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Practical Magic
  • Practical Magic

My life is all about magic these days, but I love Practical Magic because it’s really about sisters and how powerful that bond can be. Some very grounded performances from Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman in this often overlooked and surprisingly dark tale of family secrets, romance, and finding a way to trust one’s own power — magical and otherwise.

Ladyhawke is my medieval/romantic guilty pleasure and also revolves around a magical plot twist. A young Matthew Broderick is a French peasant who stumbles across a love story that puts even Shakespearean tales to shame. An early, elegant performance from Michelle Pfeiffer, who captures the heart of the indomitable Rutger Hauer (riding the most beautiful horse ever seen on camera). Also notable, the late John Wood as the evil bishop and some simply glorious cinematography.

— Tiffany Tang, Witch in Intrepid Shakespeare’s Macbeth

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