) accomplished a great deal of very important things, not only in my community, but also in my personal and professional life, but calling someone I don't even know a bitch was never one of those things.

A person's true character is revealed through the collection of words they speak and actions they take. I don't have time to waste to continue to respond to intentionally rude and pretentious comments from someone I don't even know. I think you would be of better service to our community spending your time doing all those important things you claim to do instead of cyberbullying others.

I don't know Ms. Galleher. I'm sure that she is a wonderful person, and a great teacher. She is one of so many that are the backbone of our education system.

However, I disagree with you. A person's true character is revealed how they act when they think nobody is watching. Ms. Galleher may have thought she was having a private conversation, but she was responding to a public email, which is subject to scrutiny.

I haven't seen a copy of the email trail. (Has one been posted?) I don't know the context of her statement, what she was responding to may hold clues to why she responded this way.

Annarborsister...have you been following this whole issue? Would you be in favor of Mr. Bleisch's characterization of those who are angry about the corruption in their school district as "white elite negative extremists in CV?" Does Ms. Galleher agree with his characterization of these citizens? If Ms. Galleher is involved in positive developments in this issue, I'm sure we'd all love to hear it.

I find it so very sad and disappointing that someone like you can come on here and bash such an amazing teacher and such an honorable human being. From the day I met Maria many years ago, I have been impressed at what a dedicated advocate she is, not only for our students, but for public education in general! She is one of those rare human beings who is always thinking about helping others, about our community and how to make it a better place. I really don't care what you personally think of Ms. Galleher; I hope she doesn't give a hoot either....but it blows me away that you so comfortably try to publicly defame such a good, kind and generous person with a few pecks on your keyboard and dismiss all the good she does for others because of a "word" said to a friend in confidence. She really is a remarkable person. It's so sad, so mean. I hope you're not enjoying it too much.

How do you feel about Ms. Gallehar characterizing a reporter doing her job of informing the public as a "B----?"

It would be a simple thing for her to pick up a phone, or even sit behind her keyboard and send an apology to Ms. Luzzaro. It would be a simple thing for her to stand up and take responsibility for her actions. But it appears she also subscribes to Bleisch's course of action....rally friends and family who are not involved in the issue and don't bother to become informed about the issues to rush to defend her personal character.

Maybe Mr.. Bleisch owes Ms. Galleher an apology for dragging her into this? Have you contacted him to let him know how you feel about THAT?

I'm really tiring of this angry hateful character bashing and would like to distance myself from all of you who cast so many stones. But before I go, I'd like to make it clear that I have not spoken to Ms. Galleher since all of this! There you go assuming again, criticizing again, condemning again, without knowing what you're talking about. If anyone is "rallying" it's because that's what good people do when they see someone is being bullied. Ms. Galleher asked no one to stand up for her! I'm speaking out because a kind-hearted, respectable person is being bullied and I was taught that you don't stand by and watch.

Yes, by now we all know about the B word. Again.....BAFFLED by the power you give to a single word spoken in what was supposed to be a PRIVATE conversation. BAFFLED that - in that privacy, you can't see that people have a right to their own opinion! She spoke ONE strong negative word in a private conversation to comfort a friend - and is being publicly hung. YOU and several others here, on the other hand, have laid out PUBLICLY, in PRINT, MANY strong, negative words - perhaps also in a protective knee-jerk reaction for someone you admire (do you see the parallel?), but you act all self-righteous about it while asking her to apologize! Again, baffled.

While you think Ms. Galleher needs to apologize.....I'm looking for an apology from all of you! But I'm not really holding my breath.

Curious. You state that you have not spoken with Ms. Galleher since all this.

Yet, you assume that she spoke one strong word in a private conversation to comfort a friend. (And "privately" responding to a public email does not make it private.)

How can you know this is what she was intending? While I don't think she should apologize, it would probably be better if she herself stated what she was thinking, instead of having others make that assumption in her place.

Of course, it would have been much better if Mr. Bleisch hadn't emailed her and others in an attempt to "rally the troops" to set the Record straight. (What "Record" is he trying to get straight? No added expense for Duncan's visit? Well, maybe those emails asking for help with funding the stage, banners, and T-shirts were taken out of context as well. How about the release of student contact data to SBCS in exchange for grant money? Without parental consent? More emails taken out of context?)

Since you're here, how do you feel about those?

Cares 4CV, how about you attend just ONE of the SUHSD board meetings, how about you study up on the issues, and let us all now what you think.

So she had to respond in a way they could understand. I didn't read carefully yet, always like to savor all the great info you relay to us.

Susan - keep checking all the comments every 2 minutes so you can continue to delete the ones you disagree with.

Stevejankowski! where you been, man?

So far nothing has been deleted. We will see if that continues.

Steviejanowski - hmmm, yours made it, it appears you point is NOT well taken!

Open letter to Robert Bleisch.

"Bleisch texts back: “SD Reader, friend of the white elite negative extremists in CV.”

Robert, Robert, Robert! White? Really?

Yes, there are a few of us who are "white," and a whole lot who aren't. Although, to be honest, I always just thought of everyone as being "concerned." You know, "concerned, interested, involved." People who want only the best for their children and neighbors. People who want honest, transparent, colorblind governance by the leadership and administration of SUHSD.

Why you feel you can refer to us as "white elite negative extremists in CV" is, as I suppose, just a flaw in your character. An inability to accept dissent with any other leadership style than to deride and belittle your critics. After all, when you can't win the argument with facts, just attack the person. For far too many people this has been a tactic of choice. Use your position of power to push people with less around until you get your way.

Jesus used to think that way too. He also used to abuse his power and authority to intimidate his "employees" to get what he wanted. He also thought we were just a bunch of "losers and disgruntled ex-employees." But, look at Jesus now! Indicted felon. No friends left in CV. Even all his biggest supporters during his tenure... GONE. You do remember the principal at CPHS and his ilk? Where are they today? Gone! Where is Charlene Lemons, principal of ISHS? Gone! Where are all the rest of Jesus's biggest supporters at the district office? Also gone.

These events didn't just happen in a vacuum. They came about as a result of good people no longer willing to look the other way, to accept the status quo. It came about because people stood up and did something to make a difference.

