End-of-the-year fish and cetacean report

*½ Day - ¾ Day: Anglers are catching the normal winter fare of Rockfish, Sheephead and Lingcod on the local kelp beds off Point Loma and La Jolla with a few Yellowtail and Calico Bass still in the mix. Better numbers of Yellowtail are being caught at the Coronado Islands.

1 Day to 2.5 Day: Boats fishing off Ensenada to San Martin are getting steady action on Yellowtail, Sheephead and Rockfish.

Long-Range - Baja: The boats working off Mag Bay and Alijos Rocks further south are finding lots of school-sized Yellowfin Tuna and Wahoo. The La Paz area seems to be between seasons, with Pargo, Cabrilla and Sierra now showing while Roosterfish and Dorado are still hanging around.

Freshwater: The Trout are starting to hit more consistently. Worms, Power-bait, mini jigs, spoons and spinner-baits are all getting results as the lakes are cooling down and recently stocked fish are getting hungry. Look for the largemouth Bass deep off points. The drop-shot is working well. Remember “Slower and Lower“ is the wintertime motto for the big bucket-mouths.

Whale Report: It certainly has been an interesting year in the cetacean realm. There have been sightings of big Blue whales and Orca in the local waters, most likely due to the warmer conditions bringing all the bait and the frenzy of odd tropical catches so far north this past year. The whale-watch season has officially just kicked off and there are lots of Grays migrating south. A friend at a Christmas party at a La Jolla residence reported sighting at least 20 spouts in the span of one hour from the patio. It’s going to be a good season.

Trout Plants: 12-29 – Jennings (2,400 lbs Nebraska Tailwalkers), Poway (1,500 lbs) 12-30 – Jennings (1,400 lbs Sierra Bows) 1-7 – Dixon (1,500 lbs), Wohlford (3,000 lbs)

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