Fascinating but disturbing

The Young Poisoner's Handbook
  • The Young Poisoner's Handbook

Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Mark Caro opened up a whole new world of cinema for me with Delicatessen. The film is set in a post-apocalyptic future where food is scarce. A landlord of an apartment building, who also happens to be a butcher, lures his source of meat through want-ads. Latest target: an ex-clown handyman who falls for the butcher’s daughter. There’s nothing ordinary about it. The style of the film is so odd, it’s right. The imagery is so sharp, I can smell the dilapidated and dank apartment through my television. Like magic!

The Young Poisoner’s Handbook is a lesser-known dark comedy that sticks out for me. It’s based on a true story about a teenager who’s gifted in chemistry and ended up poisoning several people with his concoctions, including killing his stepmother. A fascinating but disturbing story told in a cheeky way.

— Tiffany Lee Moore, Finance systems analyst

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