You, on the other hand, are still here. Obviously, Dr. Brand isn't going to be in SUHSD for ever, some even say he may leave as early as next fall. Is your behavior today going to endear your to whomever follows in his place? Or, will you be just another casualty of a power shift because you are proving to be an embarrassment that needs to be purged? It's time for you to realize that the old ways are dying and you better adapt to the "New and Improved SUHSD," or just be a footnote in Dr. Brand's legacy.

We are not going away! We are in for the long haul. Our resources are greater than yours. We have a huge investment in the outcome of our efforts. We are not doing this to "suck up" to the boss. Our boss is our children, and they will not be defeated.

John Brickley, retired.

Once upon a time, SUHSD teacher, life long citizen of Chula Vista, and proud member of CAVE (Citizens Against Virtually Everything), Disgruntled Ex-Employees, and my newest title; White Elite Negative Extremists in CV, aka WENECV.

Respectfully Submitted!

She has deleted me too, and we will always encourage fair play, not Ed's "hardball".

John Brinkley, I am also a proud member of CAVE in both it's acronyms and welcome you to the real CAVE, Citizens Active for Value in Education!

In many ways it is no different than the original CAVE in asking for the District to move away from the single-sighted "College Prep, Test Scores, Lowest common denominator" circulumn of the present SUHSD.

If the Board, Adminstrators and Visionaries (so called) of the District could once, just once show the "value" verses the "costs" of a program before announcing it's a done deal ie Allient, Grand Canyon, Hawking Charter, CPM Charter.

If they used the public to gauge the direction of the district, ie the purchasing of a new Adminstration Building, priority of repairs, getting schools off of program improvement, Adult School Classes .

If they were up front about their failures and mistakes, H st, 3rd Ave, Dirt pile at Southwest HS, I-Pads.

We might be able to celebrate successes or at least understand what we learned or achieved from these things.

All of the name calling is for naught, we have a seriously damaged Sweetwater UHSD, due to a very weak Board of Trustees, (Indicted or not), a stong willed Superintendent, that has taken advantage of the weak board, an uninformed public and self-serving employees.

Time to join forces and correct the issues, A New Strong Board is the place to start. It needs to consist of; intelligent, open minded, a-political, community oriented citizens, who are not afraid to be leaders and decision makers.

Dialog is good, BBQ, CAVE Citizens Active for Value in Education.

I think that he should have referred to the group as a “rainbow coalition of corruption fighters.” I do not believe that our community would tolerate a principal referring to a group of concerned citizens as “brown negative extremists.” In a non-corrupt universe, the principal would be dismissed or demoted for making the remark. Better yet, he would read the writing on the wall and resign.
Ed, the ball is in your court. How will you deal with it?

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

You know, rainbow coalition is defined as a group of ethnically, socially, and religiously diverse people who band together to form a political group. It was a term that originated during the late 60s and 70s by those who were fighting for civil rights, specifically in Chicago against the corrupt political machine of Mayor Daley.

Studentsfirst, I think Mr. Anguiano is a chemistry teacher, not a historian, but his analogy is spot on.

Mr. Bleisch is either ignorant of the laws that protect public employees from actions such as he proposed in his email, or maybe he simply feels that he's above them. In either case, his actions are unacceptable and call for corrective measures. Hopefully the targeted employee is aware of these:

California Ed Code:http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/cgi-bin/displaycode?section=edc&group=44001-45000&file=44110-44114

California Whistleblower Act: http://codes.lp.findlaw.com/cacode/GOV/1/2/d1/6.5/3

How disgusting! Do not Bleisch and Galleher realize that we concerned members of the public they serve are paying their salaries? Do they not realize that our Constitutional rights of speech and assembly are not suspended just because Ed and Co don't like what we have to say? Bleisch and Galleher's communications indicate more than a casual disregard of their public duty.

I'd say that with every passing day, more is revealed, and more community members (read taxpayers and voters) become more aware of the perfidy and dereliction of duty.

Call me what you will, I still vote --- and will try to convince others not to vote for the status quo. Word of mouth is an incredibly potent strategy.

Tick Tock.

How unfounded are your accusations! What evidence do you ever have of this occurring. The SEA page is an advocate ground for highly passionate teachers that on a day to basis fight for the rights of students and for their very job that is threatened by ignorant people such as yourself. How many teachers die in the line of duty?? Any of them would lay their lives and do for students daily! You insult us but lay a flower if we die for a student in a shooting. What kind of idiocy is it to respect a teacher more when she is dead than what she produces alive. How many of them sacrifice a better paying job to help students that need them to fight the corruption in our district. Bad words??? If bad words are "justice", "advocacy", "unity" , and "corruption". The only bad word ever used is Ed Brand. Don't confuse us with the people in this article. Our pockets are not lined with corruption. In fact we are poor and not even in the middle class income bracket due to the loss of wages contributed to rise in health care, no raises in the last nine years, furlough days contributed to help save teacher's jobs, and increased class sizes to help the district during a financial crisis. You stand on a unfounded ground. All you have are false accusations about supposed "cuss" words being used on a private FB for union members. Get your facts straight and stop smoke screening the issues for the community. The community needs to know that teachers are not the target for this corruption in the district.

I kindly disagree. Many of the parents' and students' rights come from union advocacy. Prop 30 was teacher union supported and is the part of the reason schools have more funding to help stop the financial bleeding. Those teachers that died in shootings were union members. Are we saying they were the target as well? Corporations want to privatize education and get a piece of the pie as far as the funding for education is concerned. Corporations were not helping with Prop 30 but fighting it. Unions have been targeted for years and the gain would be to profit from breaking unions. Management would win not students. So don't kid yourself.

oh, studentsfirst, sure. How about the "neutral" location of the regular board meeting? Have you attended any?

Studentsfirst, Welcome to the crowd, I have invited timtim and others from the comments section, Dr. Brand, Mr. McCann and many others to sit down together and have a dialog.

I am proud to say that at least one person, I have most likely mis-represented and mis-understood has reached out to meet in person and talk. You know what I think we agree more than we disagree about the district!!!

We have different perspectives and backgrounds, talk to and respect different people but the issues are all the same.

So if you want to sit and talk about the issues and possible solutions, I'm up for the event or just a drink. Name a evening (6:30ish), Beer or Coffee, and a place, I'm there and maybe my new friend, too!

