Philip Seymour Hoffman to be digitally inserted into final Hunger Games sequel

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Philip Seymour Hoffman died leaving behind only one crucial scene to film in order to tie up his character's plot thread in the final Hunger Games sequel. It was today announced that Mr. Hoffman's likeness will be digitally replicated, thus the actor's passing will have "no impact" on the finished product.

Lionsgate insiders want us to know how "extraordinarily sad" they are over Hoffman's sudden and tragic demise while still expressing "confidence that filmmakers can complete the movie in a way that will satisfy fans."

Too soon! With the world mourning the Academy Award-winner's death last weekend from an apparent heroin overdose, isn't it more important to give his wife, children, those close to the actor, and his legion of admirers time to grieve instead of worrying about coddling devotees of the final chapter of a runaway cash cow the studio is counting on to surpass last year's $161.1 million opening weekend take?

Battle Royale Trailer

I don't know about you, but in years to come, when looking back on Mr. Hoffman's enormous contributions to the art of film, I'm more than likely to recall his performances in Boogie Nights, Love Liza, Capote, or any number of the other movies he graced before getting around to his memorable bits in the otherwise forgettable Battle Royale knock-offs.

Lionsgate goes on to say, "We feel it will be a good tribute to him." Although nowhere near as young (or talented) as Mr. Hoffman, Bela Lugosi, also an intravenous drug-user, died while shooting footage for an untitled Ed Wood project that was later pieced into Plan 9 from Outer Space.

Wood finished Lugosi's scenes using his dentist — with back turned to the camera — as a stand-in. Given how expensive a visit to the dentist can be, Lionsgate is bound to cut a few corners using CGI.

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Apparently, the CGI (Cash-Grab Inhumanity) version of Plutarch Heavensbee will be dressed a little more in keeping with the Capitol's sense of fabulousness.

Don't blame the heroin... blame all the shitty directors Philip Seymour Hoffman worked with. Great actor shitty films.... All of them! The Master was a big shit. Boogie Nights? Capote? Both shit.

You're been hitting the elderberry brandy, DoDo? Both of the films you name are outstanding.

I'll have to check out Boogie Nights again. Couldn't get through it at the time.

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