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In the sci-fi movie Contact, Matthew McConaughey’s character (the religious leader) and Jodie Foster’s character (the scientist) debate the search for universal truth using religion and science. After watching this movie, I realized the extent of elitism inherent in my agnostic skepticism of religion, and the necessity for faith in either approach. This was a watershed moment for me that instilled a more fundamental understanding of faith-based decision-making. Any movie that can adjust a deeply held belief is one I would highly recommend.

  • Contact (USA) 1997, Warner Brothers
  • Available on Amazon Instant Video and Google Play

Leonardo DiCaprio leads an amazing cast in Inception’s visually rich trip down the rabbit hole. Sci-fi films such as The Matrix, Total Recall, and others have explored the need for man to escape from the harshness of life, even at the cost of losing touch with reality. Inception leaves you pondering the idea that maybe, for some, avoiding the pain of this world might be worth the price.

  • Inception (USA) 2010, Warner Brothers
  • Available on Amazon Instant Video and Google Play

— E. Bowman, Sci-fi fan

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