It's all about communication. BBQ,. CAVE, Citizens Active for Value in Education

Studentsfirst, If you were to attend a board meeting you would see, first hand the lack of discourse the SUHSD Board and Adminstration have with the public.

Instead you look here to defend or Cheerlead the programs of the district and the district personnel. If you so believe in the direction of our paid staff and elected board, you should be at the Board Meetings supporting the agenda items and the budget expenditures.
Yes, many of the commenters here are the same people that stand up in the Board meetings, we are here because at least here we get you to participate. Again, anytime you'd like to meet and talk, its not social, but cordial with a goal of dialog, so drop the immaturity, bring your opinion, ideas and an open mind. Peace, BBQ CAVE

Your post makes me think of the face of the Wicked Witch in "the Wizard of Oz" when the "Good Witch" warns her to "Begone, before a house falls on you, too!"
If you blindly support people who are bullies, liars and thieves, and who willfully put their own selfish interests before those of the students who deserve better in that district, you go ahead and get involved. It would be a great idea for you to know what you are talking about and see what the reality is.

If you think that by procuring and printing emails obtained legally through the Public Records Act of those who are employed in positions of public trust is a personal attack, you are entitled to that opinion. However, Ms. Luzzaro has really taken the high road and writes what she is entitled to write. Good investigative journalism does not 'attack', nor does Ms. Luzzaro.

If you really believe that 'students are first' as your screen name would imply, I would think you would see that those who are involved in the actions documented in Ms. Luzzaro's narratives are not putting students first. Rather, they are helping themselves first.

Barbque - Mr. Brickley was one of the original 5 who met with the DA and FBI. As such he could be described as a charter member of the CAVE people.

studentsfirst - I am thinking you have a financial stake in some aspect of one of Ms. Luzzaro's facts based stories. Neutral meeting place? What is there to meet about, facts are facts - perhaps you have not read the attachment, that document, the one you are disputing as fact CAME FROM THE DISTRICT!!!!!!!!!!!! You speak of hiding behind a computer screen - and what of you?

As Brickley so eloquently stated 'sooner or later all of you who are using vs. serving - in the words of our students catch phrases - YOU GONE'!!!!!!!!!

Yes, you are so right. Teachers on a day to day basis cuss out their parents and students. It's an array of colorful words they use to teach and not ever has this been documented or the media caught wind of it. How clever for them to get away with that and still manage to teach so many students with great success. Yes, your statement makes so much sense now. Wonderful revelation.

You keep trying to shift the attention to something other than the current issue. Are you ok with the current Superintendant? The Board's activities?

There is a reason Promise Neighborhoods, Alliant, and the Charter Schools continue to draw negative press. Read past articles. The devils in the details.

Not only do they continue to draw "bad press," but one has to wonder why Mr. Bleisch is so concerned about squelching any opinions about these groups and issues?

It is with continued amazement that I read of the Further Adventures In Bad Leadership, brought to all of us by Sweetwater UHSD.

Yes, by all means, you perps out there (you know who you are) do your best to make members of the public who truly care about this school district angry. Keep poking at all of us.

While your efforts try to paint us as opposed to all things, it is a much fairer assessment to describe us as concerned, honest citizens who want our tax monies spent appropriately.

Not on real estate boondoggles, deals for friends, flash and trash programs, scams that take advantage of students and any and all of the rest of the disgraceful and unethical claptrap provided by His Eminence, Fast Eddy, the reigning King of Corruption.

I'd like to think that freeing this school district of the decades of corruption will do more to bring about opportunity to the students here than all sorts of pretend programs that arrive with much flag waving, horn blowing and self-congratulation on the part of the figureheads up front.

Here's a thought: when has anyone started out in life wanting to emulate anyone like Ed Brand, Jim Cartmill, John McCann and the rest of the sorry puppets and yes-men that gather like flies around the corruption of Sweetwater?

Bleisch...still relatively young and very ambitious...but not smart enough to realize that hitching his wagon to Ed Brand and crew is more like tying a millstone around his neck. When will he and the rest of the 'loyal henchmen' figure out it is time to cut the ropes?

I still feel quite sorry for that elderly North County couple who donated $1,000,000 to one of Ed Brand's charities some years back--money that was supposed to go to scholarships for deserving South County students. From what I heard, no more than $20,000 was ever given out. So Fast Eddy held onto approx. $980,000, plus interest, of course.

What if that had really gone to help deserving students? Guess we will never know. The moral of the story: no matter what Ed Brand says.....Ruth Chapman was right.

If you are able to attend the meeting this evening about "Redistricting," please do. Dr. Lyn Neylon of the County Board of Education is going to be there, and has said she would stay and listen if you wish to share your concerns.

Can you please post the relevant time/place info for the meeting?


I am so sorry, eastlaker! I posted that and left for the day, and did not get back to you. I apologize. But please feel free to send Dr. Neylon any of your concerns. She was responsive to my comments.

Amazing how at least 4 people in this article are referenced negatively. Also amazing how many Bertha Lopez supporters there are. Suppose you had a kid at a school and that teacher came to work drunk multiple times and was caught at least 3 times by law enforcement. Should that teacher keep his job? A concerned community member went to Bertha about this issue. All Bertha told this person was that she'd "pass on the information". No questions on her part. No need or concern for additional information on behalf of the students, just "I'll pass it on". This is also the community that Lopez lives in or near.

Well, that parent has told multiple parents and important community employees about the response by the board member. If this teacher returns to work, you can bet that several parents and community employees will assist with bringing this story to a more worthy news media source such as KFMB, KNSD, or ABC 10. This will all come to light. When it does, there will be some people that will be held responsible for the issue, and not in a positive light.

Perhaps this comment will be deleted. If it is, this further proves my point and how delicate of an issue this is. Others will be watching this board closely.

Ok, your post made me laugh. But I happen to own hounds, so maybe it's an inside joke.

We are principals, so that makes us your boss, teachers. If we tell you you can't use your cell phone on campus, don't use it. If we tell you to create lessons using iPads, do it. We don't like your union activity on campus. We will find something to write you up about. We will ruin your reputation and ruin your career if we need to shut you up. Try and work with us, here. It's about the children. We can and will get Sandra to transfer you to another school, but we would prefer to accuse you of something and get you fired if you don't cooperate. That way you will be off our campuses and gone. Just shut up and do your job, teach. How dare you suggest that any principal be fired? We are here to run the schools. If a teacher is making things difficult it is our job to eradicate the problem. You may call it bullying but here at SUHSD we call it great leadership.

Why aren't people investigating the issues at Bonita Vista Middle and Chula Vista High? Charter school talk has been rampant through the front office doors there. Please look into this.

espionage 1 - while I have gone record expressing my admiration for teachers I have also gone on record that bad teachers need to go.

Such a person was 'employed' (will not claim she/he was teaching) at my home school (allegedly). The students knew, the Administrators knew but stated they could do nothing about it????? Persons not fit for the job, should not be in the job.

I am curious with one point of your comment - you state that Ms. Lopez was contacted - why weren't ALL of the Board members contacted?

What of the Administrator who 'messed things up at CPH, was then moved to Sweetwater High where said Administrator was involved in yet another 'mess up' but ended up with a promotion on the east side - allegedly because spouse is close to Brand? You see there are questionable decisions on both sides of the coin - Administrators and Educators.

Yes there are many issues with SUSD, however I am of the opinion that on this particular issue we will have to agree to disagree when you hold Ms. Lopez personally responsible. What would you have had Lopez do 'promise to have the teachers job'? We both know said teacher is due 'due process'. Employees everywhere are due the same.

I am curious, do your know for a fact what Lopez did or did not do with the info?

Again, why was Lopez the only Board member contacted?

Hopefully conversations on such issues can bring about positive change for the benefit of our students.

It's a frustrating process--trying to fire a teacher for misconduct. And when it's an administrator? Even harder. Staff reported facts to the board years ago about Mr. Bleisch. He was promoted anyway. If parents and teachers have concerns about this teacher they should also contact the California Commission of Teacher Credentialing. There is a report form on their web site. They will follow up on these complaints. Also, it would be good for these parents to know that crimes and misdemeanors, suspensions etc., are reported to the commission per education code. Still, they want to hear from the community so if you have direct knowledge, by all means, report it!

Greenville - wow, I never knew of that possibility. I, for one, would attempt to work with the District to address any issue I might have - but it is. Ice to know there are options.

*. Always taking into consideration that I might not know the whole story

Espionage1 - sorry, forgot one point-

what Board members met with DA investigators regarding the alleged corruption PRIOR to the indictments and in tandem with the 5 antagonists? What Board member chose to meet with the 5 to listen and view their documentation?


eastlaker - that's so Ed - what good could have come out of helping kids, instead the money intended for that purpose sitting in his own bank accounts, or real estate deals.

After reading the e-mail attached to this article, one question I have is to wonder if Huezo, whom the e-mail was addressed, or Brosz or Brand, who were on the cc, actually realizes that Mr. Bleisch actively solicits staff members to write things in e-mails and then send the e-mails to him. Without seeing the chain of e-mails that this one is attached to it is hard to see whether the complaint Mr. Bleisch is referring to is a real complaint or fiction made up for the sole purpose of misleading Mr. Bleisch’s superiors in an attempt to have a teacher Mr. Bleisch does not like (a woman again for those who are taking score) removed from the school.

Just read the email. Why is the name blacked out? Interesting decision to protect a certain individual but on the flipside has no problem exposing others - great job. The title was not misleading at all.

Names are not used because they fear what happens to them or their jobs. That's how the bullies keep operating, carelessly spending other people's money. Time to stop that.

Reading, Writing and Arithmetic used to constitute the bedrock of SUHSD education. Now it's Bullying, Lying and Thievery. We have the likes of Robert Bleisch, Jesus Gandara, Ed Brand and Catherine Lawless to thank for that.

The sooner we take the district back, the sooner we take our children's future back.

steviejanowski - you are correct - "the title was not misleading at all"


Please let me clear up a few things. I do not remove comments. The Reader employs someone who monitors the comments. Please see the terms of use policy if you have questions. I have the same rights as you. I can flag comments that are not in accord with the policy.

The redactions are done by the district. The district chose which names to redact and not to redact. The email posted was given to me by the district as part of a public record request, so you may want to take up the question with the district.

Titles are made by editors.

I listened a bit longer. Disgusting. I do not know when when teachers became villains. I am union strong. Corporate America has thug bosses worse than any union could ever imagine.

Where's the embedded video? Another comment gone. Fair and balanced.

Once again, a rainbow COALITION is a socially and ethnically diverse group who come together to achieve political goals. Go back to school, studentsfirst!

Why don't you just stick with one user name?

Susan Luzzaro - Thank You for setting the record straight.

When all is said and done, the history of the South Bay shall record that Susan Luzzaro and The READER cared enough about students, taxpayers, integrity and politics to report the truth backed up by hard hitting indisputable facts.

@studentsfirst - I have reviewed posts and comments on the SEA Facebook page going quite a ways back, and I can't imagine to what you are referring. Occasionally we call liars liars, and we often refer to sycophants as such. Mostly we write in support of our brothers and sisters whose jobs are made more difficult on a daily basis by a dictatorial superintendent and his gutless board.

The basis of Ms. Luzzaro's latest article is a collection of emails which are public record. The remarks about the administrators that were most damning were made by the administrators themselves and a few toady teachers. Luzzaro is not our ally, and we don't want her to be. We want her to remain a journalist who tells the truth. The truth just happens to be on our side.

Sninequi is right about the SEA posts. I have to say, however, that that page is supposed to be a private group. While nothing on the internet is truly private, people do have a blind trust that they are protected. And in court, I'm not sure what would pan out on this. Ms. Luzzaro has been stellar in reporting the facts. She is my hero. I don't know her personally. Happy to agree with Shineqi that she is a journalist reporting nothing but the facts.

Yes Ms. Luzzaro, thanks for cleaning that up and thanks Citizens Active for Value in Education.

Nothing new on my post, except to agree with the others. SUHSD is ruled by liars, cheaters and thieves (wabbitsd). oskidoll is correct that the suits in SUHSD are not putting student first. Susan Luzzaro is my personal hero. There are some great principals, but others who rule by bullying and humiliating tactics. How does low morale among teachers help students? There are some bad teachers, of course. But, most are passionate about students and are not in it for the money. There are so many teachers who have doctorates and opportunities to work in the private sector for loads more cash. But, there is something intrinsically satisfying knowing that you are making a difference in people's lives. A friend of mine had to forcibly retire due to medical reasons. One financial benefit of retirement, she told me, was the approximately $8000.00 she now didn't spend on classroom expenses. This whole SUHSD situation is deflating. SAD.

Bad teachers need to leave the profession. Doesn't matter if they're passionate or not. Ineffective teachers need to have a career switch ---- today.

No, not today, they needed the career switch years ago before they moved up to be ineffective administrators.

steviejanowski - and what say you of the board or Superiintendent? What are your views of our $10million deficit?

steviejanowski - I agree with anniej....FIRST we need to remove the BAD Board Members and Administrators who need to leave the profession. We know their motive, and it is self-dealing. They are ineffective at what they are sworn to do.....preserve the public trust. Don't blame teachers for the mess SUHSD is in....they are on the receiving end of the bad leadership, just as our kids are, and we as taxpayers are. Pointing fingers at teachers is only an attempt to deflect the blame away from the true perps.

So I went to the public meeting last night and only 1 board member was there WTH. You would have thought that Johnny Boy would have wanted a photo op with the board of ed. Oh yeah he was too busy at the eastside schools taking photos that nobody wants him in. Lady Lopez thanks for being there at least we know you care. Dont these fools get paid something like $850.00 a month. Going to one board meeting a month turns out to be $141.00 an hour. Johnny boy only goes places where he has something to gain he never goes to the westside he thinks we have nothing to offer over here, if he only knew. The best part of the meeting last night is that the district didnt even have anyone there they had a statement prepared saying the pure BS that they do what is in the best interest of the community. If you believe that then pigs really do fly.

Now onto the article GET BLEISH AND HIS CROONIES OUT OF OUR SCHOOL!!!! He is a disgrace to the word educator. Ride your sorry a-- off into the sunset Tanto and take Fast Eddy with you.

Every time I see the new Volkswagen commercial where people get wings and shoot rainbows out of their a-- thats what I think of happens to Brand and Bleish. They think their ideas are so good they shoot rainbows out of their a--. Well I got news for both of you your rainbows stink, kind of like cow sh-t.

I have a tendency to believe that you are leaping to conclusions, and those conclusions aren't necessarily correct.

However, convincing you of the truth might not be in the realm of the possible. Pity.

Off target: 'tea party extremists'? Not here. Not even a clue regarding how you came up with that one.

Off target: 'this is a teacher'--you know that, how?

Off target: 'Unify educators'--that can only be done with intelligent, decent leadership, which is not to be found under Ed Brand and his hirelings and toadies.

My curiosity is piqued by your very unusual interpretation of reality.

For the record, my above comments are not directed at "angrybirds" but at the post that has now been removed! I guess that in future, I will always mention the name belonging to the post I am responding to!

I don't believe Brand and Bleisch ever think their ideas are good for the people they are supposed to be serving. I believe they think their ideas will generate money for their own pockets and interests. and are passionate ONLY about those schemes that will land them in higher places in their next professional lives.

I don't believe the board members (except now perhaps Bertha) ever bother to think about what ideas might be 'good' for the SUHSD, which they have sworn to protect as public trustees, but only about what might be 'good' for their own bottom lines and future political opportunities.

What is "good" for the SUHSD and what is "good" for Brand, Bleisch, Cartmill, McCann, Quinones, et al. are entirely two separate matters. We have the grand jury transcripts to show us that there is absolutely no correlation between what is good for the SUHSD and its students and what those so-called leaders have been up to.

It is amazing to see how when teachers are expected to actually work hard and provide acceptable results, a response of dissatisfaction and indignation arises with endless complaints and uproar from those who feel threatened by the level of expectation created along with friends and relatives working in the same field. I guess this happens when people over-relay on unions and grow old with the idea that they're their own bosses with enough power to overlook a principal's authority and backed, of course, by those misinformed union members; not to mention the misleading ideology of being "untouchable" and deliberately disregarding the true notion of employee-employer relationship in which the employee works UNDER the supervision of a principal in order to provide satisfying results that appeal to the supervisor/principal. With that in mind, if results are not met, employees are to be held responsible and accountable. If expectations are not met then perhaps, and sadly, that employee does not belong in that workplace, prove of that is the reason as to why human resources has been quite busy in the past few months with the relocation of employees.
Nonetheless, it is that feeling of defeat that many, unsurprisingly, would try to fabricate uncertain and, at some level of degree, farcical stories with fixed ideas and opinions in order to discredit others with the purpose to fulfill their urgency of "fight back". Well knowing and taking into consideration that many would follow no matter what. I believe all this is a factual reason as to why there’s a great deal of incompetent educators in the district. I'm assuming people would always try to "do something about it" in order to feel like good do-ers and “cover up” their incompetency and, despairingly, stating they do it all in the name of students. Pity!!

Your comment lives up to your user name quite aptly.

surreal_paint--fyi, there is an edit function available for a short time following a post.

If you want your words to be read, you might want to check what you write for any corrections that should be made.

As you are new at this, you most likely were not aware.

P.S. My 6th grade teacher would have failed me if I had ever turned in anything as poorly written as your post!

We teach our students to read critically and question the credibility of what they read, especially on the internet. It is obvious that studentsfirst in NOT a member of SEA's Facebook group because there is NO foul language or nasty comments about parents and students. There is, however, a chorus of criticism of the culture of corruption that has compromised our ability to meet the needs of our kids. When people don't have valid criticism they throw out red herrings. Community members and parents should be PROUD of brave teachers that are fighting this battle. These unfounded, personal attacks against those very teachers are occurring because our corrupt leaders are feeling threatened. Question these attacks and do your homework. Attend board meetings and talk to the teachers in the audience. It won't take long for you to understand who are the heroes and who are the villains.

It is clear that a line has been drawn in the sand - with the 'union' factor being the the dividing line.

I am not, nor have ever been, a member of a union. While I do believe in their 'value' I also have very strong opinions that unless these organizations face the reality that while they are there to protect their members they must also be fair enough to rid themselves of members that bring shame on those they represent. I personally know of a teacher who literally flipped out in class raising a crucifix in the air while yet another who was found stone drunk in class with bottles of liquor in said teachers desk. Both obviously in need of professional help yet both in a position of interacting with hundreds of students on campus. Do I believe they are disposable? No. I am of the opinion they should be mandated to seek help and ONLY if proven 'well' be able to once again serve in the position of educator.

Administrators - soooo many I know and have respect for. Yet, what of the Administrator who is defined as inept yet rather than be retrained or fired they are simply moved to a new location and, as in some cases, promoted simply because they play the Superintendents game.

What do you think might happen if anniej had a relative employed in the District without union protection? Well, we all know the answer to that question - YOU'RE OUTTA HERE!!!!

People, people, people we are all in this together - we as a combined group of adults are suppose to be serving as the role models as to how things SHOULD be done. How differences of opinions should be handled. We have however been divided and no longer work as a team. We have spiraled into banter about he and they - This environment has been created due to a lack of leadership and loss of respect - both at the Board level and definitely the Superintendents position.

When we as a collective group admit that we all have room for growth and positive improvement (including anniej), until and unless, new leadership is voted in and hired (Board/Superintendent) - we will remain chained to the minutia of nothingness.

  • all entities are in need of identifying areas that should be improved, including unions.

It is evident to me that the strategy of Brand, Bleisch and their followers is to throw the teachers under the bus in order to blame them for failed strategies at CPM and their dubious goals (Alliant, housing a charter elementary school, turning CPM into a middle school.)


The teachers and their union are really hapless victims in this whole scenario. While there may be some teachers who are deficient in some ways, THIS is NOT ABOUT THE TEACHERS OR THE TEACHERS UNION.

The attempt to divert the conversation's focus from the CORRUPTION to the Union is a strategy designed to elicit support for the Corrupt ones by those who fear the unions.

Our job as informed community members who want to rid the District of the corruption is to clarify that topic for the people we speak to. Please do not allow the discussion to be focused on the teachers and their union...that is not where the evil lurks!

first paragraph last sentence should read ....'turning CPM into a Charter school.'

A long time ago I worked for Safeway in El Cajon. I had just gotten the job as cashier. A black friend of mine came to the parking lot to meet me for lunch and the manager saw us. When I returned to work out of nowhere he found exactly 100$ missing out of my drawer, which I did not take. I was fired. He was obviously racist and manipulated things as he wanted. Seems a couple of people on this blog have a problem as well and you need help so get it. There is a correct way to work through issues and it is learning to have a heart.

Who cares? This is about the corrupt (indicted) board members and others who are supposed to be in charge of the Sweetwater District.

And you don't have much of a positive impact by prancing around with signs holding a board member's wife (and the neighborhood) hostage for a day. Go to a Main Street or to the properties that appear to belong to Ed now, I think there's 2 and about to be 3. What, don't really want to be seen? Multimillion dollars that aren't ever going back to your schools unless your Union lawyers, any lawyers, file to stop more misappropriation and get back what does not belong in his projects. There's probably a statute of limitations so hurry it up. Where's your head at? What happened to money to pay for teachers healthcare etc? Uncover the hidden gem. Subpoena his accounts after, get to the root and pull. Nobody cares about the "bad" language. We care about our friends, kids, families, teachers...

model_citizen - I was just under my 30 day probation - he did what he felt like. My friend was just back from VietNam in need.

I think Ed is the only one with the unmitigated gall, to take whatever makes him feel like a rich guy and let others take the fall when he's gone away from any heat. Look at his history. I know the pre-lude. He had no problem making sure he took his sister's inheritance $ - me.

Ed took nothing from you, you were disinherited.

Probably prequel - how can this end well for Ed when he's got you near bankruptcy?

Prelude - I'll correct my own spelling but thanks.

I posted before you're gonna need your Union's help fighting Ed. What are they actually doing for you? You should strike for what your contract guaranteed. Will they sustain you while doing that? Superintendent is at fault, board is a joke.

model_citizen - I have also mentioned before that Ed and I were retail clerks union at same time in the 70's. Apparently his dissertation was on collective bargaining in some way, I never read but some teacher or other here looked it up and critique of it was unfavorable. I had a first husband who was self-proclaimed radical, not productive, my experience. Wish you the best of possible outcomes.

OK I'm out for now. Had to say unmitigated gall definition is what I wanted to use. Starts with a B ends with alls.

Oskidoll - may I ask that we be kind to shirleyberan? I consider her a friend, value her input - and I stand by my friends, always have.

No disrespect meant as you KNOW I value you and your opinions as well.

anniej - oskidoll was not responding to shirleyberan, oskidoll was responding to a poster named modelcitizen_zerodiscipline, that poster's comments have just disappeared, modelcitizen was posting the same stuff that Unity_is_Power was posting yesterday, Unity's posts have also been removed for violating the rules.

anniej - my 'who cares' response was in reply to the post from someone else about grocery workers being unionized which attempted to imply that Shirley was in the union. It was not in reply to Shirley's post about her experience.. Why it now appears where it does is a mystery to me. I certainly meant no offense to her and regret the post if it did. Regards

anniej - I don't believe (he) was meaning that for me, wouldn't matter, I'm 59 next month, water off a ducks back.

Duck ' s - now I don't even know what I was responding to. But as I remember Bleisch had a good heart brother defending him when that other article came out which makes me think that Bleisch the principle is another casualty Ed will leave behind, as someone has pointed out already.

oskidooll - apparently I misunderstood, I apologize.

shirleyberan - well, I got you beat - turned 64 last month. Those pesky grey hairs seem to send me to the beautician more often with each year that passes, but I guess it beats the alternative, haha!

I hardly ever cover mine but a quick box of brown L'oreal non-permanent is fine for a while. The fact that you color your hair got somebody stirred up a while back. Funny stuff. You and me are gonna have to get together some time. Coffee or a cocktail?

shirleyberan - I would be honored. Hey, not much bothers me - oops, take that back -


Wow! studentsfirst and justonetime have been erased. Why is it that so few pro-district, pro-charter posters can remain civil enough not to get booted? What does that really say about pro-district supporters?

knowthetruth - you got this but I spelled principal wrong.

accidentally flagged - But when it quacks like a duck, it's intentional distraction, we didn't know at first, Reader eliminated that well, thanks. knowthetruth figured out early some had multiple usernames. Good Times.

I am a teacher on the west side, and the more articles like this I read, the more I realize that the general public (and perhaps SUHSD administrators) seem to not be aware of one crucial FACT: the only "bad" teachers we have are those who were invited to teach in the district by the administrators themselves.

All new teachers have a two-year probation period during which administrators are supposed to observe them regularly and give them feedback on their progress toward demonstrating Teacher Performance Expectations. If a new teacher is NOT performing at an acceptable level, the administrator has TWO YEARS to decide NOT to give the teacher "permanent status" (non-teachers refer to this as tenure, which is a misnomer). The union cannot do anything if a new teacher is not hired permanently - it is the right of the district's administrators to make that decision.

What happens is that principals FAIL to perform their due diligence on new teachers, and it's not until years later that someone thinks, "Wow, that teacher isn't very good." By this time the teacher DOES have union protection and the myth of unions protecting "bad" teachers continues. The union protects teachers who the district determines are worthy of being given permanent status after two years of ostensible observation. That the very district who hires new teachers also hires administrators who FAIL to perform due diligence is whose fault? It is the job of the district and its local managers/principals to determine who is fit to teach. I myself know new teachers who were never even observed by their site principal; I wasn't when I started teaching over 20 years ago. I can't think of any other profession where the "boss" has two years to make up his or her mind about a new employee and does not take the opportunity to do so.

True, true, all too true. More often than not, it's the D. O. that messes things up. Ignores time lines. Doesn't report to the credential commission. Loses documentation, or never bothers to collect any. Hires folks because they are team players--who cares if they can teach as long as they support the principal's agenda.

Excellent overview. If I may, let me add this to your post. Even permanent teachers can be let go "IF" administrators follow specific guidelines laid out in teacher contracts that are first intended to assist, then remediate, then terminate lesser teachers. Unfortunately, administrator want to skip over the first two "messy" steps.

WestSideWorker - Greenville. With all due respect I would disagree. The teacher with a drinking problem had been there for ages. The other a long while. Additionally there are many good Principals out there, in my humble opinion. I have tended to believe there is a great deal of pressure to tow the line - especially under Superintendents like Brand and 'the gandara' - they, like you have mortgages to pay. But it is Principals like Mr. Bleisch I take exception to - their desire to be 'one of the chosen ones' has left them void of what their true purpose is.

Bleisch, will learn the hard way, as have others - the fall back down is hard and crushing not to mention lonely.

My hope is once, not if, a new Super is hired - We will be smart enough to ensure she/he is a peacemaker. Once we all come together - the sky is the limit THANKS to educators such as yourselves!!!

(I will try this again, my earlier post disappeared, and it wasn't all that controversial.)

I, too, hope that the new superintendent will be a peacemaker, but most of all I hope the new superintendent will be scrupulously honest. For a change.

Looks as if Bleisch started his lesson in "learning the hard way" at 7:55 this morning when he was (temporarily?) removed as principal of CPM. Ha! You called it, anniej.

Soon to be a footnote in the history of SUHSD.

laurie murphy,

Murphy? Just yesterday Jill Galvez phoned to tell me that the Murphys were wonderful people and that Galleher was a Murphy and that Bobby Bleisch grew up at the Murphy's table.

"What exactly is this stupid article saying? That the writer was rude enough to read emails?"

Your comment (above) is cut from the same cloth as Galleher's text and MEG the blogger.

Please be assured that it is not rudeness to acquire public records and to publish them, rather allows the public to see how its business is conducted. Also, please note that Mr. Bleisch wrote to Ms. Galleher on his Sweetwater district email.

Whether you respond on a text or a private email, if you are conducting the public's business, if you are a public employee, your texts and emails are subject to the public records act.

The name Galleher is copied on a number of other emails the Reader recently has acquired.

You are absolutely correct Susan. Most public agencies, such as the SUHSD, inform their employees and have a policy that says to the effect: there is no expectation of privacy on the (district's) electronic systems. Not only can emails be read through a Public Records Request that ANY INTERESTED PARTY can file, but they are also subject to subpoena. You might as well post your emails on the school marquees for all the privacy rights you have. Susan is absolutely correct that she is doing the public a service by acquiring and publishing public employees' emails....we do have a right to know how OUR BUSINESS is being conducted. You public employees are OUR employees, we pay your salaries and pay the overhead. I suggest you understand the rules and play by them, and do not expect your 'privacy' when we are paying you to do your job.

It is unprofessional and unethical to drag teachers and their families into this issue for the sole purpose of defending one's bruised ego. A journalist is supposed to have better judgement and thicker skin than that. Be careful- the mines you lay may have unintentional consequences: They can splinter a Union or tear apart your very own community.

A school principal is supposed to have better judgement and thicker skin as well. I think Mr. bleisch drug Ms. Galleher into this first by emailing her in an attempt to rally support to set the Record "straight".

But this seems childish, like an elementary school playground fight. We are better than this, I hope. Let us be grown up about this and keep to the issues.

Why don't you help take some of the first steps back into the Land of the Grown-Ups and tell us how you feel by all this mess in the district.

What are your thoughts on the financial mess it's in? Aren't you upset that the district is trying to purchase a very expensive building when they have no money and are deficit spending annually to the tune of 10 million?

How about the L Street property and all the other properties? How about all the misspent Mello Roos money? Where do you think it went?

How do you feel about the hundreds of fire alarm components? Or, how about the exchange of student contact data in exchange for grant money, and the promotion of an extremely high costing college at our students expense?

How do you feel about our indicted board members?

Any answers to these questions and more are truly desired by many in the public. Feel free to help us take those badly needed first steps

I may be a bit thicker-skinned than you or a few others. What comments here do you consider personal attacks?

As for your concern about "cowards" who are hiding behind a laptop, I see the user name you have chosen is a fictitious character who has tyrannical characteristics.

I see people here, like anniej, mr Brickley, and BBQ who are regular attendees of the board meetings, who invite others so meaningful conversation can be held about issues in the district. (One such offer was declined by someone else earlier.) That doesn't sound like cowardly people who must resort to personal attacks.

So, being only concerned with just the alleged personal attacks, you have no opinion on any of the other issues I've mentioned?

WestSideWorker - having been involved in the efforts to clean up SUHSD for 4+ years now it was a pretty easy call - and many theorized it was coming. We have seen what has happened to other Administrators.

One does not take a leave because there efforts are 'trying to bring about change'. Brand would NEVER have allowed this to happen unless there is information out there that 'is definitely a problem'. What that information is, how bad it is, who knows?

But, I would like to say to the person or persons who had the courage to stand up for what is right - THANK YOU for your courage! Far too many, for a variety of reasons, choose to just go along - complaining ever step of the way, but yet just going along.

Any boss who chooses to RULE vs. lead is doomed. Any boss who chooses to promote self vs. honoring those that prop him up is doomed. Any boss who chooses to surround him/herself with YES people vs. strong, knowledgeable ones out of fear that their expertise will outshine his is a FOOL.

Mr. Bleisch is well known for his self promotion. HIS this, HIS that - as if he, the lone soldier is fighting the battle. Mr. Bleisch has failed to recognize that the exemplary efforts and talents of a good staff are what make a successful boss - not the bosses efforts. A successful boss LEADS vs. DICTATES.

Mr. Bleisch may have history with some of you dating back to his youth that is good. But apparently somewhere within Mr. Bleisch there was an insecurity that resulted in poor leadership skills.

I had hoped for more comments regarding Mr Bleisch's email (click on the article's document link). While Ms Galleher and friends are obsessing over her "tarnished" Mother Teresa image, I don't see that as the intent of this article. More important is the issue of a school principal asking to have an employee "disappeared", at least temporarily, so he could get on with his political agenda, unchallenged.

jeopublic is right on the money! Bleisch exposes his arrogance and abuse of power style when he asks to have the employee sanctioned by removal. Where is the due process that any public employee should have? Apparently, according to Bleisch and his ilk, teachers have none. Sad for Mr Bleisch, but administrators are 'at will' and can be summarily moved! Wonder how he feels about that?

While the subtitle has become a preoccupation for some, I would suggest that the email written by Mr. Bleisch asking for the removal of an employee until Alliant, Arne Duncan, Castle Park Middle Charter are resolved, is the central point of this article.

Susan - I absolutely agree with your analysis.

It is ironic, isn't it, that those who this article exposes for their attempts to manipulate the message about revelations of highly irregular District efforts for self-dealing now holler that they have been attacked when it is THEY who launched serious attacks on public resources and processes. They cannot hide behind their emails.

Even Ms. Galleher cannot be holier than everyone else thus exposed, along with Bleisch and Co.

I heard there was a new book (soon to be published) called "Muscling In On Education, or How to Apply Bullying Tactics to Work the System".

Oddly, the author or authors have decided to remain anonymous until such time as they can be assured that no one will use the tactics on themselves--because it only works if everyone else plays according to the rules!

Some names have been thrown around regarding the authorship--"the usual suspects", one might say--with the goal in mind having absolutely nothing to do with educating the students, but instead all about grabbing as much of the educational dollar as can be diverted from the traditional categories.

Much of it details the importance of developing auxiliary organizations that support the 'leaders', (a la the National Socialist rise to power, curiously), so that the community will feel overwhelmed and unable to continue resisting the power play(s).

Under present circumstances, I would not be at all surprised if this little number did not become a hit! (At least in the circles where education is not so much an ideal as it is something to be exploited).

For those who still feel that education should be universally publically available and should prepare students for several pathways through life (college prep, hands on learning, entry level job prep, etc.) as each student might need, I can only say that the "Muscling In" Group will undoubtedly do all they can to ensure that students (and their parents) will end up paying more and more for the privilege of attending public schools, so that all their friends can be assured of having cushy jobs for life! Those cushy jobs, of course, are never really measurable, usually end up being at least $100,000/year and with the approval of Fast Eddy's signature, are usually increased via bonuses!

What a deal!

What a scam!

What a shame!

Yes I saw the subtitle and bristled wanting to defend SL. I don't know the details of what happened or happens in your district by who to name. So many thieves in town to read about. I do know I was conned to believe someone who said he had my back while he stole whatever he could before I fired him. I had to get a license before I could cut hair. You'd think a Superintendent would be licensed before cutting checks.

And you would think that there would be a professional organization that would want to keep the standards up--not allow highway robbery to take place under the cover of education!

When money disappears, where does it go?

While this a relatively old story and many may not be following I am driven to comment on last evenings Board meeting.

Allegations levied by a speaker during Closed Session has left me most concerned. Principals are suppose to lead by example - the very fact that Ed Brand chose the subject of the allegations to promote his many schemes is NOTHING short of deplorable.

Is this just how far down the SUHSD has plummeted? Surely our children deserve to be lead by better persons,

The absolute arrogance of Ed Brand at the end of last evenings meeting defines Ed Brand. He stood there at the Dias challenging a musch respected community member, his demeanor, his words sending a clear message "I have the power". It appears that Brand and said principal, in this article, are cut from the same arrogant cloth.

I AM LOOKING TO HAVE BUSINESS CARDS MADE UP DEFINING THE NEED FOR CHANGE which I will be handing out EVERYWHERE in the South Bay - and need suggestions as to what the message should be - any ideas?????

Anniej.... you might want to consider including some contact info that people can use to sign up to receive more information when we know exactly how many seats will be open in November and which, if any, will be newly-created designated area seats.

It is important to include a 'call to action' in any effort to inform the public about the perfidy at SUHSD...otherwise, the effort is largely wasted. You might want to start with the word CORRUPTION within a red circle and a slash mark through it. HAD ENOUGH CORRUPTION AT SWEETWATER DISTRICT? JOIN US TO RESTORE OUR SCHOOLS TO PARENTS AND TAXPAYERS. HELP STOP THE SELF-SERVING CROOKS WHO ARE NOW IN CHARGE OF OUR SCHOOLS.

list an email address or a phone number where folks can 'join' the cause. You can use the other side of the card/flyer to have bullet points to enumerate the issues...I would begin with the missing $$; the indictments; etc. etc. etc.

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